Bourdain’s Back in the States

March 28, 2011

By Karen

Tonight Anthony Bourdain stays closer to home, exploring the Ozarks in Missouri in a new episode of No Reservations. There’s drinkin’, shootin’, eatin’, and singing by a home-grown group called Ha Ha Tonka

Tony blogged about it from Naples, where he’s with his family right now, possibly to attend a wedding (a guess based on a pic on Twitter), hopefully enjoying some R&R, and apparently taking a vacation from paragraph breaks.

Last week, Eater captured the Quotable Bourdain in Vienna. All that sausage and Jagermeister inspired just what you’d expect. Tony tweeted live again while the show aired. And I’m thinking it’s no coincidence that Travel Channel has yanked NR out of alphabetical order in their website’s show lineup and elevated it to “Featured” status. (Bizarre Foods is the only other food-related featured show as the B v. Z ratings battle rages on.)

Since he had nothing really to add to his tweets, Tony blogged about what he’s watching these days on TV and in movies.

On Bravo, here’s part 2 of that weird interview Eric Ripert did with Tony, and they discuss at some length the meltdown of Ripert’s employee, Jennifer, on Top Chef All-Stars.

Tony and Ruth Reichl’s bastard spawn, Ruth Bourdain, has been nominated for a James Beard award in a new humor category that may have been created just for him/her. RuBo responded by tweeting a link to how humorless and sour-grapey some food writers can be. Tony mentioned in his blog (in case you didn’t click the link) that his former Sirius radio show with Ripert, Turn & Burn, also got a nomination.

I’ve decided to relent and read Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton, although chef memoirs aren’t usually my cup of tea. Bourdain’s effusive claims that she’s a far superior writer is something I gotta see for myself.

And as for Top Chef

Tony didn’t judge last week’s pre-finale, and I didn’t see him in the promo for the real finale (a.k.a. pre-reunion show) this week. I’m going to put it to bed in a separate post. Stay tuned…

Bourdain Flirts with Obsession

March 8, 2010

By Karen

Tonight’s new special episode of No Reservations is called “Obsessed.” Anthony Bourdain stays close to home again, flitting around New York pursuing the best beef, bread, fish, cheese, and tequila. He talks to several food bloggers and gets splattered with blood hacking up a pig. I’m guessing the gratuitous gross-out scene is intended for fans who think he’s gone soft.

Last week’s guinea pig scene in Ecuador was more “tasteful” than I expected, without any wholesale slaughter of trusting little fuzzy things. I would only suggest that Bourdain run a hand through his own coiffure du jour before calling anybody a “gel head.” Tony, you’ve been known to hit the product pretty hard yourself.

Tony talked at length about NR in a phone interview with

At the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Bourdain was seated with Guy Fieri at a dinner honoring Daniel Boulud. From all reports, they were friendly, even though Fieri was a judge at Tony’s fish-cooking duel and proclaimed Eric Ripert’s dish the winner.

Here’s a video clip and some photos. Bourdain said he’s headed to Liberia next for NR.

You’ve got just 2 more weeks to hear Tony and Eric on their Sirius radio show, Turn & Burn, which airs on Thursdays from 7-8 p.m., then replays Monday at 4 and 7 p.m.

You can also catch Tony doing his doctor schtick on Yo Gabba Gabba on Wednesday, March 10. I’ll be watching to see if he dances with any of those creatures.

Food on Drunk thinks No Res has “run its course” and explains why.

The Traveling Fish has a much kinder, gentler perspective.

Cats Working reader MorganLF found on Food Network Humor that Bourdain was named among the “Top 10 Famous Foodies That Look Like Old Lesbians.”

Here’s more on the 25th anniversary party for D’Artagnan, and Tony comments on his good friend, Ariane Daguin.

If you’re interested, Celebrity Tattoos shows Bourdain’s body art up close and personal.

And after last week’s post on the skull tattoo, I found out from my unimpeachable source what daughter Ariane really thinks of it. She loves it! She’s into pirates these days. From ballet lessons to peg legs without missing a beat. You go, girl!

Did Bourdain Lose His Skull?

March 1, 2010

By Karen

It’s safe to turn on the TV again. The Olympics are finally over. All the athletes are heading home to fondle their medals and pose for cereal boxes. If countries poured as much time and money into medical research as they do into sports, we’d have a cure for cancer.

OK, I feel better now. Rant over.

Anthony Bourdain’s in Ecuador tonight in a new episode of No Reservations. I’ll have to leave the room when he chows down on guinea pigs. They were my starter pets before my parents let me have a cat.

Travel Channel has posted 3 new episodes of Alternate Universe, “The Slippery Slope,” “The Travel Bug,” and “Sidekick Needed.” Their webmaster shows his/her usual meticulous attention to detail by misnumbering them.

I’m snarky because I stumbled over them while searching in vain for the NR schedule. The link clearly saysNo Reservations TV Schedule,” but that’s not what it delivers. I never did find it.

The Bourdains enjoyed a long weekend in South Beach for the Food Network’s Food & Wine Festival. Tony and Eric Ripert recorded their Sirius radio show, Turn & Burn, there on February 25.

Cats Working reader Cindy provided this link to Miami New Times and a good interview with Ottavia. But check out the picture — closely. Notice anything different about Tony? Give up?

Tony and Ottavia in South Beach. (Photo - Miami New Times)

The infamous Miami Ink skull tattoo on his right shoulder seems to be missing! I wondered if Tony had it removed to spare Ariane the scare of having it grinning back at her when she seeks out Daddy’s shoulder to cry on, but I was just informed by an unimpeachable source that this photo is OLD. Tony’s skull tattoo is definitely intact, and I apologize for jumping to conclusions to anyone who read the earlier version of this post.

Village Voice has a good take on Bourdain’s Yo Gabba Gabba appearance. Since the characters are just colorful blobs to me, I completely missed that Toodee, Tony’s leading lady (at least, I think she’s female), is a giant cat.

Food Network Humor also weighed in on YGG, and the comments were pretty brutal. They’re calling Tony “Bore-dain” over there. Ouch!

And here’s a strangely lavish item from the New York Times food blog, Bitten, about a week-long, multi-restaurant event Bourdain attended in New York City recently, thrown by daughter Ariane’s namesake, Ariane Daguin, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her company, D’Artagnon. You have to read this to believe what she did.

Bourdain Does Kiddie TV

February 22, 2010

By Karen

Perhaps as an early birthday present to daughter Ariane, on March 10, Anthony Bourdain guests on Yo Gabba Gabba as Doctor Tony. If you needed any proof that fatherhood can unhinge a guy, watch this:

I tried to watch Yo Gabba Gabba some time ago when Bourdain first mentioned it as a favorite, and it had me screaming for mercy after about 10 minutes.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette did a phone interview with Bourdain recently and printed the highlights, but there’s a link on the page to the whole 15-minute audio version.

Tony and Eric visited Martha Stewart’s TV show on February 16 to promote their new Sirius radio show, Turn & Burn, which premiered on the 18th, and to prepare coq au vin.

Cats Working reader Cindy provided a link to the highlights of their first gab-fest, with guest Mario Batali. I wish I got Sirius!

Dicey Venison writes about his/her “better half’s” weird brief encounter during the Q&A at Tony’s Milwaukee appearance on January 22.

MSN TV got some good Raw Talk with Tony, and then almost ruined it with WAY too much clicking required — quelle agonie! (Sorry, I just watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s). Thanks, MSN!

Tony does mention that he likes Samantha Brown, describing her as “nice, and not painfully sweet.” I always wondered about that.

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