Flaky Fugitive Obsessed with Canine Boogers

By Adele

Fifty-eight-year-old Bernann McKinney made news recently for paying a South Korean firm $50,000 to clone 5 puppies from her late beloved pit bull Booger. As her photo cuddling the puppies was flashed worldwide, some thought she bore an eerie – if bloated – resemblance to Joyce McKinney, a former beauty queen who allegedly kidnapped a Mormon missionary in England in 1977, tied him to a bed as her sex slave, then jumped bail and prosecution.

Bernann McKinney with Booger clone - Photo Ahn Young-Joon, AP

Bernann McKinney with Booger clone - Photo Ahn Young-Joon, AP

At first Bernann denied being Joyce, although both women’s full names happen to be Joyce Bernann McKinney, they were both born in Newland, N.C., on the same day in the same year, and they share the same Social Security number.

Now she admits it’s her, but says the alleged sex crime was a tabloid fabrication because the missionary was willing. She was caught stalking him again in Utah in 1984 and skipped out on that trial, too.

My question is: Should she be propagating pit bulls? Bernann claims she did it out of love for the dog she saddled with a gross name, who died of cancer two years ago.

She found Booger on the side of the road nearly 12 years ago. A month later, he saved her life by throwing himself on her mastiff Tuffy, who was chewing Bernann to bits. Joyce survived, and once Booger recovered from his own injuries, he became her self-trained service dog during her long recovery. He could pull her wheelchair, open doors, retrieve clothes from the dryer, and help her remove her shoes and socks.

Brenann had tissue from Booger’s ear preserved, then gave up her home to raise the money to produce 5 replacement dogs, all of which bear variations of the name Booger. She just can’t let that demeaning, gag-inducing name go.

The innocent puppies, just a few weeks old, are now being raised by 2 surrogate Korean mutts who bore them.

Bernann plans to keep 3 pups and donate 2 to be trained as special needs dogs. She already has 5 other dogs and 3 horses.

But should an unrepentant sexual predator be breeding a herd of potentially vicious dogs? Doesn’t it sound a little too Boys from Brazil?

With so many harmless, homeless dogs dying in shelters, it would have been a greater tribute to a former stray like Booger to save already-born dogs. For what Bernann paid for clones, she could have given many dogs good lives.

In the end, this nut case is just setting herself up for heartbreak x 3. Those puppies have identical biological clocks. If she thought Booger’s death was traumatic, how’s she going to take it when his 3 descendents pass all at once? Will she go pounce on another missionary?

I don’t think she should be given a chance to find out.


4 Responses to Flaky Fugitive Obsessed with Canine Boogers

  1. Avi Shtevi says:

    I found the whole story quite amusing and think it’s great that there are such interesting deviants around. I don’t think Booger is a demeaning name for a dog since many people give silly names to dogs and it’s the affection you give the pet rather than the name that matters. They certainly don’t know what boogers are…

    I disagree with your conclusions and the way you linked the ‘sexual predator’ to raising clones and Boys from Brazil. If you think the dogs are at risk of being sexually abused by this funny lady then perhaps things should be done, although even then I don’t know if there are rights protecting pets from sexual abuse. nothing in her profile however, points to pedophilia or cruelty to animals. Should eccentric people be prevented from owning pets? Silly argument.

    The one valid point you do make in your article is that the money would have been far better spent helping dogs in shelters and unwanted pets. It’s not like dogs are an endangered species and we need to start cloning them to preserve them.

    However, all in all, after I read about the cloned dog, it was fun to see the story take a dramatic turn…missionaries, sex slaves, fugitives, cloned dogs…why do I suddenly think Vonnegut? 🙂

  2. catsworking says:

    Avi, it’s true that dogs will put up with a lot of stuff that cats would find intolerable. Silly names is one, which is why many cats have a reputation for not coming when called. They just hate their names. Dressing dogs in miniature people clothes is another example.

    This story reminded me of The Boys from Brazil not in a sexual way, but because someone obviously unbalanced (in this case, in a sexual way) wants to surround herself with a bunch of animals with a reputation for causing mayhem, just like those little Hitler clones in the movie.

    If there are laws against bestiality, I guess those would protect pets from sexual abuse, but I’m not dropped the soap to test that theory.

    You’re right. There is something very Vonnegutian about the whole situation. He would have enjoyed it. Who knows? Maybe he’s up in heaven romping around with Booger right now.

  3. I could be wrong…but I could swear that this woman was also caught up in a case of burglary in which she, or her accomplice, were stealing in order to pay for a prosthetic leg for one of her horses.

  4. catsworking says:

    Villager, I don’t think I’ve seen anything about that, but given her history of bizarre behavior, it would all be in a day’s work for her.

    And I’m wondering how a prosthetic leg would work on a horse anyway, since anything that throws them off balance seems to lead to laminitis, which is what finished off Barbaro.

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