Was That Ariane Bourdain in Greece?

January 30, 2008

By Karen

I just saw Anthony Bourdain in the Greek Isles on No Reservations, and I think he partially granted my wish to see his new family. But I may be wrong. I don’t have the technical expertise to post the moment here, so you’ll have to watch for yourself and decide, but I can tell you exactly where to look because it happens fast.

I first got suspicious when Bourdain was wearing a wedding band on the correct finger, in addition to his usual right thumb ring, while shooting his first meal. The ring stayed there, the sure sign of a wife nearby.

That night, his first dinner was staged to look like a manly event with raki flowing freely, a potent liquor Bourdain compared to lighter fluid.

After he’d downed a few too many, his cameraman came around the other side of the table to reveal Bourdain had an infant sitting in a red high-backed chair to his right. For just a second, he casts a fond look at someone just off-camera, sitting across from the baby.

It’s unlikely the Greek guys brought babies to their drinking binge with an American TV star, so that must have been Ariane. I’m guessing Tony, the ardent newlywed, persuaded Ottavia to come along, like in the good old pre-baby days. Then he got:

“You dragged us all the way to Greece so we can sit in a hotel room while you drink with the boys? Fat f#$%ing chance!”

Watch it yourself and let me know what you think.

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