A Peek Inside My Notebook

By Karen

No theme is gelling for me today on Trump 2nd Impeachment Eve, but I’ve got bits and pieces I’ve been meaning to share, so let’s hit those…

First, the Super Bowl. As always, it was so far off my radar, I didn’t know who was in it until Saturday. That’s also when I learned Tom Brady isn’t a Patriot anymore — not that any Trump-loving, alleged ball-deflating cheater ever could be, except in football.

Needless to say, I didn’t watch one second of it. After seeing the 31–9 final score this morning, Kitten Bowl VII on Hallmark we did watch must have had more action and less ego.

Am I mistaken, or haven’t all Super Bowls in recent memory been low-score, over-hyped nothingburgers? Why waste hours watching commercials interspersed with guys inflicting brain damage on each other during those rare moments they’re actually doing anything.

If you asked me tomorrow who played in this game, I can promise you I will have already forgotten.


I checked out the new SyFy series Resident Alien, described in the TV promo as “the small-town murder mystery doctor dramedy Earth needs right now.” Here’s the network’s blurb…

“An alien crash lands on Earth [in Patience, Colorado] and must pass himself off as small-town human doctor Harry Vanderspeigle. Arriving with a secret mission to kill all humans, Harry starts off living a simple life…but things get a bit rocky when he’s roped into solving a murder and needs to assimilate into his new world.”

It’s a comedy, but much darker than My Favorite Martian, who never wanted to kill us all. The ‘60s were so innocent…

Also, in Patience, the mayor’s son, a 10-year-old named Max, is the only one who sees Harry as he really is, which sets up the central conflict and the funniest scenes.


Another show I stumbled across is Dishing with Julia, a delightful six-part series on PBS featuring vintage episodes of Julia Child’s The French Chef being watched and critiqued by today’s chefs, including wonderful José Andrés and Eric Ripert…


If you’re wondering how the cats are doing, Tony has gone totally high-tech. I’m trying to get video of him during our new after-dinner ritual involving a laser pointer. After I eat, I like to sit for a few minutes to let things settle before I complete my 7,500 steps for the day. But now, Tony plants himself on the sardine scratcher and gives me laser eyes until I give him his red dot…

“You’ve got laser duty — NOW — since you’re the only one with thumbs. “

I also showed him Adele’s favorite cat software, “Paint for Cats,” on my old iPad…

“Do not mistake this for a self-portrait. No brown cats here. Yes, we can see color.”

Now, whenever he sees me using that iPad, I get his, “Are you going to bogart that thing ALL night?” look. Roc also likes to play. Stay tuned for video.


Last night after we finished Chase the Laser and I settled down for TV, Roc and Tony adjourned upstairs to conduct aerial surveillance from the second and third beams…

“She sure looks a lot smaller from up here.”


As I’m writing this post, Tony is lounging in his new favorite sunny spot on the balcony, on the blue perch…


In what may become a continuing series, I would like to note that frozen dinners NEVER come out of the microwave looking like the delicious meal on the box…

At least there are a decent number of meatballs.


BONUS: Randy Rainbow wrote a song for Marjorie Taylor Greene…

2 Responses to A Peek Inside My Notebook

  1. Randi says:

    Karen, I read Julia Child’s book “Julia’s Cats” and really enjoyed it. I hope the six-part series “Dishing with Julia” will be aired on TV here.

    And Tony has discovered the laser pointer – I’m sure he is having fun with that! 😀

    The Swedish meatballs look like the uncooked ones we use in “Boller i Karry.” In the old days, people put them and “melboller” in soup, perhaps they still do. A dish Danes often make, is “Frikadeller.” I suppose you would call them fried meatballs. Here’s a picture:

  2. catsworking says:

    Randi, meatballs pretty much look like meatballs no matter how they’re made. Balls of meat. I guess the “Swedish” ones are distinctive for being served with noodles and a brown gravy (actually, closer to gray gravy). Italian meatballs go with tomato sauce.

    They didn’t look so good, but they were tasty enough.

    I haven’t read about Julia’s cats. I have five episodes of Dishing with Julia on the DVR but haven’t watched yet. I’m saving them because I know I will love them.

    Tony recently dug out a little clear plastic ball with a windmill inside that he’s never played with before and he was going crazy with it. Of course, he bashed it against something and it broke in two, but I was able to glue it back together. So this morning I found it beside the fridge where he couldn’t reach it. When I retrieved it, he was over the moon and started playing like crazy again.

    Now, it’s lost. I have looked EVERYWHERE and it has disappeared off the earth. Tony was sad to lose it helping me look, but giving me no clues. I guess one day he’ll dig it out again and I’ll never know where it was.

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