Anthony Bourdain in Hairier Days

By Karen

The cats are hissing that I’m hogging the blog, but I just found these high school photos of Anthony Bourdain and had to share them:

Bourdain's homage to Tiny Tim

Bourdain's homage to Tiny Tim

Someone apparently found them on the yearbook site of Tony’s high school, Dwight Englewood in New Jersey, and his pal, Michael Ruhlman, thoughtfully published them on his blog.

They elicited this hilarious response from Tony that proves his snarky side is alive and well, after all.


3 Responses to Anthony Bourdain in Hairier Days

  1. MorganLF says:

    Ok, I now feel better about not having met him back then. I’m trying to figure the above look in the baby blue Perre Cardin suit he describes he wore on the interview the summer of his first job in the Providence restaurant…just keeps coming up dork. I’d have paid him no mind then. Or would I? Those pics are bit reminiscent of a fellow I had a crush on in high school went by the name of Bungalow Bill…

  2. catsworking says:

    I graduated a few years ahead of Bourdain. Most of us girls wore our hair like Morticia Addams. There were a few guys who went in for the Rapunzel look, but I don’t remember them having any girlfriends. Who wants to date a guy with better hair?

  3. Daniel says:

    That photo says it all. Still, Bourdain rules the road and the kitchen. Thanks for keeping us updated on the past and present of el Bourdaino.

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