Why Trump Sees War as His Only Hope

By Karen

As journalists make the pieces fall into place around Donald Trump on his Russian connection, he’s seeing war as the quickest way to relieve the heat.

First he toyed with Syria after displaying faux outrage over Bashar al-Assad gassing his own people. But Putin was watching and Trump wimped out, inflicting negligible damage on a Syrian airfield.

No sooner had the dust settled there than one of his generals dropped the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan near Tora Bora, presumably with Trump’s blessing, to take out some token number of ISIS fighters.

But these gratuitous attacks didn’t quite do it for Trump. Syria and Afghanistan have been battlegrounds for years, so they feel like old news. Trump needed a fresh conflict, one he could call his own and take credit for instigating.

Enter North Korea, which hasn’t been invaded since the Truman administration. Trump and its leader, Kim Jong Un, are perfectly matched, sharing an utter lack of empathy for human suffering and an insatiable craving for glory. Together, they have the capability to slaughter entire populations.

Trump seems to be drooling for Kim to do something that justifies attacking him. Like a lunatic, Trump baits Kim by alluding to “major, major conflict” just to goad him on.

But why?

For starters, it will make us forget about Trump’s tax returns. If he’s really under perennial audit, as he claims, the IRS must be finding things — probably corrupt business practices and conflicts of interest that now poison his presidency.

The other thing keeping him up nights is Putin. Increasingly, it appears that Putin pegged Trump as someone easily manipulated with either a carrot or a stick. When flattery doesn’t work, Putin can dip into the dirt he collected while Trump was in Moscow to get him impeached. At the very least, Putin can probably sink Trump’s current marriage.

It’s the only reasonable explanation for candidate Trump to suddenly embrace men he’d never met before who we now know are Russian tools — Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and Michael Flynn. Putin placed them close to Trump to steer Trump until, one by one, they got themselves outed.

As proof that the Russian scandal goes deep, Republicans heading the investigations, Jason Chaffetz in the House and Richard Burr in the Senate, have made an art of inaction. Out of the gate, they must be finding facts that freeze them in their tracks, starting with Michael Flynn the double agent.

Chaffetz said he won’t be running for re-election, then lammed it out of Washington indefinitely for impromptu foot surgery, and Burr is just making excuses.

Apparently, no Republican wants to be the one who takes down Trump and the party that enabled him. But the truth will eventually come out. Trump and his cronies intended to weaken our government and feed Vladmir Putin’s dream of world domination for their own personal gain. It amounts to nothing less than treason.

So, as Trump watches his henchmen fall, with each one bringing Trump’s own greedy, irrational motives closer to exposure, what else can a floundering president do but start a war?

5 Responses to Why Trump Sees War as His Only Hope

  1. morganLf says:

    The rambling inarticulate answer to CBS correspondent about his declaration Obama a “sick bad guy” for wiretapping him when pressed by correspondent Dickerson he said I stand by nothing . He then went o to say he would be honored to meet with clearly deranged psychopath,
    Kim Jong fat. He then says Andrew Jackson would have ended civil war!!! While Jackson died many years before it,
    He clearly saw the Charlton Heston movie ” THE PRESIDENTS LADY” which falsely made him a hero. Trump don’t read. Trump don’t know. He thinks crazy things causes he is on a substance.
    Andrew Jackson a populist and virulent racist owned many slaves and was responsible for the TRAIL OF TEARS …that obliterated native populations. He was ill tempered, ill read and a married a ho who was already married. Trump has no grasp of history yet his stupids laud that.
    Don’t you see? They want the Klan in place so all uppity NEGRAS shall be quelled.
    Is no one else sacred?

  2. catsworking says:

    Morgan, Trump lives in a bubble. The only input that registers with him is praise and flattery, even when untrue.

    With all the chaos he’s already churned up in current events, it’s absolutely astounding that he would suddenly reach back to the Civil War to spout ignorant. nonsensical theories. Apparently, he doesn’t realize it’s still a sore subject in the South (all of which went red except Virginia), and his inability to understand it may call into question his devotion to Southerners’ causes, past and present.

    I agree with you that he may be using some substance, as evidenced by the sniffing and the inexplicable peaks and valleys in his energy. Or it’s the effect of chronic insomnia. That the man’s brains are scrambled is evident in every sentence that trails off into babbling, which happens pretty consistently when he tries to string more than 3 words together.

    His total melt-down when confronted on calling Obama “bad” and “sick” was classic — he suddenly reverted to the pouty 2-year-old, denying everything and turning his back until they made the bad man asking questions go away. Then he probably pushed his red button and got a Coke delivered in his favorite sippy cup and had Ivanka come in to give him a cuddle.

  3. morganLf says:

    Or he got coke delivered by his favorite Russian pee hooker who spooned it into his nostrils with a diamond encrusted coke spoon.

  4. Stillmisseszappa says:

    Morgan you’re the best! ” his stupids “!! LOL!!

  5. Stillmisseszappa says:

    Karen you have a point with his chronic insomnia. Those 3 am tweets are probably delivered from the presidential toilet while he deals with his chronic constipation

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