Mooching Helmsley Heirs Screw Pooch Out of $10 Mil

By Fred

Leona Helmsley’s 9-year-old Maltese, Trouble, wound up in deep judicial doo-doo when grandkids of the wealthy, infamous, and late “Queen of Mean” got greedy.

Helmsley – best known for saying, “Only little people pay taxes” – died last August at age 87. She left $12 million to Trouble and nothing to 2 of her adult grandchildren, “for reasons known to them.”

Helmsley also wanted one of her grandsons or her brother to adopt Trouble, but they both declined, being interested only in the money.

The disinherited grandkids couldn’t let Grandma RIP and contested her will. In convincing a judge that Helmsley was crackers in the end, they reaped millions for themselves and got their own brother’s and great-uncle’s sums reduced.

But now they can’t talk about it.

Trouble got royally ripped off. Separately, the judge decided to transfer 5/6 – $10 million – of Trouble’s money to Helmsley’s charitable foundation.

The dog’s only representation seemed to be an affidavit from her new caretaker, Carl Lekic, who manages the Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel in Florida.

Lekic said Trouble seems happy and could be maintained on her remaining $2 million for another 10 years, although he only expects her to live 5. Here’s his breakdown of Trouble’s current annual budget:

24/7 security – $100,000
“Guardian fee” to Lekic – $60,000
Grooming – $8,000
Miscellaneous – $3,000
Medical care – $2,500–$18,000
Food – $1,200

These figures make me wonder what crap he’s feeding Trouble to rack up such huge vet bills – but shelling out $273.97 a day for security, of all things. That dog should be living on filet mignon. She spent the best 8 years of her life playing “best friend” to Leona Helmsley and deserves every penny she got. In fact, she has even continued to carry on the family legacy by earning her own reputation as a nippy little bitch.

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