Chapter 78: COVID Chronicles

By Karen

Day 95

Trump’s Self-Inflicted Birthday-Eve Fiasco & Roc Meets His Match

Today is Trump’s 74th birthday. He celebrated at his golf club in New Jersey to elude protesters swarming around the White House.

Yesterday, he gave his first and last commencement speech at West Point, where he bumbled references in the prepared test to “Ulyssius S. Grant” and “General Douglas MaGarther” (the latter several times, even though he’s said to be a big MacArthur fan). When he ad libbed that today is his birthday, he got almost no reaction.

He was also seen again using two hands to drink from a water glass and he crept down the ramp (video) from the podium post-speech in baby steps, with a soldier spotting him, lest he face-plant.

Of course, he was all “it was the ramp’s fault,” tweeting…

We know the truth. We have the video. His only honest observation was no handrail.

Over 1,000 socially distanced cadets were forced into two weeks of quarantine before they could sit in the hot sun and listen to Trump bloviate. The setting greatly muted whatever applause or laughter he got, which must have pissed Trump off no end.

But I know you’re really dying to hear how it went with Max last night. When I settled down for some TV, Max was still on the couch in Roc’s spot. Roc checked it out from all angles, seeming genuinely perplexed by this new development…

Max ignored him, and Roc finally gave up. He wrapped himself in the blankie and sat with me…

When I went to bed, Max went upstairs to the Man Cave. But this morning he promptly came down for breakfast, and then went straight back to the couch. When Max picks a new spot to hang out, he can stay there for months. So far, Roc accepts this arrangement, but he’s not pleased. (Max is the black blob with white whiskers)…

What impresses me most is how Max quietly asserted himself without lifting a paw. It’s more than I can say for the Richmond police. Last night, protesters were again rallying peacefully around the Lee monument when a police SUV inexplicably drove up onto the sidewalk to cut through them “like a knife through butter,” as Trump would describe it. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt…

Tonight I’m making a new turkey meatloaf recipe that uses mushrooms to keep it moist. I’ve never tried this. Here’s a 3-minute video that shows the recipe far better than I can…

The recipe calls for 92% lean turkey and mine is only 85% lean. The meatloaf in the video doesn’t look very firm. That’s my problem with meatloaf; it always falls apart. I’ll let you know how it goes.

PS: After checking my remaining shopping list and finding no “must have now” items on it, I skipped my Aldi trip today. I’m so predictable.


13 Responses to Chapter 78: COVID Chronicles

  1. Sandee says:

    It looks like Trump’s got the beginnings of some kind of degenerative disease, or he was drugged to the gills. He couldn’t even bother to try to stand upright.

    I can’t wait for November.

    I might have to try that turkey loaf recipe. My mom used to make hamburger meatloaf a lot when I was a kid. She would put a can of Campbell’s vegetable soup (without the added water) in it. It was one of my favorite things that she used to make.

  2. Randi says:

    So Max got to keep his spot without any fights! Great that Roc found a way to be close to you – he does look a little miffed, though. It will take a while and you’ll Roc back in “his” spot. The all seem to get on really well. 🙂 Cats are funny, my Fister also liked to change places every now and again.

    The turkey meatloaf looks yummy, I suppose the eggs bind it together quite well. Must try it one day, but with a lot less ketchup.

    I’m not sure I watched the right clip with Trump, but the stairs I saw him walking down were not at all steep.

  3. catsworking says:

    Randi, Trump wasn’t walking down stairs. It was a smooth ramp on a gentle incline. He had to take baby steps because his posture (ab)normally pitches so far forward, if he’d taken regular steps down he’d have fallen on his face. He knew that (because he’s probably fallen already), and alluded to it in the tweet about not letting the press see him fall.

    He can barely walk down steps, and always needs to look at his feet while grabbing a handrail, or has Melania or someone else with him so he can grab them for balance if need be. It’s been said he’s actually afraid of walking down steps.

    I’ll tell you about the turkey meatloaf and Max’s takeover of the couch in my next post.

  4. catsworking says:

    Sandee, it’s being theorized by many in the medical community that Trump has frontotemporal dementia and it’s been advancing at least since he got into the White House. It explains the way he pitches forward as if gravity doesn’t apply to him, the dwindling vocabulary (listen to him speak off the cuff, he just repeats the same words and phrases you’ve heard a thousand times. “Strong” and “strongly” are two favorites. “We’ll see what happens.”). And then there’s the muscle spasms, particularly in his shoulders, which seem to happen simultaneously with him muffing pronunciation of a word.

    He’s even largely given up that little “O” he used to make with his thumb and forefinger as a standard gesture during the campaign. Instead, he just waves his forearms back and forth, playing his tiny little accordion, because it doesn’t require the same precision as making two fingers meet.

    We rarely see him walking, but when he does, his right leg will often swing wide, and he has trouble staying in a straight line, but veers left. People walk beside him to keep him on track.

    Not to mention that he now often misses spots on his face applying his orange goop and looks even more clowny, and his hair is often messier than it’s ever been. He styles it himself because he won’t let anyone else touch it.

    AND he seems to have trouble lifting a glass to his mouth and has to use two hands. One to get the glass up, the other to push it to his lips. Who does that? He can’t hold his head back to help the liquid go down because he’d probably fall over backward.

    When he gives ad libbed speeches or does interviews, he’s gotten much worse than being unable to complete sentences. He often makes no sense whatsoever. His thoughts are so addled, he changes subjects every few words. Yes, you may be able to piece together the gist of what he’s saying, but read a written transcript and you’ll see that what came out of his mouth was almost total gibberish.

    Yet the media is glossing over ALL of this as if it’s not happening in front of our eyes. It’s like when Roosevelt had polio, or Kennedy’s bad back. They never showed the president looking frail. But those were just physical problems that didn’t impair their minds.

    With Trump, HIS MIND IS MELTING before our eyes. Reagan’s did as well, and after he was out we learned he had Alzheimer’s. But in his second term it became obvious he was losing it.

    Main difference between Reagan and Trump is that Reagan wasn’t an evil prick trying to rip off the country for himself, surrounded by racist murderers.

    We are in FAR more danger from Trump’s dementia, as evidenced by the 117,000 he’s let die so far from COVID and doesn’t give a shit about. He thinks ALL big numbers make him look good, even if they’re deaths. He’s that far gone.

  5. Anita says:

    Karen, I like Max showed some hutzpah there. And Roc gave in. Let us know how this continues this week.

    I love meatloaf and mushrooms so I will give this a go. I’m actually making chili tonight even though that is a winter dish. I have a ton of kidney beans to use up so decided it’s a summer dish too.

    You are so correct, Trump’s dementia and his paranoia and whatever is going along with it will get even more killed. I hope he doesn’t watch any movies about nuclear bombs. That could give him great ideas for hugely big numbers.

    I am venturing out today for a free Covid swab testing at a CVS. A couple of weekends ago we did go and see the stepson and wife who had the preemie and stayed in a hotel and ate in restaurants. It will be 14 days this Thursday but I figured I met as well get tested if it’s free. My husband isn’t because the whole swab thing scares him to death. Men.

    We talked to my brother-in-law and wife last night and knows a family where the wife tested positive and was completely asymptomatic. Her husband and 3 kids all tested negative. Maybe the CDC or WHO official that made the comment last week about those people not being big spreaders could have some truth.

  6. catsworking says:

    Anita, I’ve been thinking about chili myself. I have all I need to do it, and I do like having a series of meals I don’t need to think about. The last time I made it was right after Tony joined us, so that would have been just at Halloween. It’s time for another pot.

    Is the COVID test still being done with the swab shoved up your nose to your brain? Let us know how that goes. CVS is apparently setting up a lot of free testing sites here in Virginia, but I haven’t felt a need to be tested. I did have a dry cough. but it’s better probably because the oak trees have settled down for the summer.

    So how was staying in a hotel and eating in restaurants? I saw a story on the news just last night about hotels. No pool, no gym (you may get equipment in your room), no valet for parking, no help with suitcases, no touching the handrails on stairs, only one person allowed in an elevator, no robes, no TV remote (you use your smartphone somehow), no stationery or pens, no in-room menus, no room service, no mini bar, maybe no lobby bar or restaurant, no complimentary breakfast buffet (but maybe portions served). And rooms have to sit empty for 72 hours between guests.

    You might as well stay home.

    They were asking, with no amenities whatsoever, high-end hotels will be no different from Motel 6, so can they still charge the big bucks? No doubt they will. They have to, to stay in business.

  7. Anita says:

    Karen, yes it is the swab up the nose, but it is self serve. They give you a kit and you drive to a spot and do it yourself. Then put it in a container and drop it in a receptacle. On the CVS site I had to do a written test and you have to answer “yes” on at least one symptom to qualify. I used the taste and smell being affected because they still are.

    We were quite paranoid staying at a hotel, so I armed up with a full spray bottle of Lysol and hand sanitizer. We made certain not to take too much stuff so we could just roll the bags in ourselves. We had a suite at LaQuinta that has a refrigerator so we sprayed that down inside and out. And no housekeeping and a seal on the door that stays that way after it is cleaned.

    Restaurants were really interesting. It was social distanced and we ate outside once, but there is nothing on the table. You have to ask for everything. Ketchup, salt, pepper, everything. One restaurant gave us packets of ketchup, mayo and mustard. We did get salt and pepper in the shakers. One place had their menu through a QR code that could be read, the others had disposable ones.

    It’s just a whole new world. The employees were great but still looked in shock. All the workers were in a mask but only about half the guests. We made certain and doubled all of our tips. These people are in the front lines now as workers and you know some will get infected.

    Since we did venture out in the world I felt we needed to self quarantine for 2 weeks. The end of that will be this Friday.

  8. catsworking says:

    Anita, wow. You’re right. It is a whole new world. And every place you do has different rules and etiquette. It makes staying home seem more attractive.

    So, how far up your nose do you have to stick the swab? I saw that in the beginning they were shoving it all the way up people’s sinuses until it really hurt.

    I once went to an ENT when my allergies first started, and he did a probe of my sinuses with a copper wire or something. It was horrible. They felt so bruised and swollen that night, I had to sleep with my mouth open because I couldn’t get any air at all through my nose. I wonder if the swab would have the same effect. Only it would only be on one side.

    Completely forgot to ask, how was the baby? Is it out of the hospital yet?

  9. Anita says:

    Karen, thanks for asking about baby. Things aren’t good. Won’t be out of the hospital for months. It’s so heart breaking especially in the middle of Covid. No one can get into see the baby but the parents.
    They were married two years ago and had the wedding of their dreams and was so excited to be having a baby in August. I keep hearing the Outlander theme in my head where she sings “all that was me is gone”. This is definitely true of this situation.

    For the swab I read the instructions and it said to put in as far back as you can. So I guess I will. It also said you might have to do both sides, so I will find that out when I check in. Which I’m heading to now. Will report back later.

  10. Anita Shepherd says:

    Karen, wanted to give an update on the CVS test. It seemed a bit disorganized. No real signage where the testing was but I just drove towards the pickup RX area and voila, you were to drive thru the left lane that was reserved for Covid testing.

    I was the only one in line so it was fairly quick. The workers are inside talking through the little speaker so it is hard to understand but they showed me how to use the swab up the nose and stick it in the tube then put it in a white box.

    Maybe because I self administered it there wasn’t much problem with the swab. I did get it way up in both nostrils and swirl it around for 15 seconds. Now it’s just waiting. I was a little worried about the cough but I have been working outside moving around a lot of dirt in our backyard. Still hoping I had Covid in March and the two anti-body tests I have are reporting a false negative.

  11. catsworking says:

    Anita, EWWW! Fifteen seconds with a swab up your nose was a long time. Did it make you sneeze? My nose runs so much I’d probably have snot running down my arm.

    Fingers crossed that you come back positive for antibodies. I would really like to find out if I was exposed at some point and didn’t get sick. Like Senator Tim Kaine, who turned out to have antibodies and he thought he was just having hay fever.

    Just knowing you have antibodies feels like a little comfort, whether they do you any good or not. At some point they were saying that getting a flu shot might have provided a tad of protection. But who knows? It seems to change every day.

    I was just reading about some steroid they’ve discovered in England that seems to really make a difference for people who are VERY sick and on ventilators. And it’s supposed to be generic and cheap. Of course, that’s England. Here, the fucking drug company will probably price it at $5,000 a dose.

  12. Anita says:

    Karen, I counted a really fast 15 seconds. At least I was doing it myself and knew where that swab was headed. It would be weird to have someone else do that to you.

    My realtor friend in SoCal that lives in Riverside County just told me they have absolutely free Covid testing, as often as you want without any reason. They are encouraging people to get tested once a week. WTF.

    This country is so screwed up! That county has had a much bigger outbreak then where I live but there is absolutely no standards for anything even in the same state.

    Do you know how much I hate Trump? Let me count the 2 million plus ways.

  13. catsworking says:

    Anita, that’s the Trump Effect for you. From the beginning we needed a national standardized response to how it was handled. But because Trump’s tiny rotting brain couldn’t grasp anything so far, we’ve got this patchwork of response, with certain states spiking. It’s going to drag the whole thing out MUCH longer than it ever needed, and probably make us the country the world ends put putting in quarantine so their people can’t travel here and bring infection home, or we can’t travel abroad and spread it.

    Trump will be probably be a dribbling idiot by then and never know what devastation he caused. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want him to catch it and have it do its worst to him, with a long period of inhumanly painful suffering as they try everything to save him. He’s got it coming in spades.

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