Dems, Enough with Gun Control, Go After Bullets

By Karen

Guns don’t kill — bullets do.

–Cats Working

After yet another senseless slaughter of elementary school children and their teachers, Democrats are outraged and heartbroken. They howl that something needs to be done. Yet by doing NOTHING to punish or expel their seditious Republican colleagues in Congress — many still publicly trying to overthrow the government — Pelosi and Schumer allow a treasonous minority to block all gun control.

While clutching their nonexistent Second Amendment right to personal armories, Republicans love to deflect the blame to mental illness.

This is the only point where I agree with Republicans. You certainly do have to be severely mentally ill to want ALL fetuses born so they can grow up to be blown away at school by your guns.

As a sign where Republicans’ addled heads still are after this latest carnage, an NRA convention begins May 27 in Houston, a mere 278 miles from blood-soaked Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. But no Texans are telling the NRA, “Bad timing. Take your death-loving freak show somewhere else this year.”

Since Democrats will never whine themselves to a win on re-banning assault weapons or reducing the 400 million guns currently out there, they need another angle, like…


Make each bullet cost $100. All the sniveling little punks plotting killing sprees under their oblivious parents’ noses might even have to get a job to save enough for ammo. The delay could maybe make them grow out of the idea — or give a parent time to realize they’re harboring a psychopath.

Upon turning 18, the Uvalde killer bought himself the mass murderers’ weapon of choice, an AR-15 and high-capacity magazines. He also had a handgun.

This page from the Bushmaster Operator and Safety Instruction Manual says the gun can fire 45 rounds (i.e., bullets) a minute.

So, Congress could set a deranged killer back $4,500 for each minute of fun pretending a school is a video game.

Tax the hell out of ammunition so it’s far beyond the reach of all the low- to middle-class wannabe mass murderers and MAGA cultists itching for Civil War II. Then they can play with as many empty guns as they wish.

BONUS FROM THE CATS WORKING ARCHIVES: We’ve been gun control advoCATs for years. Our late colleague Cole was passionate on the topic, and here are links to some of his memorable posts.

Cole, 2015

In 2018, after the Washington D.C. Navy Yard mass murder, Cole suggested …

“If we won’t stop people from buying guns, let’s declare every person who tries to buy a gun insane until they can prove beyond a doubt otherwise.” If No Gun Control, Then People Control

Cole in 2013 linked people’s compulsion to own guns and SUVs to the same evil intent…

“The thought process playing out with guns today is a replay of what happened when massive SUVs became available to any moron with a driver’s license. Just like guns, SUVs make their owners feel invulnerable, immortal, and in possession of a bigger penis. Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Mini Cooper would be no match for Woody Allen in an SUV.” Riddle: How is a Gun Like an SUV

After the Newtown massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012, Cole shot down former Republican Governor Bob McDonnell’s not-so-novel idea to arm all the adults…

“So the teacher keeps the gun locked in his desk. Then a gunman suddenly walks in and starts spraying the room with bullets. Before the teacher can get to his gun, he’s dead.

“And since teachers can’t be in their classrooms 24/7, what’s to keep an enterprising little lock-picker from getting to the gun and wasting the classmates who just bullied him in the lunchroom?” Virginia’s Redneck Response to Newtown

Also after Newtown, Cole offered a smorgasbord of ways to curb gun violence, while expressing his dismay with the state of things…

“Every time we have a Columbine, a Virginia Tech, an Aurora, a Newtown, and people do nothing but light candles, cry, and pray (and re-elect politicians who’d rather have regular massacres than give up their right to carry double-barreled penis extensions), Americans show the world what a bunch of craven, ignorant barbarians we are.” Response to Newtown Incomprehensible — Yet Predictable

16 Responses to Dems, Enough with Gun Control, Go After Bullets

  1. I like the taxing idea. Also make parents accountable. Someone knew he was gonna blow.

  2. catsworking says:

    Kate, I read an article today about a bunch of kids who knew the shooter, and they said he was weird. Apparently, he had a lisp and stutter and was bullied. His mother is a drug addict and he had a hard life with her. As he got older, he got stranger and stranger and dropped out of high school when his only friend moved away. He started dressing all in black, he posted a picture of himself on social media wearing eyeliner, which caused him more grief with peers.

    He shot his grandmother in the face before he went to the school. Somehow, she survived that and called the police.

    What I like about the bullet tax idea is that if Republicans raise a stink, demanding their bullets, they out themselves completely as being interested only in killing. The Second Amendment says nothing about the right to have ammo.

    We’ve already got Republicans outed as seditionists. Turn the debate to bullets and out them also as wannabe killers, because that’s the only thing bullets are good for. Guns are just the delivery system.

    I agree parents get off WAY WAY WAY too easy. This kid’s druggie mother should be in a room under a hot lamp getting whacked with a rubber hose until she spills everything she knows about her little killer’s motive. Last thing I read about her was that she was “unavailable for comment.”

  3. Donna says:

    Aaahhh…Cole, I miss your wisdom….
    As my brain needs a break from the carnage and grief, I couldn’t help but think about this killer’s miserable childhood. Parents would do well to teach their kids to not bully classmates that are “different”
    But,that’s for another time.

  4. I went to school with some “weird” kids but the nuns wouldn’t let anyone bully them. None of them killed anyone. Maybe we need more nuns.

  5. catsworking says:

    Kate, I think you’re the first person I’ve ever heard say good things about school nuns. 😉

    Thinking back to my own high school years, I was the perfect bullying target. I was little for my age, I was always the “new kid” because I attended 3 schools in 4 years. My mother made me wear HER hand-me-downs so I always looked like a freak. I had only one or two friends and never a boyfriend.

    I was totally ignored. I passed through high school like a ghost. And I can’t remember ever seeing another kid who got picked on.

    I wonder when and how kids got so vicious.

  6. catsworking says:

    Donna, I think Max still misses Cole. They were BFFs.

    I just read that the grandmother didn’t call the police. She stumbled out of the house, and when the neighbors saw she’d been shot in the face, they called the police. She’s in the hospital now.

    I also read that he wounded another 17 people. Apparently, he locked himself into one fourth-grade classroom and started shooting. If anyone survives being in that room, they may be traumatized for life. I can’t even imagine the horror for a 10-year-old to go through.

  7. Even in high school, I never saw kids bullied. We all took our turn being the butt of a joke and sometimes my feelings were hurt but there was no systematic bullying of anyone, weird or not. I went to public high school. Nuns are a mixed bag. I found them to be (mostly) better teachers and disciplinarians than in public school. I only had one that I thought was totally useless. I wonder how they would fare with the parents of today who don’t think their kids can do anything wrong.

  8. catsworking says:

    Kate, my sister is teaching public middle school right now and the parents can certainly be a huge problem if they get a bug up their butt about the teacher. And of course, the kids are always right.

    Now that you mention it, it’s funny that we never hear a peep about any problems in parochial schools. When I was growing up, the kids who went to Catholic school tended to be the wild kids outside of school after being repressed by uniforms and nun discipline. But they did seem smarter.

  9. When I switched from parochial to public school in 9th grade, I was a full year ahead of the public school curriculum. Parents have changed and nope, their special perfect kid does nothing wrong, ever! My mother would ask what I did to deserve punishment (which was never corporal).

  10. catsworking says:

    Kate, I can believe you were that far ahead. I think the parochial schools could do their own thing with curriculum, and they went harder on the 3 R’s than most public schools.

    I went through grades 1-12 up north, and upon moving to Virginia discovered the huge disparity between northern and southern education. I was shocked to hear kids here could opt out of ENGLISH in high school, and they spent an entire year of history studying the freaking Civil War.

    My senior year of HS in Massachusetts, since I’d fulfilled all my requirements, I had a lot of free time so I took 3 English classes a day. In one SEMESTER, I read 9 novels, 173 short stories, and wrote an essay every week. That’s college-level workload.

    In the late ’70s, I wrote a workbook on English usage, punctuation, spelling, and grammar for my employees to get their skills up (all local high school graduates working as word processing operations, incapable of correcting the most basic mistakes in letters they were typing) and a co-worker was helping me. One day she said, “I never realized how poor my education was until I met you.”

    And this was well before the SOLs (state standards of learning) where kids today are tested yearly on stuff they just memorize for the test, and the teachers don’t have the latitude to include what the kids really need to learn.

    It’s no wonder we have 17-30% of abject dumb-asses in the population who believe Trump is their Lord and Savior, and heavily concentrated in the South.

  11. Donna says:

    Talk about being light years ahead of public schools,i learned about the Third Reich and Nazi Germany in the 2nd grade. I only mention that because I was just laughing over Marjorie Taylor Greene bungling “Gazpacho”. I don’t think she has any idea what/who the Gestapo were. My mind keeps wandering as I’m trying to pay some bills…..

  12. catsworking says:

    Donna, funny you should mention MTG. She just had to testify in the case where a group was trying to disqualify her from running again because she’s an insurrectionist. To every question asked her about events around January 6, she replied she “didn’t remember,” or something like that.

    I wondered why the judge didn’t conclude that she had exhibited such a gross inability to retain information that, treason aside, she was mentally unfit to run for office, have a driver’s license, or anything else requiring a minimum level of cognition.

    My other MTG favorite was when she urged Trump to declare “Marshall law.” Because it’s so much more effective than “T.J.Maxx law.”

  13. Randi says:

    Good grief… another shooting!! Will it ever stop? No, not as long as Americans can buy guns at the age of 18 and parents don’t lock theirs up.
    Isn’t it ridicolous that you can buy a weapon when you’re 18, but have to wait until you’re 21 to buy a beer?
    Out of the worlds population, 4% are Americans, but 42% of all weapons are in America.

  14. Randi says:

    And Karen, you’re spot on… basic writing has surely deteriorated! Not even journalists can spell, or know grammar. And it’s not only in the gutter press you see lots of mistakes, but also in “well respected” newspapers. Okay, I’m not perfect myself, but you would think journalists and teachers could write properly!
    Btw, hope all is going well with you and the kitties! 😀

  15. catsworking says:

    Randi, long time, no see! Welcome back! Well, since we lost a million to COVID, I guess the U.S. population is down to 329 million. So, with 400 million guns out there, we have 71 million more guns than people right now.

    And it’s not just that an 18-year-old can buy a gun. It’s that he can buy an assault weapon that can kill many people within seconds and should only be used by soldiers on a battlefield. We once had a ban on assault weapons and the shootings did go down, but then the ban expired and Congress refused to renew it, and now we have more killing than ever.

    I’m telling you, the answer lies not in the guns but in the bullets. Remove bullets and the guns are useless. Bullets would be much easier to regulate, either through taxes or stopping production and import.

    The maniac punk in Texas bought at least seven magazines holding 30 bullets each. Little shit couldn’t buy beer, but he could afford to buy enough bullets to kill 210 children.

    I saw his mother on TV this morning, and all she could say was, “He had this reasons. But forgive me and forgive my son.” When asked what his “reasons” were, she said she didn’t know. Stupid bitch. Forgive her NEVER. And her son is already roasting in hell.

  16. catsworking says:

    Randi, since English is not your first language, I think you run circles around most native English speakers.

    The local newspaper here is full of typos and grammatical errors because the first people they let go when money is tight is proofreaders. Better to print errors than pay someone to correct them.

    We are all good here. Tony is sitting right beside me, watching me type. He’s been sleeping in my office closet all morning. I put a cat bed in there for him.

    Roc was sleeping on top of the printer for hours, but now he’s downstairs snoozing in one of the kitty perches with Max.

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