From the Notebook

By Karen

I’ve shifted to a Tuesday-Friday posting schedule due to my day job. Here are the bits I’ve been making note of…

Mask Update from Virginia: Today I went to the Post Office, Target, and Food Lion. The PO still had a door sign requiring masks, and everyone inside wore one. Target had removed its mask sign, but kept the social distancing sign. However, I didn’t see anyone maskless. At Food Lion, I forgot to look for the signs, but everyone was masked. I’m thrilled.

Medina Spirit Triple Screwed: The New York Racing Association suspended trainer Bob Baffert from its tracks, including Belmont, home of the third Triple Crown race June 5. So, Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit can’t compete, even if he wanted to win two out of three.

In any case, Medina will probably forfeit the Derby because Baffert let Medina receive a rash ointment containing the banned substance betamethasone. We await a second drug test to confirm the first failed test, but it’s using more of the same blood sample, so another positive seems certain.

Medina may have shot Baffert a “middle hoof up” in the Preakness. Medina led balls to the wall the whole race, only to fall a distant third to Rombauer and Midnight Bourbon in the final stretch.

So, a promising Triple Crown season will probably fizzle, with Medina Spirit a drug-convicted also-ran. Leave it to humans, right?

What’s No. 3 Worth Outside Horse Racing?: Demonic Dick Cheney’s daughter, Congresswoman Liz Cheney, a wisp of conscience that infuriates Republicans. First, she voted to impeach Trump (on 2nd try). Then she admitted he’s lying about the election being stolen, painting also as liars every Republican scumbag still spouting that bullshit. It was the first and only time I’ll probably ever agree with a Cheney.

So, Liz had to be punished. Through a weaselly, passive-aggressive secret vote, they stripped Liz of her No. 3 position in the House.

Did it ever matter? Did she get wear a special ring or something? I have no idea who No. 2 is. That position may not even need to exist because Kevin McCarthy reeks of No. 2 from constantly rolling in Trump’s crap.

Republicans Remember Insurrectionists as “Normal Tourists”: In real time, the world watched our Capitol swarmed by human Plague rats egged on by Trump to overthrow the presidential election. They smashed windows and doors, beat police, brandished weapons, smeared feces, ransacked offices and stole, and erected a gallows out front for the vice president.

We’ve been seeing video and hearing eyewitness accounts ever since about this nightmare that killed five people.

I’m waiting for Democrats to slam the lid on this garbage that it was a “normal tourist visit” NOW. Arrest the instigators who still sit fat and happy in Congress. Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor-Greene et al. need a little “me time” in jail to face the fact that that Trump’s out and so is gaslighting.

Israel – Hamas War: In its latest burst of impotent rage, Hamas started shooting rockets at Israel again, with predictable results: Israel’s Iron Dome is swatting the rockets away like flies, but in retaliation flattening huge swaths of what little they’ve allowed to remain of Palestinian territory.

In the U.S., it seems anything less than 100% unconditional support for everything Israel does is labeled anti-Semitism. But this has nothing to do with race or religion. It’s about oppression and human rights abuse.

Let me put it this way. Say your neighbor has a dog he encourages to poop all over your yard. This makes you angry and you feel he’s violating your land, so you start flinging the feces back over the fence into the dog-owner’s yard. One night, he responds by fire-bombing your house, destroying it and killing your whole family.

You can usually tell who’s “winning” a conflict by counting the casualties (as of this minute):

Palestinians: 212 dead (including 61 children, 35 women), 1,400+ wounded, 2,500 homeless.

Israelis: 12 dead (including 1 child).

Israel absolutely has the right defend itself from attack, but the disproportionate brutality is where I draw the line.

In a perfect world, Netanyahu and Trump would be sharing a prison cell for their lives of financial corruption and depraved indifference to human life, and we’d all be better off.

4 Responses to From the Notebook

  1. Margeaux says:

    and to your last paragraph…did you hear the good news. Apparently someone’s found some real dirt on Trump. Looks like the orgaanization will be under criminal investigation.

  2. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, no, I haven’t seen anything on that yet. I think Giuliani will play a big role in burying Trump, too. Once they really put the screws to him, he’s going to tell all. Trump has apparently made no move to pay Rudy’s legal fees and is in no position to help in any way, so Rudy has nothing to lose by coming clean.

    Oops!! Just as I was typing this, Morning Joe showed a quote saying the NY Attorney General and the Manhattan DA’s office are investigating the Trump Org criminally.

    No surprise. It’s all been as we’ve all known all along. I’d love to see Trump’s assets forfeited until there’s nothing left but his spray tan.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Oh so right. Israel has been committing violent human rights violations for 70 years. They are are thug nation run by a thug Netanyahu an evil despot. Israel routinely infringes on Palestinian turf how the fuck dare they keep arbitrarily evacuating families from life long homes? Are we supposed to just accept this cause of Holocaust?

    In that case, please give the Jews a homeland in Germany,the happy murderers,enthusiastic compliant, ethnic cleansers of Jews.

    Israel just marched in after a two thousand year absence..evicting,brutalizing the native population, sorta like if a Native American knocked on your door and said get out” IM BACK”.
    What does Israel do for the USA except suck billions,trillions?
    In case you think I’m anti Semitic..I married a Jewish man. Nah this over the top Israel or die right wing plank of the republiklans is the adoption of a right wing aggressive, murdering dictatorship .

  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I’ve been very heartened to see pro-Palestinian demonstrations popping up all over the country, even in Richmond. For too long we’ve turned a blind eye to what Israel is doing to them. And we’ve been complicit and enabling of Netanyahu’s “You throw a rock at us, we bulldoze your neighborhood,” strategy.

    Back in the ’80s I dated a Jordanian man who had a Ph.D. and worked at one of the local universities. He’d spend every spare moment watching CNN because his parents and relatives lived in the West Bank and he was worried about them. Sometimes his calls couldn’t get through and he thought they might have been killed. This was FORTY YEARS AGO and it’s still going on.

    No one had any business giving the land to the Jews in the first place, and their utter refusal to co-exist with the native inhabitants has caused this mess. Yes, it’s exactly U.S.A. Part Deux.

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