Tatiana the Tiger’s Tormentor Gets Caged

By Fred

Last Christmas, Paul Dhaliwal was at the San Francisco Zoo getting chased and clawed by an escaped tiger. This Christmas, he’ll be learning how it feels to live in a zoo – at San Quentin.

The 20-year-old man, who had a varied criminal history before and after the tiger attack that killed his 17-year-old friend Carlos Sousa, Jr., has earned himself 16 months in the slammer after violating his 3-year probation for felony reckless-driving while fleeing the police at speeds that went above 130 mph.

Obviously, one judge believes the world will be a better place with this guy in a secure enclosure.

Paul and his older brother Kulbir were hoping to get rich off a negligence and defamation lawsuit against the city of San Francisco and the zoo for failing to protect them from Tatiana, whom they allegedly goaded into leaping out of her enclosure, and for making them look like the “bad guys” with the media.

Tatiana was shot and killed by police before she could shred the brothers.

Kulbir, another model citizen, faces his own court date on misdemeanor charges of public drunkenness and resisting arrest during a September 2007 scuffle with police at their home, in which Paul has already pleaded guilty to hitting a police officer.

It was a California jury who found O.J. Simpson not guilty of killing his wife Nicole and Ron Goldman. But let’s hope they can’t find another jury stupid enough to make this pair of thugs millionaires for causing the death of an innocent tiger and posing an ongoing challenge for local police.

3 Responses to Tatiana the Tiger’s Tormentor Gets Caged

  1. Garry says:

    When I visited the zoo years ago I clearly remember having a conversation with my girlfriend at the time about that exibit. I judged the wall to be around 13 feet and told her that I would not be suprised if a lion or tiger could get out of there. I think I was told the wall was 20 feet at the time. I spent my life playing basketball. Hoop = 10 feet, I knew this wall was only about 3 feet higher. I knew a tiger or lion can jump very very well. I knew it was possible. Regardless of how stupid these guys were there was clearly negligence on the Zoo’s part. It is sad that the one who died was said to be the only one of the three not taunting Tatiana. Any way you cut it, that was not a safe enclosure for a wild animal…

  2. Garry says:

    I just read the wall was claimed by the zoo to be 18 feet, when officials measured it was actually 12.5 feet. I don’t know what the truth is, but I will tell you this, when I saw the thing I knew a tiger could jump out of it.

  3. catsworking says:

    Garry, thanks for the first-hand observation of the tiger enclosure. This story is pretty old, but I believe the authorities did conclude the wall wasn’t high enough and the zoo has since corrected that.

    However, in all the years it was too low, no tiger had ever tried to jump it, so you’ve got to wonder what those guys were doing to get Tatiana into such a rage she had to get out. And it has come out that Carlos Sousa, the boy who was killed, was trying to help the others escape when Tatiana got him. His death and the cat’s were the tragedies in this.

    The brothers who got away seem to be heading for a life behind bars, one way or the other.

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