Tony Has Picked a Role Model

By Karen

Now about 20 months old, our Tony (a.k.a. RAL’s “Mr. July”) is growing up. I’m watching him morph from a scatterbrained kitten into a cat who’s trying to figure out and find his place on the crew.

Last night — I’m pretty sure for the first time — Tony glued himself ALL night to me in bed, even though it wasn’t particularly cold, which is what usually motivates their cuddling. If I moved, he’d scooch closer to maintain full contact. He’s always come and gone at night, sometimes not showing up at all, and I have no idea where else he sacks out.

During the day, he still won’t sit with me for more than a few seconds, and doesn’t like being petted if he sees my hand coming. But he’s still enough of a daredevil to have taken a few falls recently. The first one was totally my fault.

We were in the bathroom. I was facing away from the toilet when he jumped onto the seat as a step up to the sink. When I turned around, I accidentally knocked him into the toilet (it had been flushed).

Adele did that once when she was a kitten. She was in and out in one move and splashed everywhere.

But Tony was nonchalant, probably because he likes playing in water. He calmly pulled himself out and scampered off like nothing happened.

Next, we were having nightly TV time when Tony fell off the second beam. He was alone up there, so he wasn’t pushed. I heard scrabbling above and he flew past just as I turned my head, coming down in front of the lamp. We took this later, just to show you the logistics…

A straight trajectory would have landed him in the kitty fountain, but he bounced off the end table and hit the carpet in a crouch beside the fountain. He was dazed enough to let me pick him up and make sure he was OK. And it didn’t scare him off that beam…

“They say when you fall off a horse or a beam, you should get right back on.”

Speaking of the end table, I had put a blanket there when Max was using it as a hangout, so Tony didn’t hit a hard edge in his fall. Now that blanket is Tony turf. After dinner, Tony often spends his entire evening by me on the table instead of taking his evening siesta in the bedroom…

“It’s impossible to take a bad picture of me, right?”

It was when he started doing that, that I realized he’s taking cues from Max, even though Max shows not the slightest interest in Tony. It started at Christmas when Tony began bogarting Max’s favorite beanbag bed on the Man Cave couch. Max now mostly refuses to sleep there.

Natural leader that Roc is, you’d have thought Tony would look up to him, but maybe he realizes Roc is too much of a bad boy. They do spend the most time together, but mainly to use each other as punching dummies.

Max, after losing his Man Cave bed, claimed the living room bed overlooking the deck. Now Tony takes that whenever Max leaves and is even trying to ingratiate himself with Max’s faithful Catty(pillar)!

“I’ll have Catty eating out of my paw soon. No bug can resist my charms.”

Tony’s hero worship is not going unnoticed by Max. He’s done a few interesting things himself since this started, but I’ll save those for Thursday.

Here’s one last pic of the little man, plotting his next move…

BONUS: In my continuing series on misleading in frozen dinner packaging, here’s one from Boston Market. Except for the gravy being browner, I think it looks suspiciously like Stouffer’s Swedish Meatballs

11 Responses to Tony Has Picked a Role Model

  1. Donna says:

    How great it must be to live with all those handsome me
    PS I love your house,the wood is gorgeous

  2. catsworking says:

    Donna, I feel like I live in Animal House. Literally.

    The decor is vintage 1983, when the house was built. It needs so much updating, I wish I could get picked for one of those home reno shows because I know they could do something totally amazing with it that I can’t even imagine. But one thing I would never agree to is painting the wood. That’s one of the things I love most about this place, and some day it will be back in style if I live long enough.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Funny, nite before last had yet another Bourdain dream. For the oddest reasons dream of him often. Ottavia was in this one she’d had an allergy attack and was swollen.
    In the dreams we’re friendly affectionate even. Been happening for years. Kindred spirits? That’s so weird..
    I don’t even dream of last relationship dude…prob for the better, but dream of arguing with parents, A LOT.
    Calling Dr. Freud!
    I remember my Charlie cat who literally followed me home as a kid. No pets allowed, but Charlie got past moms rules. He’d sleep with me every night, and in the morning early light chase motes, that rose up off the chenille spread. Does anyone even have chenille anymore?
    500k dead covid. Trump golfs and flatulates in mar a lardo. No vaccines available here, that evil pig. Which circle of Dante’s inferno will he occupy for eternity?
    Sorry got off on a tangent.
    PS: am hitting frozen dinners pretty hard too. Rediscovered “Hungry Man” a kid I loved cooking.

  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I haven’t tried a Hungry Man dinner in years. I should check them out just for a change. I always keep a few frozen dinners around for those nights I just can’t be bothered to think about what’s for dinner.

    Funny you should mention chenille. I used that word to describe a thick yarn I’m currently struggling with to make a chunky throw. It has no “give” whatsoever, and I’m using a crochet hook thick as a baby’s arm and pulling the yarn over it until my fingers are raw because normal crocheting is impossible. It looks nice finished, but what a struggle. The purple blankie the cats sometimes turf-fight over on the couch is made from that yarn.

    I had a dream about Anthony and Ottavia Bourdain the other night. I don’t think much happened, but I know I was talking to her and he was sitting off somewhere watching us. He’s never very active, just sort of a presence.

    I have a LOT of nightmares, which they say is a COVID thing. In fact, mostly nightmares. About all sorts of things, but I don’t remember a lot.

    I think this is the first time you’ve ever mentioned your cat Charlie. We never forget them.

  5. Donna says:

    Morgan,Karen, my my COVID takeaway is anxiety/IBS. I would love some crazy Bourdain dreams
    Karen,I would love one of those shows,even the worst rated one(I don’t know what that is) to do anything in here. Even if they fuck it up,I could sue for damages and threaten them with bad publicity. I bought this place in 97 and it was almost 30 years old
    It is to dream.
    I feel you with the wood. The thing I did immediately in here was to bleach the dark wood floor to a lovely blonde. It really works

  6. catsworking says:

    Donna, light wood is my favorite as well. If you could see my This End Up living room crate furniture under all the blankets and covers, you’d see it’s light wood.

    I really have no imagination for decorating, even though I watch a lot of those shows. My sister is really good at it and her condo makes my house look like the most abject dump of mismatched everything.

    I think I only dream about Bourdain when I come across some new information about him that brings him to top of mind, even though the dream never has anything to do with it.

  7. MorganLF says:

    Donna I feel you on the anxiety/IBS. But now the symptoms of this covid thing is lassitude and complete exhaustion lots of naps and shopping on Amazon. With flare ups of unmitigated hate and loathing towards trump and his acolytes. Got real sick for a few weeks ended up in ER. Fevers, chills rash but took 2 covid tests which were negative. Went on steroids and still feeling weak. Have no idea what it was. I would say it was covid but had no breathing issues. Might have picked up a bug off one of the babies…anyway it sucks.

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan and Donna, now that you mention IBS, things have been different down there and I’m not talking about “enjoying the go.”

    I have a hard time getting up mornings. When the cats wake me up for breakfast, I’ll feed them and crawl back in bed for another hour or two. I’d stay there all day if they’d let me and I didn’t have to work.

    Even if we get through this pandemic in one piece, I’m afraid the mental aftershocks will always be with us.

    A few weeks ago I had chest pains, and I have this tinnitus whooshing in my right ear in rhythm with my pulse that I’ve read could signal a blockage or an aneurysm. I’ve got my annual checkup coming up, but I feel certain the doctor will shrug it all off because my blood work always looks good. And I suspect he’s a Trumper.

    I just got a letter that my colonoscopy is overdue. I’ve been feeling guilty about that for 6 months.

    I’ve never been tested for COVID and still have no fucking clue when I’ll ever be able to get vaccinated.

    PS: I want to see Trump criminally charged on SOMETHING, ANYTHING, so bad, and made to stand trial and be convicted like the disgusting little punk he really is, it makes me crazy.

  9. Donna says:

    It’s only the last few months I’ve had a tough time. Since November and sweating out the election. A small sigh of relief only to have Trump throws his fat orange hatred into COVID relief package (I’ve been on unemployment since March) followed by January 6 Domestic Terror Attack. Fuck.
    I can now get a little solid food in me. Just in time for suspected return of trumptards for March 4. The Q whack jobs think their POS will be inaugurated and if not they will…. I don’t know what really
    Stay well ladies. We will have our re-re-rescheduled happy hour in DC, I can feel it

  10. catsworking says:

    Donna, I had a similar timeline. Getting Trump out in November was a huge relief, but then he piled on the crazy in overdrive for three months, culminating in the riot. I won’t rest easy until that crazy bastard is in prison or drops dead. Cy Vance has his taxes now, so it’s only a matter of time.

    I just heard about the March 4 date. If they riot again, I hope the National Guard is authorized to use deadly force.

    These hearings they’re having now about January 6 are such a farce. We ALL know EXACTLY why the Capitol was unprotected that day. Orders from the White House. I hope someone from the Pentagon has the balls to say it next week when they’re questioned.

  11. catsworking says:

    Donna, I forgot to mention our rendezvous in DC. I was thinking about that just the other day, and how nice it will be to visit with a sane president back in the White House and this fucking virus under control so we can eat in restaurants again and see the sights. I believe we’ll get there.

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