Response to Newtown Incomprehensible — Yet Predictable

By Cole

Twenty little kids and 6 adults get mowed down by a deranged punk, giving 26 families the gift of burying their bullet-riddled loved ones at Christmas, and it only takes 2 days for Republicans to say the way to end the senseless butchery is…


Former Education Secretary Bill Bennett thinks schools should be armed.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) “wished to God” that the principal had an M-4 assault rifle so she could have taken Adam Lanza’s “head off” before he killed her.

I bet the NRA is raining bribes on its Congressional lackeys to advocate target practice for kindergarteners so they can learn to defend themselves (and grow up to be gun-owners).

The irony is lost on them that Adam’s mother, Nancy, collected guns and taught her son to shoot so he could pump Mom’s head full of lead with her own weapon before he traipsed off with more of her guns to commit a massacre.

Yes, it certainly makes sense to put more guns in homes. NOT.

The FBI reports gun sales at an all-time high, yet gun ownership is in decline, which means Nancy Lanza types are on the rise.

President Obama seems sufficiently shaken up by this latest atrocity to confront this problem head-on.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) intends to introduce legislation to reinstate the assault weapons ban.

Even the NRA’s darling Democratic senator, Joe Manchin (D-WVa), is willing to consider banning assault weapons.

It’s a start, but the country needs a seismic culture shift. In addition to choking off the free flow of weapons to anybody who wants one…

The media can stop glorifying murderous scum with 24/7 coverage of their carnage.

We need to recognize that young adults are oblivious to violence. They see it on TV (real and scripted) and in movies. They practice mass murder in video games. Horrors of greater magnitude than Newtown happen daily around the world — and American kids have no clue. Just like Mom and Dad.

ALL adults need to regain their sense of outrage at violence — for sport or otherwise — and start doing something about it.

They need to gather up and destroy as many weapons as they can. They need to lock up the bullets — or tax the hell out of them so to shoot anything means missing a mortgage or car payment.

People need to put down the smartphones and stop ignoring or shrugging off the potential killers and their copycats. The signs are almost always there. These nuts need to be taken out of circulation.

Every time we have a Columbine, a Virginia Tech, an Aurora, a Newtown, and people do nothing but light candles, cry, and pray (and re-elect politicians who’d rather have regular massacres than give up their right to carry double-barreled penis extensions), Americans show the world what a bunch of craven, ignorant barbarians we are.

Without drastic gun control NOW, Washington may as well can the debate over the fiscal cliff and the future of this country. It won’t have one.

5 Responses to Response to Newtown Incomprehensible — Yet Predictable

  1. Suzette says:

    Well said!

  2. britta says:

    So much more to come on this story. How sane was Mom to be affiliated with a group of nuts preparing for utter societal chaos? So the son who has psychological/adjustment issues is exposed to a paranoid parent who believes that having a cachet of semi-automatic weapons ensures survival. She is dead and obviously her plan wasn’t viable. Odd that as much as we worry about gun control taking weapons from the hands of seemingly upstanding citizens, it seems these extraordinary tragedies don’t involve drug thugs (they have their own code of justice) but people who are generally screwed up and fly below the radar until something like this materializes. Recall every school/campus based incident in recent memory. No one could have predicted. Are we going to start following every campus geek who seems a bit off?

  3. catsworking says:

    Great points, britta. Yes, I agree that they haven’t begun to unravel Nancy’s role in all this. Read today that she was thinking of moving Adam to Washington State to attend some special school there. All the news reports say there was no indication he had anything wrong with him except that he was shy and carried a briefcase instead of a backpack, but every time I see his picture, I see bat-shit crazy in his eyes.

    There was obviously some weird dynamic in that family. They say the parents’ divorce papers give no clues. Yet the sons hadn’t been in touch with each other since 2010, and the older (presumably sane) one had moved out of state. Nancy would never let anybody inside the house and armed herself to the teeth. And how did she afford that big house when indications are that she was unemployed? Huge alimony settlement? Why, when both kids were over 18?

    It’s true we can never catch all the wannabe killers. The only way to deter them is to keep guns out of reach.

    Read an interesting stat this morning: In the U.S., gun ownership is 88 per 100 people. In Britain it’s 6 per 100. Most murders in England are committed with sharp objects (knives), and they almost never have massacres like we do every week now.

  4. MorganLF says:

    Already a tool I work with is bemoaning that now they will be “punished” by all the anti gun sentiment. She stated she and her husband own rifles, because it puts food on the table and have pistols for protection. They live in the same affluent town of 80,000 that I do, in the most densely populated state in the nation. Food on the table? Who the f are they the Clampetts hunting possum? What a gratuitous lame excuse to own kill toys that make up for the smallness of her husbands dick!

    No guns, no assault weapons ever, but since I believe in the constitution I support their rightt to own a musket.

  5. catsworking says:

    Morgan, we’re with you! And when the Founding Fathers were deciding on the right to bear arms, they were talking about muskets, not assault rifles.

    As I said, guns are nothing but penis extensions (I’m looking at YOU, George Zimmerman).

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