The Cats Check In & New Bourdain Book

By Karen

It’s TGIF here today. I snapped pics of the crew this morning so you can see how they’re doing. After finally shoveling a mammoth editing project out of here, this week I was finally able start reading World Travel: An Irreverent Guide by Laurie Woolever, channeling Anthony Bourdain. I’m enjoying it and awed by the research. But the dips into each country are so brief, I want to rewatch the shows she sourced to see the meals and restaurants again.

AND this week I happened upon a second worthwhile Bourdain book coming out on October 12, same day as Woolever’s Bourdain: The Definitive Oral Biography, which now has a cover…

Tom Vitale, Tony’s longtime director and producer, has written In the Weeds: Around the World and Behind the Scenes with Anthony Bourdain. It’s being published by Hachette in hardcover (not Bourdain’s Ecco imprint). At only 6” x 9”, I assume it’s more narrative than the oversized photo books previously published about the shows, which is great. I hope Hachette does better with the cover art and this is just their Amazon placeholder…

Amazon’s also peddling at least three unauthorized Bourdain “biographies.” One is 53 pages, has no named author, and you can get it free with Kindle Unlimited. Another is only 17 pages by a writer — probably fittingly — named Dumm. And the third bio is supposedly 30 pages of “interesting facts.”

A fourth 152-page book is an English translation of “Reflections” on his death “by Suicide????” (question marks are in the actual title, so, believable????). The original is in Spanish and seems to be a dredging of the conspiracy delusions we were fed by certain parties in Italy, if you get my drift.

I’ve decided not to read these because it means buying them, and I don’t want to support them. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me — but would totally piss me off — if I found material lifted from Cats Working. Better for them that I never know.

But back to the cats…

Tony says, “Party this weekend like it’s 2019!” He’s got a birthday coming up. Does he look more grown up these days?
Roc says, “Take it easy by curling up in your favorite perch by a window and soak in some rays on your tush.”
Max says, “Relax in your Man Cave or anywhere else you can get away from the crazy frat boys.”

10 Responses to The Cats Check In & New Bourdain Book

  1. Lorraine Elizabeth Villeneuve says:

    As long as the succubus doesn’t release any trash, I’ll be reading Laurie’s books.

  2. catsworking says:

    Lorraine, the countries in “World Travels” are in alpha order, so I’ve made it to China and Hong Kong. It was very interesting that Woolever recounted how Tony fulfilled his dream of meeting Christopher Doyle, and quoted Tony from that episode. If you recall, Tony said he considered it the pinnacle of his TV work. Glaringly omitted was this, which made my hair stand up when he said it on camera: “To fall in love with Asia is one thing. To fall in love in Asia is another. Both have happened to me.”

    Woolever makes no mention of the succubus. Clearly, Tony’s circle knows the role she played, and they’re erasing her. That’s why I’m eager to read Tom Vitale’s book. Surely, he’ll hit on an episode or two where she was involved (Rome, Southern Italy, Hong Kong, Florence left on the cutting room floor?) because Tony considered them iconic. Will he erase her, too?

    If there’s one trash book about Bourdain that I would read if it were ever translated into English, it’s hers, just see how she spins him in his grave.

  3. Maddie Spradling says:

    Wanted to make sure you saw that you can screen the Bourdain documentary, Roadrunner, at home via Tribeca Film Festival on June 12th:

  4. catsworking says:

    Maddie, I hadn’t seen this, so thank you! Looks like one showing is already sold out.

  5. Cindy Del Buono says:

    everyone is looking good.

  6. catsworking says:

    Thanks, Cindy. Hope you are yours are doing well, too.

    Morgan, dehydration seems to be the root of all evil. I have water bottles upstairs and down and try to sip all day. It never occurred to me that the dizziness could be dehydration. Hmm…

    My dizziness lasts only a few seconds. Sometimes at night as I’m lying down in bed, the room spins for an instant, then it passes.

    Yesterday I was out in the yard checking the siding, looking up and down the house, and didn’t feel dizzy once. There’s no pattern to it.

  7. GlamourMilk says:

    I didn’t care much for the World Traveller book. I thought it came across as a bit of a cheap shot. Hopefully the Oral History (due out in October) will be better. At the very least, it seems to have some pictures I haven’t seen before that might make the book worth it for those alone. Just saw them (small sized) on the Amazon website. Look forward to see them in a proper size. I’d love to hear more about Tony in St. Marteen, if there are any stories about that. It was at the time before he got famous, still married to his first wife and was still working as a cook and trying to become a crime novelist. There’s something about that time of his life I find interesting; like the nineties was the decade he started growing into himself (after kicking drugs) but hadn’t become succesful yet. It could very well have been the best time of his life. The nosy person in my would love to know more about that time. Maybe there’ll be a few anecdotes in the book 🙂

    See the small pictures in the link (under the big front cover picture):

    I think though, I look even more forward to Tom Vitale’s book:

    Most of all, I look forward to the book/article/documentary/social media post that one day exposes Asia Argento and her involvement in causing Tony’s extreme ageing in the last two years of his life, his final depression and finally his suicide – but I may have to wait a while yet for that one 😉

  8. catsworking says:

    GlamourMilk, hmm, I don’t know what happened to the link in this first comment. It was there and I clicked on it to see the photos on Amazon, but when I came back to Cats Working, now I’m not seeing it. I hope it’s still there.

    Looks like Nancy contributed some of her personal collection to the book, which is nice. Maybe there’s an interview with her that will fill in some of that prefame period when he was trying to become a novelist (well, DID become one), which he didn’t really talk about, except the drug use, uncertain finances, working in restaurants as fodder for Kitchen Confidential. And a bit about his home life and trips to France as a kid.

    His parents apparently waited until both boys were grown before getting a divorce. And since his mother wasn’t even mentioned in his father’s obituary, one could assume it wasn’t a nice breakup. That was NEVER talked about, or really even mentioned. What effect did it have on him?

    And we’ve never heard any stories about him in high school and college. Nancy would have those. They went to high school together. He followed her to Vassar, but then dropped out and switched to the CIA. What drove that decision?

    And yes, I do think some exploration of why he aged 20 years in his last 2 years would be reasonable.

  9. GlamourMilk says:

    ‘His parents apparently waited until both boys were grown before getting a divorce. And since his mother wasn’t even mentioned in his father’s obituary, one could assume it wasn’t a nice breakup.’

    I did hear they were divorced but I didn’t know it was something they waited with and that it maybe was a bad breakup. But how bad? I mean, parents break up all the time. It’s hardly unusual. But of course, it affects some children (including grown children) worse than others.

    The way it looks from the outside, to me, is that Tony wasn’t super close to his mother but they had an ok relationship. It’s certainly on record that she helped him out with getting his writing career going. Also, it can’t have been hard for her to have an addict-son for all those years. Didn’t she say in a programme that she always loved Tony but it was sometimes hard to like him? It seems to be a sentiment shared by many; he was lovable but could also be an asshole (like most people, probably). Not easy for a parent that their grown offspring squanders their life on hard drugs and keep hitting them up for money and probably lies and maybe even steals. I guess she must have been relieved when Tony got his act together. I wouldn’t be surprised of AA actively tried to stir things up between Tony and his mother. After all, it was in Argento’s interest to get Tony back into heavy drinking (and perhaps more drugs) – be her partner in crime essentially – and that might have been a worry to his mother; ‘Oh no, is he going down that route again? And at his age? At this time of his life where he’d actually found a good way to live his life?’

  10. catsworking says:

    I know absolutely nothing about Tony’s parents’ divorce, except that he was in his 20s when it happened.

    Tony went to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY, after high school and would have had to live there, and I’m not aware of him ever returning to live with his parents after that. He worked a summer in Provincetown, and switched schools and went to the CIA in Hyde Park, NY, which I don’t believe was in commuting distance, either.

    So, his mother would have had to worry about him from afar, if she knew anything about what was going on. And then he was married to Nancy for 20 years and working pretty steadily, despite the drug use.

    After he died, his mother got his name tattooed on her wrist, her one and only tattoo.

    I’m not aware that the skank ever met his mother. I can’t imagine him introducing them, because the skank would have measured up poorly against Ottavia, no matter how much she tried to pass herself off as a devoted mother (who lived on cigarettes and wine, was as excessively tattooed as a sideshow freak, and had posted naked pics of herself all over the internet).

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