CDC Gives Coronavirus Great News

By Karen

Was I the only one who reacted with dismay yesterday when the CDC suddenly proclaimed, “Go forth bare-faced and cuddle up! If you’re fully vaccinated, no more masks or distancing. Coronavirus can’t touch you”? (Fine print: Unless you’re on public transport or in a hospital.)

WTF? This is bullshit. This freedom came the same day fully-vaccinated 65-year-old Bill Maher had to cancel taping of his HBO show, Real Time (which he’s been doing live for months before a reduced and distanced audience), because he asymptomatically tested POSITIVE for COVID.

The CDC says, however, that people who haven’t been vaccinated still need to mask up. Yeah, right. Like they’re going to start now. They must be thrilled to be able to mingle freely again because most businesses aren’t asking for proof of vaccination.

In fact, Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida is prohibiting businesses from requiring proof of vaccination, screwing the Florida-based cruise ships that want to sail again and stay disease-free.

Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, says, “Vaccinated people need some sort of reward.”

I’m sorry, that’s ridiculous. What are we, two-year-olds?

The ones really getting rewarded are the holdouts who now don’t have to do a fucking thing while the vaccine they should get goes to waste.

The Washington Post reports as of today that only 46.8% of the total population has received at least one dose, and only about a third is fully vaccinated. That’s far below what they’ve been calling herd immunity.

Meanwhile, the anti-vaxxers become variant incubators. Nobody knows if current vaccines protect against variants, because they don’t all exist yet. But they WILL if we drop our guard with people thinking the pandemic’s over and they don’t need the shots.

Another thing we don’t know is how long vaccination protection lasts. And is the time different for two-dose Pfizer and Moderns versus one-dose Johnson & Johnson?

What most infuriates me is how we NEVER learn. The goddamn minute we see fewer cases and deaths (we’re averaging only 622 corpses a day, according to The New York Times, Yippee!), we throw caution out the window. Like we haven’t seen what happens after EVERY large event or holiday where people get sloppy.

I hope I’m wrong, but I expect the numbers to climb again over the summer as people who think they’re safe mingle freely with the diseased and vaccination protection wanes.

Not to mention the country’s not in a sterile bubble. People carrying variants can travel here from anywhere. Now they can walk the streets bare-faced and spike our numbers.

I don’t intend to give up my mask in public until I see vaccination stats much higher, infections much lower, and a CDC estimate of vaccine longevity.

COVID is nothing to play with and I’ll forego my “reward,” thank you, to stay alive and breathing without a ventilator.

PS: I’m glad I just bought a huge package of toilet paper.

NOTE: The cats threw in the towel on the Triple Crown. To quote them, it’s “FUBAR.” Even if Medina Spirit wins the Preakness tomorrow, he’ll most likely forfeit his Kentucky Derby win, thanks to the crooked humans around him. Medina’s record will always bear that stain as they go merrily on their way, doping and disgracing other horses.

16 Responses to CDC Gives Coronavirus Great News

  1. phesina says:

    I’m with you, Karen. That was exactly my thought when I heard that.

    Now the anti-vaxxers can go around mask-free everywhere and say they’re fully vaccinated. (Actually they are, with stupidity.)

  2. catsworking says:

    Thank you, phesina. I’m wondering who put the CDC up to this. Just a few weeks ago that woman who heads it now was almost in tears over COVID, saying we were far from finished with it. Now they’re saying go breathe in all the infected air you like.

    They’re just playing into Trump’s hands. He’ll be crowing he was right along along. It wasn’t that bad, nothing to worry about, no need for masks, yada, yada. And his cult will be out there spreading it.

  3. No, Karen we will never, ever learn. Our mask is to protect others; the others’ mask 😷 is to protect you and me and our fellow humans. This CDC announcement is all conjecture because we have limited to no data to support this. I happen to be living in Florida right now and it is insane. Already beginning to get “looks” about my 😷 and/or “no masks 🎭
    You knows good guy from not so good guy now? Frightening!

    Yesterday, I met a woman who is 96. As we chatted I discovered she had NOT been vaccinated; I politely suggested she do so soon. Thus, began a litany of excuses as to why she was not yet vaccinated. I’ve never even had a flu shot she proudly stated! Her Anti-vaccine Badge proudly displayed she (mask less) marched out the door of the hair salon.

    We’ve somehow managed to stumble through every epidemic/pandemic while still intact. Excluding those that lost their battle with the diseases presented. Older and wiser—yes to the first; no to the second.

    Glad the boys are out of horse racing. I’ve become desensitized from outrage because of watching my humanity look me straight in the eye and lie through her/his teeth. It seems easier to view them all as liars, then to gamble on a truth teller.

  4. catsworking says:

    Judy, the kitties think Baffert’s got the whole Triple Crown in such a muddle now, there’s no caring who wins at this point. He’s got two horses racing against each other in the Preakness, which is just sick and greedy (Medina Spirit and Concert Tour). We feel sorry for the horses. It would serve everybody right if they just stood there in their gates when the race starts.

    Virginia is relaxing its masking but I haven’t left the house yet to see how it’s affecting things. Certain chains like CVS and Kroger say they’re still requiring masks. We’re supposed to be one of the 10 states considered fairly low risk.

    What the CDC did was give the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers the upper hand. Now they can prance around bare-faced spreading their virus to everybody. I just don’t get how anyone thinks the “reward” of going maskless is going to make feckless people like that 96-year-old “want” to get vaccinated. They just got the green light to keep on what they’ve been doing. It’s maddening.

    If the numbers start going up again (funny how we’re now happy with 35,000 cases a day and 630 deaths on average, like that’s anywhere near “healthy”) we have only the CDC to blame.

    I watched Thursday night’s Rachel Maddow after I wrote my post, and saw that she had pretty much the same skeptical reaction I did. It seems anybody with a lick of sense would.

  5. Margeaux says:

    Karen, Phesina & Judy,
    I’m with all of you regarding ditching our masks. Honestly, the CDC and some so called expert doctors do not make an any sense with the new guidelines. What it appears to be is they’re attaching this reward concept, in this case people vaxed = reward…drop the 🎭. Then it’s anyones guess whose really been vaxed. There are just too many logistical situations that have to do with safety such as social distancing, and I don’t think many people are willing and able to follow safe protocol on this honor system. I was just in Trader Joes today. They’re not requiring masks, but everyone had them on. I did however feel that people are getting lax about social distancing. It feels as if medical experts are really currently of the thinking that if we’re vaxed, take off the mask. But right behind that statement is “so if you haven’t been vaxed, do so, so you can take your mask off also.” HECK, some of that bunch probably haven’t been wearing one anyway. Even Dr. Fauci is on the remove your mask fest. I won’t be removing mine for now thank you.

  6. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, I wrote this post in a vaccum. I’d heard the announcement but hadn’t seen anything else about it, and my immediate reaction was, “After what we’ve been through? You’ve got to be KIDDING!”

    Now I’m seeing a lot of pushback. People are thrilled, but also afraid. Now, if you wear a mask, you’re mistaken for an anti-vaxxer who’s at least honest.

    People who refused to wear masks or get vaxxed must feel like they won vindication. They didn’t give a shit about anybody’s safety to begin with, so to expect them to be “honorable” now is some real screwy thinking. Has everyone at the CDC been locked in a closet since 2016? LYING and CHEATING are considered ultimate patriotism with this crowd. Fauci was there watching it happen under Trump. It’s like now his arm is being twisted in the other direction, telling us to go out maskless as a “reward” when he knows it’s still dangerous.

    I’m going to watching the numbers very closely, and if they start going up and the CDC ends up eating crow, I hope it’s overcooked and nobody gives them any ketchup to help them choke it down.

    Oh, and I just read that there have been 5,800 “breakthrough” infections in vaccinated people, mostly in women. So, the virus is still being passed around, and as the vaccine benefit wanes, who’s to say you can’t catch it from someone vaccinated who’s an asymptomatic carrier? And then there we go again.

  7. Margeaux says:

    Karen, Yes I read about the same number of people having been infected with the breakthrough virus.
    At first all these people struggled convincing the public to wear a mask. They went to great lengths telling us “you’re not doing it for yourself, but your fellow man,” which I thought was very disingenuous. For crying out loud…when you’ve
    people dropping like flies from covid, let’s drop all the fake altruistic reasons. Now this. Well I just hope it doesn’t backfire on them. They’re already dealing with a very mis-informed, uncooperative
    and exhausted public.

  8. catsworking says:

    Margeaux, I’ll be straight with you. I’ve been wearing a mask TOTALLY for myself. It made zero sense to me that they would say, “It’s not to protect you, but others.” If no virus is going out from your mask, it’s only logical that none is coming in. I think they’ve had it backward from Day One, and for that I totally blame Trump. He was WAY too involved and calling the shots — with LIES and misinformation — to save his ego. The medical people who knew better let him do it and now we’ve got about 600K dead.

    If Trump had initially told his MAGA cult to BE selfish. “Wear a mask and save your own life! The libs want to infect you. Don’t let them! This disease can kill you. We need you to live to be a PATRIOT!” today we’d be in an entirely different position.

    Just our luck to have an egomaniacal lunatic in office during a pandemic.

    It’s bad enough that Dr. Birx ruined scarves for the rest of us. Now if I try to wear one to jazz something up, I feel like an idiot.

  9. Margeaux says:

    I too decided to wear a mask, for myself. I think it’s
    perfectly o.k., to admit this. I figure that if we aren’t first & foremost concerned about ourselves, then how will we be able to watch out for others. All that gobbledy goop government and medical officials fed us last year…so efin ridiculous about the why we should mask up.

  10. bassgirl23 says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Most Canadians only have one shot (only about 3% are fully vaccinated), so they haven’t started discussing this kind of protocol yet here as it’s way too early. Even knowing your vaccination rate, this seems reckless.

    Or, maybe after the CDC saw all the idiots hoarding gasoline in plastic bags and cardboard boxes, they just threw up their hands and made their recommendation, figuring if that’s what they’re dealing with, it’s beyond hope. There’s quite a few videos going around – I’d almost thought they were fake but there’s too many.

    I’ll likely stick with mask wearing in crowds beyond full vaccination or even recommendation. I haven’t been sick since the start of the pandemic and it’s always made sense to me. I’ll probably be labelled as an anti-vaxxer but maybe that’ll just keep people farther apart from me – no problem there!

  11. catsworking says:

    bassgirl, right after you and I first discussed Canada’s vaccine supply, I saw something where Biden was planning to send some to Canada and Mexico. I’m surprised to hear you guys are still at only 3%. Since we’ve got so much vaccine going to waste here, maybe Biden will do better. I saw another article about that today but didn’t read it.

    The self-inflicted gas shortage was beyond ridiculous. I’ve been getting gas only every few months for the past year, so I have almost a full tank at the moment, but they said half of Virginia’s stations ran out. The pipeline is back up now, but it will take a few weeks maybe to get everything back to normal.

    Leave it to Americans to make a merely annoying situation a full-blown crisis. These will be the same people refusing to “fill up” on COVID vaccine, I’m sure.

    As for wearing masks, Margeaux, I just talked to my mother, who tried to be a vaccine holdout (but we guilted her into both shots) and she said SHE’S planning to keep her mask on. When it comes to staying alive by doing something that has absolutely no effect on anybody else, I see no reason not to do it.

    Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell were talking about it the other night, and Lawrence said he wished we got stickers we could wear so even if we’re masked, we could show we were vaccinated. I DID get a sticker. It’s still on my eyeglass case. Maybe I could flash that.

  12. MorganLF says:

    Agree with you all. Keeping my mask cause the trumper pigs don’t care. Planning girls trip to beach,one of my very long time friends won’t vaccinate and she’s a nurse who got covid.she’s a dedicated Trumper feels she’s immune now. A fake fact.

    Told her ,no we will not dine inside our favorite restaurant as long as she’s there. I have 5 toddlers and babies in my life and if she doesn’t care abt them I do.
    This weekend visiting another old friend who’s babysitting her grandkids. The trumper friend won’t come cause she stated,I won’t be near her. So it’s my fault.
    I hope she doesn’t come to beach trip. I told her I’ll avoid her and she needs to get her own room. She being cheap, always likes to share. She planned to share with my friend Donna (who you met in DC) Donna has health issues is a trumper but vaccinated, and I warned her about sharing a room with the non vaxxer. Now she’s concerned….but afraid of offending…by all means don’t offend a person that travels, mixes with other trumpers, and can care less about us all in spite of her medical training.
    Even my brother a trumper was forced by all of us to vaccinate. Either that or a hazmat suit.
    I got terrible Sick.Hospital twice, a rare virus that still can’t pinpoint. Fevers, chills, rashes, sweats, but not covid. Took 7 weeks. Wore me out. And I was distancing, masking etc. This was pre vaccine. I’m Ok now so far. So you never know….

  13. catsworking says:

    Morgan, pre-vaccine it was reported that people who’d had COVID were getting reinfected. They didn’t think antibodies lasted more than a few months, so all these idiots running around saying, “I had it so I’m immune,” are cases waiting to rehappen. And they do need to be shunned like any other anti-vaxxer until they get it. The shot. Or that the rest of us think they’re too stupid to be in polite society.

    Glad to hear Donna got vaccinated. You want to still believe that the bloated, demented carcass is still president? Fine. Just get the damn shot. HE did!

    That’s awful about your virus. I wonder if it could have been some mutant COVID they didn’t even suspect. Knock on wood it never comes back. These stories of “long haul” COVID survivors who are still sick a year later are what scare me shitless. I’ll do anything to keep from catching it, even a little bit.

  14. MorganLF says:

    I always thought it was covid adjacent. But had 7 tests. The fevers were so bad I’d soak thru clothes and har twice a day. Second time I went to ER my potassium was so low I was in danger of heart issues, they kept me overnight filled me with multiple IVs. I even thought I’d lost sense of taste…everything seemed salty for a few weeks. The only thing is my lungs and breathing were never compromised, and I smoke..more than ever since covid.

    Something compromised my immune system and for sure I think depression contributed. Covid, trump, a breakup it’s been a shit year. But this too shall pass.

  15. catsworking says:

    Morgan, that is so scary. I’ve never even been remotely that sick in my life. And to have it during a pandemic would be doubly terrifying. Incredibly weird.

    I feel like I’ve aged 10 years during COVID. At one point, I was letting my hair go gray, but discovered I couldn’t stand it and went brown again.

    I take three prescriptions that all have dizziness as a side effect but never felt it until this past year. One day I was out in the yard looking up to the top of my chimney and got so dizzy I fell down and would have face-planted into a bush if I hadn’t rolled away from it.

    I haven’t been on a cruise in over four years, and I’ve always been steady as a rock on ships, even in rough weather. Now I wonder if the dizziness would keep me seasick the whole time.

    Getting old really sucks.

  16. MorganLF says:

    Suks the root.I’ve been dizzy and passing out since 12/6/19 before covid. Saw a bunch o docs. Now I keep cut fruit on hand…apparently I don’t hydrate enough or whatever. And have learned to detect if a spell is coming on. If I lay down a bit it passes.knees are shot, I have never been sick either, let alone forced to stay is hospital ..

    It was Bette Davis who said getting old ain’t for sissies…I agree. Meanwhile my hair looks good…

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