Virginia’s Redneck Response to Newtown

By Cole

The front page of today’s Richmond Times-Dispatch proclaimed that Virginia’s Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, thinks a remedy for school massacres might be to arm the adults.

OK, Bob, let’s step through a few possible scenarios…

If killers know that principals are likely to have a gun in their office, they’ll just head straight for the classrooms. After seeing this week’s tsunami of grief over the horrific deaths of 20 little kids, these sick creeps know the classroom is where they can get the most “bang for their buck” anyway.

You suggested that teachers who already have concealed weapons permits be trained and bring their pieces into the classroom. So now you’ve got all the kids spending every day in a room with a loaded gun.

(Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s no different from home, where Dad keeps an arsenal in the china cabinet. But that doesn’t make it right.)

And with background checks being so reliable and thorough (NOT), are you willing to guarantee that every gun-owning teacher can be trusted not to snap and go postal on the class that disrespects and defies authority once too often?

So the teacher keeps the gun locked in his desk. Then a gunman suddenly walks in and starts spraying the room with bullets. Before the teacher can get to his gun, he’s dead.

And since teachers can’t be in their classrooms 24/7, what’s to keep an enterprising little lock-picker from getting to the gun and wasting the classmates who just bullied him in the lunchroom?

Let’s say the teacher DOES reach the gun in time during an attack. Will he always be enough of a sharpshooter to bring down the killer while his students are running around in pandemonium?

How do you think the country will take it when some vigilante teacher accidentally mows down some of his own students? In essence, having a gun makes him the killer’s accomplice.

I wish the NRA zombies would clean the lint out of their heads and recognize that more guns is never the solution for a society craving PEACE.

3 Responses to Virginia’s Redneck Response to Newtown

  1. MorganLF says:

    I don’t mean to be flip about this.

    I have been unusually bereft about this incident, to the point that I have not yet been able to decorate for Christmas. I just find myself weeping as if I lost a family member, and I didn’t .

    I can’t verbalize how I feel without the tears creeping out my eyes, at work I sniffle like a fool. It’s become… CONSUMING. Have you seen their faces and considered what those mothers and fathers are experiencing?

    I DO KNOW ONE THING…from now until the end of my days I WILL be a voice- an activist for gun control.

    How much more can we abide?

  2. annie pelfrey says:

    once again, i think it’s a mental health issue, and methinks killer’s mother had major mental health issues. this time the problem was NOT on the radar, unlike the previous nutjobs.

  3. catsworking says:

    Morgan, Karen is the same way. When she sees those hearses on the news and thinks about the little coffins inside, she gets all teary. It’s impossible to imagine what those parents must be going through.

    Annie, yes, it does seem as if the mother had her own screws loose, keeping an arsenal in the house with her disturbed child. And you’re right. How do we suss out the crazy ones with no previous history of violence who just snap and go on a rampage? I’m thinking the surviving father and brother could fill in a lot of the blanks, but on the other hand, it’s not really our business.

    Clearly, mental health needs to get the same attention as physical ailments, but keeping guns so accessible — even to sane people who can be dumb enough to leave them where kids or nuts can get them — has to stop. I’d say the fact that gun sales go through the roof every time something like this happens indicates that sane people are in short supply. You have to be sick to rush out and buy a gun just like the one Lanza used — why? because of its superior performance on those children? — and yet that’s exactly what’s happening.

    American culture has become deeply screwed up on this issue and needs a drastic course correction — which is to say, start confiscating guns. And don’t give me any BS about, “Well, the criminals already have them! We need to defend ourselves!”

    Even with MILLIONS of registered guns in circulation, the instances of upstanding citizens shooting criminals are rare flukes. Clearly, the NRA utopian dream of an armed citizenry wiping out crime is NEVER going to happen.

    I applaud the retailers who have been taking guns off their shelves. This is one of those cases where someone has to step in and stop giving stupid people the means to cause even more mayhem.

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