No Jail for Bob and Maureen McDonnell

September 9, 2016

By Adele

Here’s what we woke up to this morning…

mcdonnell-vindicatedIn reality, not quite.

The Supreme Court unanimously threw out all corruption charges against Virginia’s former governor, Bob McDonnell (and his wife Maureen by implication, I suppose, although she caused the whole mess), and now they have been dropped. Neither one will ever serve a moment of their jail sentences, and they can put this sordid business behind them.

I’ve got nothing against Bob McDonnell. He seems basically decent, although he suffers from the mental paradox of Republicanism, being misogynistic and discriminatory while professing to be a devout Christian.

Bob’s sin was to look away while his wife emotionally attached herself to a sugar daddy named Jonnie Williams and sucked more than $177,000 out of him. It caught up with Bob when he directly benefited in the form of a Rolex watch, golf outings (with a pro shop shopping spree), vacations, and large contributions toward his side real estate business and his two daughters’ weddings.

The highest court in our justice system deemed that the McDonnells did nothing wrong by taking all this because they swore they provided essentially nothing in return. Anyone else caught making such a heist would probably be charged with stealing, but the McDonnell case has established that politicians are incapable of theft under any circumstances. Private interests may shovel unlimited amounts of cash and goodies their way in hopes that some pol will slip and show some gratitude – and not get caught.

The McDonnells may be technically finished with their legal ordeal, but they’ve got a long road ahead to redeem themselves as human beings.

Bob has been doing some charitable work and talks about doing more. He should now help the down-and-out people he would have assuredly crushed under his heel had he continued to rise in Republican politics.

There’s been no word, but I’m guessing Maureen hasn’t changed much. You know what they say: “Once a greedy bitch…”

But with Bob going around in sackcloth and ashes, she’s lost her bait to catch rich guys who need favors, so she may be forced to live within her means. Like the rest of us.

Wayne Powell vs. Eric Cantor: The Debate

October 2, 2012

By Cole

Eric Cantor has finally met his match in Wayne Powell, a 61-year-old retired Army-Colonel-turned-lawyer with a son in Afghanistan who is making his first run for public office.

Last night Cantor agreed, for the first time in 10 of his 12 years in Congress, to deign to debate a challenger.

Here’s the full 1-hour debate on CSPAN2 (scroll in 10 minutes to bypass the introductory blah-blah).

If Eric Cantor lives to be 100, he’ll always seem like the 90-lb. nerd who minced through high school with his shiny white loose leaf binder under his arm, smugly thinking he had all the answers.

If this politics thing fizzles out for him, Cantor would be perfect for the cast of the Big Bang Theory.

Powell showed up with a rumpled legal pad and a lot of determination. He was direct, and by turns passionate, emotional, and indignant.

He displayed any normal person’s responses to Cantor’s infuriatingly empty, canned, often-hypocritical Republican bullshit.

Powell never stopped throwing punches (i.e., facts), while Cantor just smirked and danced around them. Cantor did everything but taunt, “Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!”

The most telling moment came at 38:10 (watch this, if nothing else), when Powell was asked to pose a direct question to Cantor. Powell choked up a little asking Cantor why he voted for Congress to continue being paid during a possible government shut-down, while he voted AGAINST funding to pay the troops.

As expected, Cantor’s response was smarmy enough to get some audience boos, and he didn’t answer the question.

Cantor’s opening statement included faux concern for some fictitious “single mother in Goochland” that came off as smarmy and insincere as Romney’s current TV ads, where he claims to care about everybody.

Takeaway from the whole event: Wayne Powell is from Mars, Eric Cantor is from whatever planet Romney calls home.

Cantor has been elected to represent Virginia 7th District 6 freaking times. Let’s hope Wayne Powell tears the blinkers off voters so they can finally see that their interests are the LAST thing on Cantor’s mind.

In 2006, Virginia elected another non-politician, Senator Jim Webb (D), to stop another self-serving Republican, former-governor-turned-Senator George Allen.

Now we need Wayne Powell to rid Washington of Eric Cantor.


Compare the debate write-up by the conservative Richmond Times-Dispatch…

…To the Daily Kos, which didn’t feel compelled to pussy-foot around Cantor.

Virginia Gets Temporary Reprieve From Stupidity

February 24, 2012

By Adele

If Richmond makes national headlines, it’s always for thinking backward. Last night Brian Williams’ Nightly News featured a woman at the state capitol, screaming in protest at having her rights trampled, being dragged off by police.

But caving in to national outrage and ridicule, the state legislature did modify its pre-abortion ultrasound bill to eliminate transvaginal probing.

They also backed down on declaring embryos fully-functioning, legally-protected “persons” — by kicking that bill into 2013.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reinforced its Republican-rag cred by disingenuously declaring on page 1 today that the “personhood” bill was “scrapped” in a “stunning turnaround.”

In fact, the bill was just postponed.

The obvious intent is to fool women into thinking, “Oh, good. They dropped it. Never mind,” so the misogynistic General Assembly can slip the outrageous legislation past everyone next year.

But this month there was a THIRD assault on women, led again by none other than Del. Kathy Bryon. She sponsored a bill to repeal the state law mandating vaccinations for young girls against the human papillomavirus.

That’s because Republicans want to protect a woman’s right to cervical cancer.

The Richmond TD reported that, in making her case to colleagues earlier this month, “Byron noted that Virginia, which enacted the provision in 2006, was still the only state to require vaccination. She claimed that the ‘longterm safety and effectiveness’ of the vaccination is still unknown and said lawmakers should not ‘intrude’ in the decision to vaccinate, which she said should be left up to parents.”

Byron thinks a shot in the arm’s an “intrusion,” but ramming a probe into a pregnant woman’s vagina isn’t. Priceless.

If anybody in this century deserves to be figuratively tarred and feathered in the next election for criminal insensitivity and hypocrisy toward her own sex, it’s Kathy Byron.

Fortunately, several medical experts were allowed to testify and blew Byron’s ignorant assertions out of the water — just like they did when Michele Bachmann claimed the vaccine causes mental retardation — and Byron’s repeal bill was defeated.

Unless voters stop these maniacs by kicking every last one OUT, it’s soon going to be too dangerous to be female in Virginia.

Virginia Governor Scrambles to Salvage Vagina Vote

February 23, 2012

By Adele

Have you noticed how men have been running amok lately, trying to trample women’s rights? First, we had that dick-fest in Washington, where male Republican politicians and religious leaders sat around kvetching about how giving women affordable access to contraception would infringe on MEN’S BEST INTERESTS!!

And right here in Virginia, Virginia’s Republican-led House of Delegates almost pulled off a bill mandating invasive transvaginal ultrasound (that’s internal probing with an 8-10” instrument) on women seeking an abortion, which Governor Bob McDonnell said he would sign.

Democratic No. Va. Delegate David Englin rightly reminded his colleagues that “object sexual penetration” is already on the books in Virginia as a serious sex crime.

But what rankles most is that the bill’s ORIGINAL SPONSOR was Delegate Kathy Byron (R-Lynchburg). And I can describe her in just 3 words…

Stupid, sadistic bitch.

A thousand irate citizens protested outside the state capitol, but what really got our legislators’ attention was the national media.

When Governor McDonnell saw Jon Stewart brilliantly nail his bald-faced hypocrisy and mysogynism on the Daily Show, McDonnell probably heard the female vote swishing down the drain, making him a poisonous VP pick for whichever idiot becomes the Republican nominee for president.

So McDonnell did exactly what any Republican with unshakable moral beliefs does when his selfish ambition is threatened — a complete 180. Now McDonnell thinks the law should be limited to external ultrasounds.

Yet any ultrasounds in early pregnancy are useless except to remind doctor and patient that Big Brother is watching and to raise the abortion’s cost. But in the Republican mind, all the expense and intrusion is worth it if just one mother gets guilted into bearing a child she doesn’t want.

Va. Republicans may have wussed out on this, but they’re also cooking up a law that “personhood” begins at conception. Women who have abortions or accidentally miscarry would be guilty of murder. And by logical extension, anyone who uses contraception (including men wearing condoms) would be guilty of attempted murder.

So basically, anybody who has protected sex risks being prosecuted as a felon unless a baby pops out 9 months later.

But while Republicans are busy stripping women of their reproductive rights and dignity, here’s something for Democrats to propose to even the playing field.

If women are prohibited from practicing birth control but don’t want or can’t have children, they should be able to go to court and get an order for their partner to have a vasectomy.

There are already too many people in the world, and millions are starving. If men are going to force women to bear children, then women should be able to force men to become sterile.

It’s only fair.

Virginia to Rick Perry: ‘Get Lost’

January 16, 2012

By Cole

Friday the 13th was unlucky for Rick Perry & Co. (Gingrich, Santorum, and Huntsman). A federal judge ruled they couldn’t play the Virginia primary game, lose, and then whine about its unfair rules.

(Actually, Santorum and Huntsman were just hoping to catch a break. They hadn’t previously tried to qualify for the ballot in Virginia.)

And in a twist whose irony was apparently lost on this rat pack, they complained that having to hire Virginia residents to gather votes is TOO EXPENSIVE ($50K-$100K).

So, Virginia’s Republican primary on March 6 will have only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on the ballot, with no write-ins allowed.

On another front, the state GOP is considering scrapping its loyalty oath, which all primary voters must sign, promising to support the eventual Republican nominee. Even Virginia’s Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, who typically loves any discriminatory, backward idea that crosses his path, thinks this unenforceable oath is a bad idea.

Waiving the oath could open the door for Democrats and independents to flood the polls, hand Paul a resounding victory, and give Romney another dose of heartburn.

Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Perry’s appealing the ruling, but it’s too late. By law, absentee ballots for the military and other votes have to go out by January 21, so Virginia can’t keep diddling around with this indefinitely.

Besides, this mess is probably self-inflicted, if we believe the person who watched Republican volunteers qualifying the signatures candidates collected and tossing out enough, often on a whim, to make Perry come up short. (So did Gingrich, but he admitted some of his names were bogus.)

But after watching George W. Bush “win” twice in questionable squeakers, voting hanky-panky is sort of expected from Republicans. They talk about loving this country, then treat it like some banana republic, where rules can always be bent to their advantage.

Steal a Cat, Gain a Felony Record

January 15, 2008

By Fred

In Virginia, dognapping has been a class 5 felony worth one to 10 years in prison, but cat theft (don’t call it catnapping – that’s something else entirely) has been a misdemeanor, punishable by up to only one year in the slammer.

Do our legislators really think people don’t love their cats as much as their dogs? Hogwash!

Del. Jennifer McClellan, D-Richmond, agrees that cats (and possibly other pets) need equality under the law, and is sponsoring Ernie’s Bill. She’s not even a cat-owner.

Ernie was a sick 12-week-old gray and white kitten rescued from a junkyard by the no-kill Richmond SPCA last year, but was stolen from the shelter under a man’s shirt. Fortunately, they tracked the thief down and recovered Ernie.

The man’s intentions for Ernie are terrible to contemplate – torture, medical research specimen, bait in a dog fight? You can be sure he didn’t just want a cuddly little pet.

When the SPCA tried to prosecute the thief, they discovered he could only be charged with a misdemeanor, and he didn’t even show up in court.

No one seems to be questioning the bill’s fairness while they quibble over the exact wording of the law, but The Farm Bureau is asking whether people who start feeding cats who show up on their property, but who actually belong to someone, could be charged with felonies.

We hope such far-fetched “what ifs” won’t stall this legislation, and that Virginia’s cats will soon have justice on their side, and those who would harm us will think twice if it results in a decade in jail.

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