Bourdain’s Ex-Girlfriend Keeps Stirring the Pot – Why?

By Karen

It’s been nearly seven weeks since Anthony Bourdain died by suicide on June 8 in Strasbourg, France, while filming an episode of Parts Unknown with his best friend, Eric Ripert.

A week later, Tony’s ashes were flown home and a small private funeral service was being planned for family and close friends. I haven’t seen other information on that, nor word of any public memorial, although murals and dinners and special menus to honor Bourdain have been spontaneously springing up at restaurants everywhere.

The family has been largely silent, except for occasional pings from Tony’s wife Ottavia here and there that indicate she’s keeping tabs on what’s being posted about him on social media.

It’s left a huge vacuum for Bourdain fans, who are still searching for answers. Yes, Tony talked about suicide over the years. Yes, he talked about feeling depressed sometimes. Yes, he looked tired and listless in the last Parts Unknown CNN aired.

Bourdain described in his book, Medium Raw, how he fantasized about ending his life during a visit to St. Martin after splitting from his first wife, Nancy, around 2005. At that time, his fame was budding, he wasn’t long out of debt, and he was childless. As he’d say in the intro to A Cook’s Tour, he “had nothing to lose.”

But he didn’t do it.

From then, his life seemed to take two steps forward for every step back until he was an internationally recognized voice for cultural tolerance who attracted an enormous following, as evidenced by worldwide outpourings of shock and grief at the news of his death.

We’re still asking why. Who may have influenced him? What sent him over the edge this time?

And into that void steps his former girlfriend, Asia Argento, 42, an Italian actress he’d been seeing since April 2016 and supporting in many ways.

Because you can Google the dirt, I’m going to skip her history with Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement and her previous relationships with men except one — Hugo Clement.

Since Bourdain’s death, Argento has been active on Twitter and Instagram, ping-ponging from sadness to jubilation to defiance and anger.

People magazine reproduced a photo Asia recently published of herself with Tony during his penultimate Parts Unknown shoot in Florence, taken May 27. This was the Sunday before Argento spent a weekend in Rome with Clement.

[NOTE: I’ll provide links to, but not post, recent photos of Argento because I simply don’t want her face on Cats Working.]

During Argento’s weekend with Clement, two different paparazzi, one in a bar and one in the streets, photographed the couple dancing, flirting, holding hands, hugging. They were seen in the lobby of the hotel where she often stayed with Bourdain.

The photos were published on Tuesday, June 5. By Friday morning, Bourdain was dead. This prompted a backlash against Argento for cheating, although she claimed through her proxy, Rose McGowan, that her romance with Tony was “open.”

People who seem to have been close to Bourdain but are remaining anonymous claim that after the paparazzi photos came out, Tony and Argento were frequently fighting by phone and interrupting the shoot in France.

Ten days after Bourdain’s death, the Daily Mail reported that Argento had posted on social media, “Life’s a bitch, and then you die.”

Three weeks after Tony’s death, the Daily Mail reported on Argento’s continuing grief process by publishing her series of latest “fuck you” messages and a nude selfie.

Now it’s nearly two months later, and Argento has shifted into full attack mode, as revealed by writer Leah McSweeney, who wrote on Instagram that she received an email from Asia’s attorney demanding that she take down her Penthouse opinion piece, “HOT LINES: Can We Talk About Toxic Femininity?”, and apologize to Argento.

Just within the past week, Argento took to Twitter to dispute the timeline of the French authorities. In the U.S., Bourdain was reportedly found hanging and unresponsive sometime early on Friday, June 8, after he failed to show up for breakfast with Ripert. (Keep in mind that France is 6 hours ahead of the U.S. East Coast).

Argento’s tweet said:

She apparently got the date wrong because Tony was in a French morgue by 9 p.m. June 8, so she must have meant Thursday, June 7.

French authorities later added that Bourdain had alcohol in his system.

If her tweet is true, it would seem that Argento has shown her hand. She was in contact with Tony, who was probably drinking, as late as Thursday at 9 p.m., which might explain why he failed to show up for dinner with Ripert that night.

In an extensive interview Bourdain gave to Maria Bustillos of Popula in February 2018, he recalled an argument he’d had with Argento where she said things that hurt him deeply. He explained, “…we’re texting back and forth, ‘cause we only argue by text.”

That indicates he and Asia were texting that Thursday night. And now Tony’s brother Chris has his phone and everything that may still be on it. It remains to be seen if the rest of that story will ever come out.

The question is, why is Argento digging her hole even deeper as a contributing factor in Bourdain’s suicide? Is it an insatiable need for attention, good or bad? Or perhaps it’s because she’s unwilling to let go of the celebrity-by-association she gained from being with Anthony Bourdain, which has been reduced to a sad little footnote at the end of the last page of his life story.

I hope one day Bourdain’s family and friends will heal to the point where they can speak on the record and bring some closure to this loss by providing whatever facts they know about what happened. In the meantime, Argento can spin it whichever way she wants.

77 Responses to Bourdain’s Ex-Girlfriend Keeps Stirring the Pot – Why?

  1. cavegrrl says:

    Thank you, Karen. Excellent coverage and writing as always!

  2. Ann86 says:

    I know it’s been said but I wish he had never met her. I wish he wasn’t blinded by his crush on her. Our bullshit detectors often switch off when we are infatuated.

  3. catsworking says:

    Ann86, I’m still working through a pile of DVRed Parts Unknown. Last night I watched Charleston in season 6 and realized I now look at him and think, “Was that him before or after Argento?”

    In this case, it was before. It was the one where he discovered the wonders of Waffle House. In the last scene, he was sitting in a big Ardirondack chair at the end of a dock, in the shade, barefoot, sipping bourbon, eating boiled peanuts, and casting a fishing line every so often. His marriage was probably still OK even though he wasn’t wearing his ring, and AA wasn’t even a thought. THAT’S how I prefer to see him.

    I know he loved prowling the stinky, grimy backstreets of what Trump calls “shitholes,” but he seemed to have a fine time eating shrimp and grits and BBQ in South Carolina, too.

    cavegrrl, thanks for the kind words! I try.

  4. Lynn says:

    Is AA saying she posted the picture before news of AB’s death broke, or after? And what pic is she talking about – the ‘fuck you all’ t shirt one? I lose track as the bitch is such a malignant narcissist she posts a pic every freaking day.

    So you may not want to read this defense of Asia by a so called feminist if you’ve just eaten:

    Here’s a sampling if the ‘we don’t believe our own eyes’ BS:

    “Tony, whose goal as a travel writer was to complicate our notions of the world and our place in it, would call instant bullshit on the trolls who’ve reduced the story of his death to a set a photographs. He’d also call bullshit on the old cliché these trolls love: Images don’t lie. Except they do; images tell the biggest lies. In a modern sense, they do this with Photoshop and FaceTune, but the photograph has always been a liar because it offers the narrowest of views—moments we can judge without information, context, complexity. A woman hugging a man = she’s sleeping with him. Even if it’s true, it still only ever tells part of a story we have no right to hear.”

    So far the comments section is 100% anti-Asia and this so called writer.

  5. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I don’t know which pic AA was referring to in the tweet and I didn’t really care. From Tues-Thurs the week Tony died, they were apparently locked in battle, so it’s pretty obvious she didn’t suddenly veer off and tell everyone at Cannes, “Fuck you.” He was clearly her intended target, and if she launched her attack when he was beyond caring, that was an “oopsy” on her.

    Thanks for the link to Amy Monticello. I read her “fan letter” to Bourdain first, and she did well from the superficial standpoint of knowing about him mainly through his travel shows. As a teacher of writing, I found it odd that the only book of his she mentioned reading was Kitchen Confidential. But if her students in Alabama couldn’t absorb brilliant writing unless it was a TV voiceover, so be it. I don’t begrudge her that.

    Her letter to AA was another thing. She’s obviously not read up on AA’s history and again went for the superficial.

    In describing her own experiences of being repeatedly assaulted by men, at least one of whom she ended up living with, I can see how her filter would be foggy. She’s ill-equipped to distinguish an opportunistic user from a strong woman taking control of matters and thinks a fist in the air means something.

    If she knew anything about AA’s doings with Weinstein, Gallo, even male impersonator JT Leroy, and how AA exploited them all sexually to her own advantage, maybe Amy would have different a perspective on the intent of the Clement pics. If she knew anything about Tony personally, she’d know he didn’t do “open” relationships.

    Unfortunately, this is the sort of poorly informed, myopic fan-girl BS that AA depends on to retain her own tenuous sense of justification for her vile behavior. She won’t find any of that here.

  6. Just wanted to pass this along in case you haven’t seen it. Here, David McMillan discusses Bourdain’s mood during the Newfoundland episode.

    I also find it interesting that if there was a private memorial, Asia wasn’t invited. If her story was remotely plausible one would think that his friends and/or family would reach out to her. It’s obvious that those closest to Bourdain know what’s up. Also, from Michael Ruhlman:

  7. feijicha says:

    so on the FB page justicefortony there is a screenshot from Leah McSweeney’s Instagram. On it, she had a screenshot from the original justicefortony Instagram account, an account that was later shut down due to harassment and complaints from AA trolls. Anyway, that original post was/is preserved on Leah’s IG account and reads the following:

    “She managed to talk to a couple of people and had this “poor me” story. Saying she had to survive for her children. But everyone knew it was BS. She never seemed to care much about her kids. But tony (sic) liked them. He was financially taking care of the entire family. He would have done anything for her. She would break him down, and then dangle love in front of him, but he had to do what she wanted. He did things for her he would have not done for anyone else. I can’t discuss what in detail”

    (here;s a link the FB page:
    You have to scroll to find the posting it was posted yesterday July 24 with a time stamp of 5:48 am (west coast time) by someone called
    Ayda Djan)

    Now there’s no clue from the screenshot who the person stating this original comment on the justicefortony IG account was. Clearly the AA trolls who wanted the justicefortony IG account shut down thought it would disappear once the account was removed. But people like Leah and others have taken careful screenshots and are putting such comments back out there for people to be aware of.

  8. L Villeneuve says:

    Thank God she didn’t get pregnant!!!

  9. Lynn says:

    “poorly informed, myopic fan-girl BS”

    Yes, so true. I was going to write a long response to this Amy person but then figured why? They are just like Trump supporters – photos mean nothing. Facts, evidence, bad behavior of their idol – they discount it all. It’s amazing. Even when, unlike Amy, they have not been victimized themselves.

    I was in Africa last year and our guide, a black man born and raised there, mentioned how much he loved Trump and watched Fox News. He asked why CNN ‘doctored’ the inaugural photos to make Trump’s crowd look smaller. Said he loved Trump’s immigration policy (a policy that in no way will affect him). I mean, OMG. I asked him if he knew that Trump would hate him twice – for being foreign AND black. He just laughed.

    I don’t get it because I can’t imagine thinking like that. I voted for Hillary but I am well aware of her issues and have never once defended her bad decisions: email server, ‘deplorables’ comment, taking 6 figs from big banks for speeches, etc etc etc.

    I guess I’m just too logic-minded and I tend not to trust ANYone, which helps. haha Perfect example – I’ve always admired Gloria Steinem but recently I learned she wrote a piece defending Bill back in the day. I wanted to puke. I can’t defend that and it reminded me why it’s bad to have idols in the first place. If the left excuses assault bc of ‘the policies’ they like, we can’t very well go after Trump fans who do the same.

  10. Lynn says:

    Great, stuff Fejicha. I just saw this on Leah’s Insta – her response to AA’s lawsuit threat:

    Asia..received the email from your lawyer. I would tag you in this but you blocked me. Even though I have never left a comment on any of your posts. Not sure if you and your attorney are familiar with this thing called the CONSTITUTION. Just like you have the freedom to treat people like shit, I have the freedom to tell you that I think you are fake punk rock. If you were actual punk you wouldn’t delete every negative comment. Block every commenter that questions you. Wearing a Sid Vicious shirt doesn’t make you bad ass. In fact I find it odd that you say you are a voice for women and wear a tee shirt with an image of a man who killed his girlfriend. You need to stop hiding being these terrible cliches. It’s not a good look for you. You should find a better law firm. The argument they made demanding the article be removed and apologize to you was far from persuasive. You can’t bully me into silence. I’m not scared of you. I find your Hollywood gang of dweebs to be tragic. I’m not scared of your friends or your low tier lawyer who called me a “fashion designer turned gossip columnist” What kind of respectable lawyer writes like a high school student? The truth will set you free. Try it sometime.

    Nothing in that JFT post surprises me although I wonder what the “things he did for her he would have not done for anyone else. I can’t discuss what in detail” are beyond financial support.

  11. Mira says:

    I know I sound like a broken record, but all I can say is – WTF was he thinking? Why did he let this despicable person ruin his life?
    Thank you Karen for keeping the story alive, and whoever this Leah person is, I thank her too, for not letting this BS AA and her deluded fans keep her silent and for speaking the truth. It gives me hope that I have not lost my mind and that there are still people out there seeking the truth, and the ever elusive justice.

  12. Adele Prass says:

    feijicha, I just tried to go to the FB link you posted, and I got a warning sign with “content not available; try again later” message. I wonder what that’s all about. The Orange Janitor, who’s still around, posted, right after AA’s tweet about Tony’s TOD, another tweet from her, responding to a tweet requesting privacy and respect for Tony’s family, especially his mom, another tweet from AA, which simply said, “His Mom. LOL.” Karen and gang, I always suspected that Tony and his mother didn’t have the closest relationship, and he may have told AA this. But the crude callousness of that tweet made my skin crawl. I will always be baffled how Tony, whose impulses were always basically decent, could have fallen for her. And Daisy, if you’re still out there, I have a new diagnosis for AA; I think she’s classic Borderline Personality Disorder; those types, can be incredibly seductive, and if we add Tony’s protective instincts and AA’s alleged victimhood, I guess we have a real hell broth of a disaster scenario.

    I binged on some Parts Unknown episodes the other night, and again, just couldn’t believe that we’d never hear anything new from Tony, again.

  13. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Hob Bulge, and thanks for the links. I had seen the account of Bourdain during the Newfoundland shoot, and it bears out the physical downhill slide he appeared to be on in the last season of Parts Unknown.

    As soon as someone here tipped me off that Leah McSweeney was being threatened by AA over her Penthouse article, I found Ruhlman’s tweet linking to it and retweeted it myself. And I included it in today’s post. The only way to respond to a bully trying to silence someone is to spread the word.

    Whatever kind of service the family planned for Tony, I feel 100% certain AA would not have been invited. Ripert and the crew knew what she put Tony through by phone after her Hugo photos were published and in the days leading up to his death. There was also an article published after he died where someone who knew him stated that everyone was worried about the unhealthy obsession Tony had developed with Asia. She was not seen as a positive force in his life, and was the impetus for Tony’s physical split with Ottavia. They had been content to do their own thing and raise their daughter. It was Asia who insisted he tell the world he was free so she wouldn’t be “the other woman.”

    I’m sure that didn’t earn her any admiration from Ottavia.

  14. catsworking says:

    feijicha, I did see that IG post yesterday when I was looking into what happened to Leah. The internet is a wonderful thing (or not). Once something is out there, it’s out there. AA, of all people should know that. We can see her naked going back nearly 20 years.

  15. catsworking says:

    LV, hahaha! Have to confess I’ve had the same thought. But it wouldn’t have surprised me if she hadn’t eventually, just to cement her hold over him. On the other hand, she’s getting a little long in the tooth for babies, and with her history of substance use, the chances of it coming out normal were pretty slim. She doesn’t seem to give two flips about the kids she has except as props for her social media photos. Imagine her settling down to raise a challenged baby.

  16. catsworking says:

    Lynn, if you search the archives here, you will find posts by (cat) Adele hating on Hillary. We were not fans, but we voted for her because she’s smart as shit and would have done a great job as president because she works 10X as hard as any man around her. But, yes, all the things you mentioned are baggage she can never shake. I’d add that she probably would have won had she only divorced Bill back in the day.

    Amy is hero-worshipping the people she wants Tony and AA to be. She’s not interested in them as people. She’s picked the features she likes and that’s enough for her to know. Same with Trump-lovers.

    I just wonder how many Cohen tapes of Trump will have to come out before Trump’s 20-something% hardcore base turns on him. They’re saying at least 12 tapes exist, and you know they must have started with the weakest one to pique interest (and it’s pretty weak). They’ve got to get increasingly damning.

  17. catsworking says:

    Mira, I’ve been writing about Tony since 2007 and I’m sticking with his story until there’s no more to tell. There are still new book(s) and film to come. And I can’t believe that not one of his friends or family members will never speak of him publicly again and add something to what we know.

    I respect their privacy and need to mourn, but the longer AA is allowed to be the only one steering the narrative, the more it tarnishes Tony’s memory. I don’t think that will be allowed to continue and let her have the last twisted word on his life.

  18. catsworking says:

    Adele, OMG. I don’t usually read AA’s tweets or IG unless someone mentions a lead. But AA dissing Tony’s MOTHER??!! Are you KIDDING ME??!!

    I didn’t have the impression they were close, but his mother said he called her on Mother’s Day. Seems like that insult would also be a dig at Chris.

    It’s like she’s trying to goad the family into coming after her. Her motive is probably to enhance her victim cred while she has the chance. “Oh, I lost my love, my rock, my protector, and now his family is ignoring my grief and being so mean to me!” This statement would be accompanied by a photo of her wearing a “Fuck You” T-shirt and flipping the bird, of course.

  19. Nanna says:

    Bravo !!! Bravo !!!! 💕 Beautifully written. Thank you for speaking our minds! So touching and sad, yet perfectly on point !
    I really need to hold my breath and believe in Karma, so I don’t scream. The succubus AA makes my blood boil.

    Thank you again 💖

  20. Lynn says:

    Karen re: the Cohen / Trump tapes – I fantasize that Trump says the N word on one of them. Or maybe something about loving Putin as long as he helps him win. I want worse than Nixon level horrid, basically.

    Bravo to Ruhlman. Yet another AB pal who knows exactly what AA’s deal was/is. Not a single friend/relative of Tony’s has said a word supporting her. Hello? Earth to AA and her cult?

    Here’s a question – AA had a relatively wealthy man wrapped around her finger. He bought her a house and was financially supporting her and her kids, and apparently doing other ‘things’ for her that ‘he’d never do for anyone else’. Why on earth would she mess that up by cheating on/breaking up with him?? When you find a gold mine you don’t blow it up. She’s not even smart enough to be a good gold digger.

    “I respect their privacy and need to mourn, but the longer AA is allowed to be the only one steering the narrative, the more it tarnishes Tony’s memory. ”

    Totally! I can’t believe fear of a lawsuit is what’s stopping them. Someone who knew Tony well needs to come forward. Maybe a tell all book where people can speak on and off the record will eventually set things straight. If AB didn’t delete his emails/texts with AA, I would be shocked if those don’t come to light eventually. It’s the nature of our celeb culture.

  21. Mira says:

    Karen, I have been thinking about your comment that you are surprised his family and friends are silent.

    I personally think there are at least two factors at play. One factor is that people keep quiet when they do not want to draw any attention to themselves , because they can be put under a magnifying glass and some unwanted info comes to light.

    The other factor, my opinion only, is that he has led his life in front of the cameras for almost two decades now, and his private life became more and more diminished, to literally 5 days a month spent with his daughter, 25 days a month bouncing from one depressing lonely hotel room to another, and putting all his eggs into one unfortunate basket, seeking emotional support from this woman, that ended the way it ended. He himself pointed out many a time that he cannot have normal friendships, that he can not be there for them consistently over the year, and that implies the vice versa, that there was no one consistently there for him.

    If you read the eulogy pieces from his friends, there is this one theme, where everyone just assumed he must have had an opportunity to confide to someone, but it was not them; there is this feeling that no one really knew him , or knew only just one facet of him. If you look at the obvious candidates for his friends , who exactly are they? Fellow colleagues from his cooking days? Fellow drug users from his junkie days? TV people? ….He was alone, his ex wife moved on, it doesn’t seem he stayed close to any relatives and he allowed himself to become reliant on his last ‘girlfriend’ for emotional support.

    It looks like , just like his life became just this persona in front of the camera, his wide fan base are all that he was left with.
    There is a reason why people ultimately pull the plug, and it is when they feel that they are the loneliest soul in the world.
    And thats how he felt that fatal last week, when the person he emotionally relied on, betrayed him.

  22. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I don’t think it’s fear of a lawsuit stopping them, but the futility of bringing charges against someone in another country. We’re seeing it with Mueller. The indicted Russians will never face trial here. Likewise, Italy would never extradite AA, even if she texted Tony to go hang himself and he did.

    What I do know to the marrow of my bones is that it’s not going to end well for Trump or for AA. They are evil, they are wrong, and eventually they will both be brought down by their own corruption. I’m trying not to let the unsubstantiated rumors of Bourdain buying AA a house or anything else we can’t verify color my opinion. I knew nothing about her before and didn’t care, but what I’ve seen of her since his death is beyond foul, and it goes back many years.

    I don’t know what’s keeping Tony’s family, friends and crew silent. But when they do feel free to speak, AA had better run for cover. If her behavior during their time together is anything like her behavior after, she has screwed herself. Like Trump, she may have brainwash cases who won’t believe the truth, but they will be far outnumbered by decent people who are disgusted by her.

  23. Lynn says:

    I’m not talking about bringing charges against anyone. I don’t see what she could be charged with, unless there are literally texts from her urging him to off himself. I’m simply talking about someone (like a member of the ZPZ crew who knew Tony well, who was on shoot after shoot with him, etc), who could bear witness to what really went down with him and AA in the final weeks, so that she can no longer claim this ridiculous farce blowing smoke up all our asses that she’s a grieving girlfriend whose relationship with Tony was just fine at the time of his death.

    I get that a person would still be sad over a suicide even if you had a huge fight and broke up with the person. So I understand that she may be “sad” in her own mentally ill way. But this constant drumbeat of hers and her cult that her behavior leading to his suicide was ‘nothing to see here’, ‘open relationship, Tony was fine with it’. Bitch, please.

    If that were true she’d have been invited to the memorial service. His friends/fam would be tweeting msgs of support to her. And yet, oh, snap, they are not. Think about that – not ONE person on that crew, not one friend or casual acquaintance of AB’s has publicly said to her ‘I’m sorry for your loss’. Instead they are retweeting and liking articles that basically call her a succubus. And sorry AA but sexism is not the reason.

    I hate being lied to especially when the lie is so bad it’s an insult to my intelligence. Whether it’s AA or Orange Poopy Pants. And just like Trump I don’t know that she is capable of feeling guilt. If I were in her position, I’d be so riddled with it I would be in a fetal position. I’d feel like I basically tied that noose. But then I have feelings. I also bathe regularly and don’t worship Satan.

    Mira, I agree they prob don’t want attention and AB seemed the type to keep things to himself. But there are people out there who know a lot more than has come out and I hope eventually it does. As Karen has said, the longer they wait, the more Ashtray Face can milk this for her own gain.

  24. M’lyn says:

    Excellent post. She can and is rewriting the entire history of events of his last few days without explanation for what she did with Clement and how that affected Tony’s mental health. Until someone, anyone, says something in camp Bourdain publicly to shut her the hell up, she’ll continue.

  25. shielawinona says:

    I hope eric ripert will share what really went down the week AB died.

  26. Just want to add one thing that I haven’t seen mentioned. I adored Bourdain but think his treatment of his original crew during/after the Hong Kong episode was… questionable. He claimed the Hong Kong episode was his masterpiece (to paraphrase) due to the work of Asia and Christopher Doyle. Felt like a slap in the face to the crew and with the firing of Zach, I can’t imagine what it felt like for him when/if he realized what he’d done. The “Dream Team”:

    I’m harkening back to the incident where he emailed his first wife after a health scare, expressing his remorse over what had transpired between them here:

    I do believe he was humiliated by Argento and realized how many bridges he had burned for her. Anyway, just speculation on my part.

  27. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I agree with everything you just said. I think what’s mainly driving AA at this point is that Bourdain’s suicide doesn’t jive with the persona she adopted when she hopped onto the #MeToo movement. Claiming to be victimized by men and then being accused of killing one who, by all appearances, genuinely worshipped her hardly mesh.

    Soooo… she’s got to justify every nasty thing she did to him to keep her relatively small coterie of supporters behind her. It’s a survival move.

    I would like more than anything for someone with solid bona fides as a witness to the train wreak of the Bourgento relationship to tell what happened. Maybe they’re still trying to decide who that person should be, because it would bring a lot of attention to them. Maybe they’re all reluctant to reveal the extent to which AA debased Bourdain because it would put him in an even worse light.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but I do still feel the truth will come out here, as it will with Trump. We just have to be patient.

  28. catsworking says:

    shielawinona, agreed. I think Eric is probably the best spokesperson because he will tell the story with as much kindness and compassion as he can muster for all concerned. But it may be a very long time before he feels able to do it, if at all.

  29. catsworking says:

    Welcome, M’lyn. It’s true that Clement has conveniently gotten lost in the dust of confusion that AA is trying to stir up. But someone here said earlier that he is planning to sell his story. Let’s hope that’s true. It may serve to squelch AA. There’s no way she was plugged into and engaging positively with her boyfriend Bourdain while she was romping through Rome for the paparazzi with Clement. The fact that Clement hasn’t told his side yet may be that he’s afraid of the backlash from AA. He’s only 28.

  30. catsworking says:

    Hob Bulge, despite Bourdain’s proclamation that Hong Kong was some of the finest work he’d ever done, I don’t think it was included in the marathon CNN ran right after he died. Nor was Rome, where he and AA first hooked up. Whether the powers that be at CNN heard it from the crew or AA started haranguing them herself (as someone who seemed to have inside intel claimed), CNN has AA’s number.

    Also, Tony’s long-time cinematographer Zach Zamboni (and co-star on an episode they did at Zach’s home in Maine(?)) was said to be fired by Tony during the Hong Kong shoot for crossing AA over something. If that’s true, CNN would have surely known.

    On the other hand, what little I’ve seen of Christopher Doyle related to Hong Kong and the aftermath, he’s been a true gentleman. I don’t know his work, but I can see why Tony admired him. He behaved like a pro, helping the crew on the shoot, and even maintaining hands-off on AA while she was throwing herself at him during the after-party right under Tony’s nose.

  31. catsworking says:

    Mira, sorry I initially missed this comment. You said a mouthful.

    Ottavia has already come under the magnifying glass because MMA seems to be a predominantly male sport. Some have assumed that she’s been screwing every guy she grapples with all along. I read one horrible article about that, written well before Tony died. I don’t know exactly when they agreed to go separate ways regarding relationships, but I’d guess it was sometime after April 2016 when Asia entered the picture because I firmly believe there’s NO WAY Ottavia would carry on an affair in front of her daughter while Tony was still living in the house. No way. Period.

    But once he stated his preference for Asia and moved out, I hope Ottavia established a new support system pronto. She’d been basically living as a single mother for the decade she was married to Tony, so having someone physically nearby day to day would have probably helped a lot.

    I only say this because I feel I know Ottavia better than anyone else in Tony’s circle. I literally spent three hours talking one-on-one with her the evening I met her when they were newlyweds, and we’ve kept in touch.

    I think Eric was Tony’s closest friend, and he had an incalculable circle of acquaintances he flitted among, but we learn belatedly that he probably didn’t feel he could confide in any of them, at least not about AA. I’m sure he knew he was groveling and it probably embarrassed him no end. But maybe he felt, at his age, it was his third time at bat and last chance at lasting love, and he didn’t want to hear anybody telling him otherwise.

    When she turned on him, he had nobody. He was the “loneliest soul in the world,” as you said. If only he’d known how many people who really would have been there for him, if only he’d reached out.

  32. Oh, I wasn’t criticizing Doyle, just thinking how his crew may have been hurt by his comments, especially with the firing of Zach. Agree with everything you’re saying and thanks for the new info.

  33. feijicha says:

    simple answer to the question posed in the title of this post: Attention Whore.

  34. catsworking says:

    Hob, I didn’t take it that you were criticizing Doyle at all. I was just adding that, comparatively, he’s been quite appropriate under the circumstances.

    feijicha, I’m sure you nailed it.

  35. Lynn says:

    re: Doyle it’s interesting he hasn’t spoken out at all, unless I missed something, either to express his own grief, give condolences to the family, and of course like all the rest, no way he’s going to speak out to AA that’s he is sorry for her loss. I’m sure if she was drunk on set and didn’t do any work as JFT claims, he’s not exactly filled with admiration for her.

    The fact that AA would openly flirt with Doyle (what is he, 85? LOL) in front of Tony just adds support to my theory that she liked to toy with her conquests and ‘test’ how much a man would put up with to be with her. To test how much he was her ‘bitch’ so to speak. Sad to say AB was to AA as Tiny Orange Hands is to Putin.

    Hob you may be onto something. Maybe he killed himself not just over the heartbreak and humiliation, but realizing how many people he’d hurt (from Ottavia to Zach and who knows how many others) for the succubus.

    Speaking of capitalizing re: Hugh and a potential book, Omarosa has snagged a 7 figure book deal (natch) about her time in the White House. It’s being pitched as an ‘explosive, jaw-dropping, tell-all take down’ because, of course it is. We shall see. She’s got a lot to make up for.

  36. catsworking says:

    Lynn, I thought Doyle looked like Bourdain’s father and pegged him somewhere around 80, but he’s only (“only,” I say, on the cusp of 64 myself) 66.

    I just saw Omarosa’s book deal. Guess she didn’t earn enough from Big Brother. Talk about attention whores. Don’t get me started on that one.

    From what I’ve seen and read (sorry Trumpy, I trust myself), she barely saw the Giant Cheeto when she was in the WH because Kelley kept her away, and nobody knew what she did to earn a paycheck. I’m thinking B&N will be shelving her book under “Fiction.”

    I might be tempted to leaf through a copy when it’s remaindered at Dollar Tree a few months after publication.

  37. Lynn says:

    True, one of my Trump supporter relatives is telling me the same thing. Omarosa’s crazy, has no cred, it’s all lies, etc. But since truth doesn’t matter now, who cares? All that matters is that harmful, insulting (hopefully) anti-Trump info will be coming out before the midterms. lol I love watching someone I hate (Omarosa, Michael Cohen, etc) fight with someone I hate even more, the Cheeto Face.

    I’ll do what I always do, put it on hold at the library. I haven’t actually paid for a book in years.

  38. paloma says:

    Thanks for your work Karen and for helping to carry the torch for Tony.

    Doyle posted this July 7 on his IG account. Very surprised to see him tag AA.

  39. catsworking says:

    Welcome, paloma, and thanks for the link. I don’t think this is what I saw from Doyle, but it’s along the same lines. That he included AA shows he’s a kind person. He probably had no idea of the history between her and Tony.

    Lynn, I actually watched Big Brother the season Omarosa was on, thinking they’d kick her conniving, lying ass off within the first few episodes, but she stayed until nearly the end, stabbing backs all the way. It only convinced me that the producers meddle behind the scenes to ramp up the drama, and kept her on far longer than she deserved.

    Speaking of which, have you ever seen the series UNREAL? It’s all about that very thing in a Bachelor-like setting. The producers drove one contestant to take a dive off a roof.

    With any luck, Omarosa’s book will come out against a backdrop of Mueller’s full, fact-packed, multi-pronged take-down of Trump and shrivel to nothing upon impact.

  40. Rachel says:

    “If only he’d known how many people who really would have been there for him, if only he’d reached out.”

    This bothers me a lot. Both because I dearly wish he’d reached out to someone instead of doing what he did, and also because I can’t imagine what Eric and his crew must be going through knowing he was in such desperate straits while so close by. None of this is their fault, but human nature being what it is I imagine some of them are probably dealing with more than a little regret.

    It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that someone so obviously sensitive, thoughtful and by all accounts deeply moral could have gotten to a place where he either didn’t realize or didn’t care about the devastation what he was about to do would cause.

  41. Sarah says:

    Does anyone else find it eerie that in S02E02 of No Reservations (South Florida), Tony “wished” for Asia Argento during some kind of ceremony.

  42. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Sarah. Someone alerted us earlier that he mentioned AA as far back as 2006 in that episode. I’m fuzzy on the history now, but 2006, South Beach, he may have been there with Ottavia when they were dating, staying at his favorite hotel, The Raleigh. And it may have even been the same visit where he got the skull tattoo on his right shoulder while she watched (not sure about that, but it was filmed for Miami:Ink). I found that video much later and think I posted it under “Ottavia Bourdain: Found” (we were all curious to see who Bourdain’s lady love was because he was keeping his personal life hidden) and described her as a “grinning idiot.”

    When I finally met Ottavia in 2008 face-to-face, she laughed and said she wasn’t prepared to be filmed and they had cut the video to make her look like a grinning idiot. She was so gracious, it melted my heart.

    It’s beyond eerie to think that AA even had a brain cell in his thoughts that early in his relationship with Ottavia and it was caught on camera. It’s like coming full circle in an awful way.

  43. feijicha says:

    So the fb page #justicefortony has posted today a screenshot from the orange janitor’s twitter page. Orange Janitor wrote: “This is an ultimatum. I know you are reading this. I have evidence logged, ALL of it. This is your chance to do something right & true. BTW, It’s far too late to start scrubbing. DM me.”

    People are guessing the the message is targeted to AA.

  44. bamboo.skewer says:

    Regarding Doyle, they worked together on one episode? Yes it was a recent one and editing might have been done not long before Tony’s death, but it doesn’t sound like there was a big relationship there. Plus, if it was hard to schedule him to work with him, surely he’s very busy. Not everyone has time to learn about gossip about Asia. So I’m not surprised by a lack of any big public outreach from Doyle.

    Even if he saw bad AA behavior, those of us who’ve seen bad behavior at work know how things can go. At risk of sounding like a nerd, there’s a whole social ecosystem we have to survive in. You know, office politics. Professional politics. Maybe you feel wronged by someone at work, but they turn it around to sound like you were the problem. Maybe they have more professional power, and they’re protected by people high up. If they’re emboldened and they attack you, that could affect people hiring you. It’s especially a concern if you’re a freelancer, need to get hired for shorter term gigs versus many years in a corporate office. It’s a small world, reputations spread. So, maybe there are some people you don’t criticize publicly unless you’re able and willing to take a hit. This is how countless bullies get away with their behavior. I don’t know if that’s at play here. But, there’s a clue in that everyone close to Tony drops clues anonymously. Why. I think we might know why.

    Also, how are we so sure that a book from Hugo will be critical of AA? Do we know anything about their relationship since the first week of June? I thought I heard a rumor (maybe from AJ Benza??) that AA would get a cut of $ from the book. Anyone hear this? If that’s true, do you really think it would be critical of her?

  45. bamboo.skewer says:

    Feijicha, in Orange Janitor’s IG comments, someone says the picture of lavender flowers are lupines, so that’s a clue to who the message is for. I have no idea what all the recent lupine stuff is about, it’s been enough to track all the AA drama. I’m not following the drama with her followers, but something has been going on.

    People are also noticing that AA has been unusually quiet for more than 24 hours on IG. All comments for all her IG posts are now turned off, despite her blocking all non-supporters so most comments were in her favor. Is she expecting something?

    Or maybe she’s been busy securing her next golden ticket.

  46. Lynn says:

    Bravo to Orange Janitor whoever you are. I’m guessing it’s someone who works/worked with ZPZ. “I have evidence logged, all of it.” Not sure what that means but more power to this person. I hope that evidence comes out. It would be awesome if someone has audio or video of AA ‘acting out’ on set or screaming at AB. That would be gold.

    Also OJ posted this on AA’s view of relationships:

    View at

    Notice the publication date of Sept 2016, which would have been after she started up with AB, no?

    Talking about her first ‘love’ at age 8: “When the child Fausto became mine, he did not interest me any more, I preferred him absently. I am not capable in everyday life. I tried, I can not do it. I have two children, three cats, work, where do I put a man? In the battle I prefer to be alone.”

    OMG (about another of her exes):

    “When he left his wife for me, after three days in the same house we broke up: it was fine as long as it was impossible.”

    Seeing a pattern?

    “I was always seduced. They left me all until 17 years old. Then something happened, I became a criminal, and I began to break the hearts.”

    “I thought I loved them, for three seconds. But it was not true and then I disappeared, I said to myself: ‘If I do not love him, how can he love me?’ What did I have to do with it?”

    Jeez I had this freak pegged so well. She can’t imagine why any man would want her so she sabotages:

    Re: a high school boyfriend: “I could not believe he wanted to be with me. Then I walked away to make a film. On the way back he was waiting for me at the airport and suddenly I left him .”

    Has she ever been faithful?
    “No. I do not care about loyalty. Betrayal is not with another body, it is when there is no longer communication.”

    It would seem Tony did not agree.

    Jeez it was like Tony basically walked right into a loaded gun. I can’t believe given that he was a fan of hers that he was not aware of any of this. I think he was well aware and the fact that she might destroy him was part of the appeal, sadly. Or maybe he had convinced himself, like many women do, that with him it’d be different; that he could ‘change’ her.

    AA you should have listened to your ex husband: “my ex-husband used to say: ‘An old woman with tattoos can not be seen’.” When the skin wrinkles and sags those tats are going to look like she has a skin disease. Well they kinda already do, but you know what I mean.

  47. catsworking says:

    bamboo, I haven’t heard anything about Hugo writing a book. Someone here said he was going to do an interview. At least, that’s how I took it.

    Hugo was apparently AA’s escort at Cannes, and I believe he was the one who filmed her ranting about Weinstein onstage and put it online.

    And I think the Hong Kong shoot (which they did early this year, Jan-Feb?, somebody correct me if I’m off on that) was the first time Tony had met Christopher Doyle, although he’d admired his work for a long time. So it wasn’t a friendship, but more of a gig for Doyle. I have no idea if Doyle knew AA from Adam before that. He’s been living in Hong Kong for years, apparently. Don’t know how much of a rep, if any, she has there.

    From my years of working in corporate America, I hear you on the bad behavior in the workplace. Somebody gets too drunk at the office Christmas party, makes a fool of themselves, and people talk about it for years. Bullying and incompetent bosses kick down and suck up, and rather than getting fired, keep getting promoted. That’s why I freelance. I couldn’t take it anymore.

    I don’t know, but I would imagine, out of an abundance of respect, the people who worked with Tony are taking their cues from the family on how much to say at this time. I feel the truth will eventually come out, because you don’t get to be as famous as Anthony Bourdain and then go poof and it’s treated like you never existed.

    But it would appear that there are at least one or more friends or crew who are chomping at the bit for the full truth about AA to come out. I agree I’m frustrated that he’s being used as a poster boy for depression, when it may turn out that he simply snapped when he realized he’d invested so much in a woman who was worth so little and decided — in one horrible moment — it meant a degree of humiliation he couldn’t face. Had he not been alone in the room, or walked downstairs to dinner, he’d probably still be with us.

    I believe his death was the impulse of a moment, not a long-planned, inevitable event.

  48. catsworking says:

    Lynn, when I first read the article in your link and saw her sprawled across the kitchen table with the butt-filled ashtray centerpiece, my first thought was, “Oh, shit! I think that’s the table where Tony ate dinner with her kids in the Rome episode!” He was sitting at the opposite end, with a window behind him.

    The image stuck with me because I found it shocking. When I saw the Rome episode, I didn’t know about AA, but I began to suspect they were a thing during the scene at the fights. She seemed ill at ease, as if she didn’t know how familiar to be with him. I smelled an affair right then.

    Him turning up in her kitchen and acting chummy with her kids confirmed it.

    This interview is dated September 7, 2016. So yes, they had been an item since April. And Tony was back in the States after spending a month in the Hamptons with his family, telling Ottavia he was moving out, and going behind her back to get a story about their separation planted on Page Six. AA undoubtedly knew and must have been giddy because she’d put him up to all of it.

    So how did she celebrate? By giving an interview about how she’d kicked every other man she’d ever known in the balls, going all the way back to age 8.

  49. Lynn says:

    What kind of a woman can sit table side at a fight, eating pasta with RED sauce no less, while all manner of spit and blood fly into the food?! That kitchen table is disgusting. Name a celeb other than maybe Courtney Love who would allow herself to be photographed in her own kitchen with it looking like that. She’s so addicted she can’t even keep the cigs in the pack till she’s ready to smoke them? I feel sorry for her kids.

    Interesting she’s saying she has no room for a man and prefers to be alone while IN a relationship with AB. Of course she’d claim she was just saying that bc that ‘separate lives’ statement about Ottavia hadn’t come out yet. But the pattern from her past relationships is clear and repeated itself with AB.

  50. Morganlf says:

    The Orange Janitor went dark. Posted stress and the a recent loss. He or she left the account open but archived. Janitor called out Lupine an AA troll, who’d under several IDs blogged, posted,wrote & bullied even death threats. All in an effort to defend Asia & Rose and confuses any criticism of Argento as an attack on#Metoo

    There is a lot of entrenched Argento zombies out there, like MAGATS incapable of getting out of the bubble. Depending depraved behavior, NO MATTER WHAT.

    Adele, you’re right it’s been referred to here…Tony’s mother was said to be a handful and overbearing.

    Argento blocked me beacause I posted “don’t play the victim to circumstances you created”.

    Very thin skinned. Just like…

  51. Morganlf says:

    Under this picture someone commented had she known in season 1 of No Res..Tony had made a wish to meet her.
    She replied: Yes

    This was no chance meeting that “led” to an affair. This spider spun her web, laid in wait, drew her victim in. IMO.

  52. catsworking says:

    Morgan, this is getting creepier by the minute. But why? I hope Orange is OK.

    I don’t know if AA has blocked me or not. I wouldn’t know how to go about finding out. I don’t really recall if I posted a message on her IG account. It would have been right after it happened. Frankly, I don’t care enough to even try to check.

    Lynn, I think a huge part of AA’s schtick is doing whatever seems the grossest, tackiest thing she can, hoping to shock. So sprawling herself across a filthy kitchen table that was missing only a couple of rats scampering around was about right.

  53. Dingobeast says:

    It makes me so sad. I think as someone else mentioned up the thread that he had literally allowed himself no life and no support system. He thought that raddled old lot lizard AA was his world, a perfect partner. I do believe that she stalked him and made sure they met. She probably could not believe her luck, the raggedy-ass spider caught a big one!

    She played him and destroyed him like she did so many others, he just didn’t have the emotional strength to survive it. I am sure he was embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief.

  54. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Dingobeast! Love your imagery. I can picture AA spinning increasingly tattier webs for fatter, older, grosser rich men who don’t care if their skeletal arm candy is smeared all over with black ink and whose breath reeks of cigarettes, just as long as she’s younger. They will be lucky if she lets them live, albeit lighter in the bank account. Leeches would be embarrassed by her company. At least Bourdain is finally beyond her ability to torment him.

  55. Dingobeast says:

    Thanks, catsworking-I am still angry about it, so I am not trying to be polite about that parasite. It is so disappointing that a creature like that was able to damage Tony so fatally. She was an opportunistic infection, and he was not able to fight her off.

    It is damning that not one friend, family member, or co-worker has said a word about her. They all saw it happening and were helpless to defend him, but they are not giving her any air or attention.

  56. catsworking says:

    I share your perplexity at the family and friends’ silence. We don’t even know what became of Tony’s ashes.

    It seems unlikely that AA will get the last word. But what the family and ZPZ crew knows about her role in Tony’s demise may be so damning, they are weighing their options about revealing it.

    I feel certain there is an ugly truth we have not heard.

    In the meantime, AA desperately tries to spin a false narrative about how happy they were even as she flaunted in his face a man nearly 34 years his junior.

    What AA may not have considered is that Hugo Clement hoped to use her the way she was using Tony. She’s a generation older than he is.

  57. Morganlf says:

    Dingobeast thank you for your short and funny as shit and spot on comment ” raddled old lot lizard”.looololol.

    So tired of reading pages of frittering hypergraphia…

    “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

  58. Lynn says:

    Those who know the truth – open your fucking mouths. Whistle blowing / leaking works. 3 words – Trump White House.

    That brief enough?

  59. catsworking says:

    Okay, let’s not go down this road again. We’re all on the same side.

    I’m as antsy for Mueller to start launching some major bombs at the White House as I am for karma to catch up with AA.

  60. Lynn says:

    I’m not sure karma is enough, Karen. Not everyone gets what is coming to them. If they do, it can take eons and only happen after they commit a second act of massive wrongdoing.

    2 letters this time – O.J.

    Based on the O.J. principle, we may have years of seeing the equivalent of AA playing golf before any justice occurs.

  61. aligee says:

    Can anyone translate this Italian article better than Google translate. It seems to allude as to how they met on social media.

  62. catsworking says:

    Welcome, aligee! And thank you for the link. I’m on my laptop and at a disadvantage right now, but I will see if I can find a better translator. I didn’t know how they actually met. This should be interesting.

    Lynn, I think karma is going to come around sooner rather than later for AA because so many people are on the same wavelength and willing it to happen. Red witch bullshit be damned.

    It’s really weird to be in this vortex where the walls are closing in on Trump, and we find ourselves with this parallel situation going on with his female alter-ego unraveling in an unrelated situation in Italy.

    No way will AA get a third chance like OJ. She won’t allow it. She’s on a course to crash and burn. If external forces don’t make it happen, she will.

  63. Morganlf says:

    Karen I wish it were so. Like the Magats, Argento has an army of die hards.
    I’m not optimistic. The coward in the WH is stacking SCOTUS will take 2020 unless WE VOTE THEM OUT.

    Democracy is limping.

  64. Adele, regarding his relationship with his mother, I just read this in an interview conducted during a surprise 50th birthday party for Bourdain:

    “Bourdain’s mom was there, beaming and proud.”

    I get that they may not have had the closest relationship, but Asia’s remark was just inhuman.

  65. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I have never felt more hopeful about Trump’s doom than I have over the past few weeks, since he gave Putin a BJ in Helsinki. We absolutely will take back the House and, with luck, even the Senate.

    I actually think Trump WANTS to get kicked out so he doesn’t have to pretend he gives even the slightest shit about the country and he can spend the rest of his life eating cheeseburgers and tweeting about what a misunderstood and maltreated victim he is. He gave himself a nice fat tax cut, wreaked havoc on much of the government infrastructure, damaged all our foreign alliances, and got a right-wing asshole on the SCOTUS. His work is done.

    His disinterest in work, and being scared shitless of Mueller, are driving his craziest moves, like letting Ghouliani continue to spout off making no sense on TV every day.

    The thing that everybody seems to lose sight of is what a relatively small slice of population Trump’s and AA’s “diehard” bases are. The vast majority of humanity finds them and their antics beyond disgusting. In Trump’s case, I think he’s done so much damage here and abroad that the GOP can kiss its ass goodbye in November. We’ve had enough.

    As for AA, she’s going to become increasingly irrelevant as time goes on. She hurt her cred in Italy immeasurably by going after Weinstein after pumping his generosity for years. She’s never going to make a name for herself here except as a D-list curiosity. If Bourdain couldn’t push her to the top, nobody could, and now nobody would want to.

    I’d like to see both Trump and AA go down in flames today, but it’s going to take more time.

  66. catsworking says:

    aligee, I tried a different translator, and the result was no better than Google. I think she said she discovered that she and Bourdain were following each other on social media and it was she who suggested they meet. She also said Dancing with the Stars was one of the more horrible moments of her life. She dissed women’s liberation, saying women still got to do everything, but in the end where does it get them. She said she has no hobbies, no friends (no surprise there), but liked seeing boxing matches when she goes out. And she said Bourdain appreciated strong women.

  67. Dingobeast says:

    Catsworking, so not a surprise that AA has really no productive, fulfilling life, and is friendless. She is somebody who is only happy if she is draining life from somebody else. I am glad Tony’s circle of family and friends has frozen her ass out. Hopefully they no longer show any of the Parts Unknown she was on or was a part of. She can always go back to her usual truck stops to make cash. Hugo should run like hell if he hasn’t already.

  68. Lynn says:

    “since he gave Putin a BJ in Helsinki.”

    LMAO! I love how news-like and blase you say this, Karen. Imagine that newscast: “Today the President blew Vladimir Putin for about 3 minutes in a private meeting in Helsinki before appearing onstage with the Russian leader and tossing his salad as reporters shouted questions.”

    You’re right, Fat Orange Ass’s cult is by itself is too small for re-election. The latest stat is that Repubs are only 26% of all voters and Trump has 88% of their approval. That’s tiny. He didn’t win because of a surge of voters coming his way. Far from it – he got fewer votes than Romney in ’12. He won bc Hill’s people either didn’t vote or cast the ultimate crybaby snowflake vote – third party. It was the perfect (shit) storm that prob would not have happened if the election were held a few weeks, maybe even days, earlier or later.

    If people who don’t like Cheeto can manage to get to the polls and vote for the Dem candidate I don’t see how he prevails. Consider that the # of Michigan voters who left the President part of their ballot blank was greater than the margin by which he won the state.

    Karen I read somewhere from AB himself that he started following AA on Twitter bc he was attracted to her feed – all the obscure film and music references, etc. And then thru that asked her to be in the Rome epi. I’m sure she saw an easy, relative wealthy mark and jumped.

    AA’s hobbies? Easy. Smoking, professional victim, whining, posting nude and other ridiculously narcissistic selfies on Instagram, witchcraft and the occult.

  69. HollerDweller says:

    I’ve followed this blog since June 9th. I felt compelled to write this for awhile now and thought this might be the best place. I hope it’s not too long to post. Blessings to you all.

  70. Mira says:

    Bruce Elliot, aka Geriatric Genius, has posted an update on this sorry saga; you may want to check it out. No new information, but he did have some confirmation from AB’s producer, that his interpretation of events was spot on.

  71. catsworking says:

    Putin bounded onto the dais with such a spring in his step after his 2-hour servicing by Trump, it’s a wonder the two didn’t stand up there and share a cigarette in the afterglow.

    Trump lost the actual vote by nearly 3 million. Russia’s fake news and racist identities on FB infiltrated the stupidest of his base (those who think actual news is to be found anywhere on FB) and was just enough to swing 78,000 people in 3 states to his side and snag the Electoral College. Those states are now turning on him because they’re in his crosshairs for hard economic fucking from his tariffs, tax cuts, lies about fixing healthcare, etc.

    If Comey had kept his big trap shut 11 days before the election, Hillary would be president, the world wouldn’t hate our guts, and we wouldn’t be standing on the brink of inflation, recession, and war with anybody any minute now.

    The fact is that Trump has won NO new bloc of voters since taking office. His approval rating goes up or down a few points, but never comes even comes close to 50. I haven’t heard one person, in real life or on TV, say, “Gee, I didn’t vote for Trump, but I really like the cut of his jib now that I’ve seen him in action and I’m voting for him in 2020.”

    The only other hobby I would add to AA’s list is not washing her hair.

    Dingobeast, I agree with you that CNN should shelve all the episodes of Parts Unknown she figures into, if they haven’t already. Every time one of them airs, they run the risk of her demanding residual payments or some shit.

  72. catsworking says:

    Welcome, HollerDweller! I have deleted your essay here because I’m moving it to the front page as a guest post so all Cats Working readers can see it. I found it moving and wish it had a happier ending in the airport. I’m giving you the byline of HollerDweller, but if you want your real name to appear with it, just let me know with another comment and I’ll change it. I see your name in your email address. Thank you for putting so much work into the piece. I’m going to edit a few little mechanical things and maybe break some paragraphs for easier reading, but it’s good to go.

  73. catsworking says:

    Mira, thanks for the tip. I will definitely check it out.

  74. HollerDweller says:

    Karen, Thanks so much! I am glad to have it posted and honored that you would. I appreciate the editing as I wrote this literally from heart to page. It’s fine to leave the byline as it is since there is some pretty personal information in it. And I work in a pretty public job….I do hope it honors AB and his family. Glad to discuss via email anytime. I’m going to upload a pic of my Tabby shortly as well. 😉

  75. catsworking says:

    Holler, I think Tony’s family will find your post highly gratifying. I’m sure he had a similar effect on many people, but most would be unable to put it into words the way you did. If you just poured that out onto the page, you definitely have a gift. I tweaked a bit of punctuation, changed one word spelling, and broke it up for online reading, but it’s awesomely clean writing. I tip my hat to you. 🙂

  76. Morganlf says:

    Mira… great tip. Genious confirmed it:the Cats, Justice for Tony, Orange Janitor we all had it right.

    That soul sucking slag, pushed him over the edge, facts confirmed by Tony’s producer Michael Steel In so many words.

  77. catsworking says:

    I received a tip from a long-time reader today that Tony’s NYC apartment may have gone back on the market two days ago in the Time Warner Center. It was last rented on Sept. 7, 2016, which fits the timeline of him moving out, and the unit is 64F, which fits the mention in the interview that he lived on the 64th floor. The views also match up to what that interviewer described. Here’s the link, with details and photos:

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