GOP Virginia Primary is Toast

January 3, 2012

By Cole

The stink over the Virginia GOP primary ballot gets ranker by the minute. Virginia’s Attorney General, Ken “Cuckoo” Cuccinelli, was in favor of letting Rick Perry bully his way in with a lawsuit — until he was against it. Now Cuccinelli thinks it would be unfair to Romney and Paul, who followed the rules for getting 10,000 valid signatures, to change the game midstream so the slackers can join them on the ballot.

Republicans call this “flip-flopping” and consider it a mortal sin. Let’s hope the Tea Party remembers that when Cuccinelli runs for governor next year.

But it gets even better: Now Gingrich, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Santorum have asked to be on the ballot — and the last 3 never even submitted the first signature.

One Republican screener who witnessed the signature validation process has reported it was entrusted to untrained boobs who tossed names for reasons like the signers didn’t stay on the lines.

At this point, the whole process is so corrupt, Virginia’s Republican voters are beyond screwed. The party should stop wasting money churning this mess and forget it. A primary doesn’t elect anybody anyway.

State Democrats already canceled their primary because Obama’s unopposed.

A GOP ballot with Paul and Romney on it is only slightly less absurd. They’ll be lucky if anybody shows up at the polls March 6 to participate in this farce.

But if they cave and let the motley crew on the ballot without making them do the work, the qualification requirements for next time can be reduced to having a pulse.

(And the rules aren’t that crazy. Virginia residency is required to discourage candidates from bringing in their flying monkeys to collect signatures. The 400 names per congressional district is to make candidates canvass every rural corner of the state, not just hit the dense condo jungles of Northern Virginia and get 10,000 names during one rush-hour gridlock.)

The bottom line is that the GOP destroyed its own primary. Half the candidates didn’t bother to enter. Now they’re wasting good money trying to salvage something whose results can’t fail to be so bogus, they’d embarrass Vladimir Putin.

Why isn’t the Tea Party screaming, “Enough is enough”?

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