Chapter 67: COVID Chronicles

June 3, 2020

By Karen

Day 84

Trump’s End One Day Closer & Women’s Ugly Pants

The tree guys next door didn’t leave until nearly 7 p.m. One large tree between our houses is gone. Now I have a clear view into their kitchen and my car’s rear end gets sun all day. I think at least one other tree came down on the other side, and maybe one in back. Their backyard’s still such a shithole, it’s hard to tell.

I was surprised by the cats’ sang-froid during the tree massacre. Max stayed downstairs, and the chainsaws didn’t cut into Roc and Tony’s nap time. It’s disturbing that they’ve become that used to the sound of deforestation.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t do transcription because of the noise, and I wanted to scream and punch somebody every time the house shook as a trunk hit the ground.

Today’s in the mid-90s. Our cold, rainy spring is over — and I completely missed it. I’m glad I opened the windows while I could. It may be a long time before the kitties get a good breeze on their whiskers again.

Richmonders are still protesting, but more peacefully. I was glad tens of thousands of protesters across the country, particularly in D.C., defied curfews last night. Trump’s “total domination” threats — on top of killing 107,000 people with COVID — may have FINALLY gone too far.

Governor Ralph Northam refused to send Virginia National Guard troops to D.C. to help Trump swing his dick around.

Commentator Rachel Maddow thinks Trump summoned National Guard to D.C. from all over the country because D.C. is a district with no governor. By law, he can only send active troops into a state if its governor requests them. His threat Monday to override “weak” governors is pure bullshit.

It’s one thing for Trump to strut around pretending he’s supreme leader of some banana republic, but entirely something else for him to line American streets with armed troops under orders to shoot and gas civilians “as needed.”

Our 2nd Amendment reads:

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

It would be fitting to see Trump’s love of the 2nd Amendment backfire on him spectacularly. His supporters are supposed to bear arms to “secure a FREE State,” not to help a dictator impose martial law and revoke all their other freedoms.

If the MAGA morons ever manage to connect the dots, they could turn out in force — shooting AT Trump, not FOR Trump.

Yesterday, good old conservative Iowa may have fired a shot across Trump’s bow. Their nine-term misogynist, racist, Trump-enabling congressional representative, Steve King, LOST his primary election. They may still give another Republican his seat in November, but at least King is done. One GOP toady down.

To end on a fashion note, here’s a dumb photo from Monday of Trump with some henchmen and his latest bimbo spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany…

Are her cropped pants the epitome of fugly or what? Cropped pants are as heinous as capris. Neither style flatters ANY woman. OK, one. Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, wearing cropped skinny pants and flats. But Audrey would look gorgeous in a grocery bag…

Next to men in suits and sensible shoes, Kayleigh in cutesy cutoffs with her ankles hanging out and heels not made for streetwear reveal her as another inept blonde ditz aspiring to be Ivanka’s Mini-Me.

Try to imagine Hillary or Angela Merkel in such a feckless getup. You can’t. They wouldn’t be caught dead.

Chapter 66: COVID Chronicles

June 2, 2020

By Karen

Day 83

Trees Dropping Like Flies & Ashamed to Be an American

Whenever Roc decides none of the 589 cat beds in this house cut it, he goes into my bathroom and makes his own bed by yanking down MY towel…

And Tony says “Howdy!” from his kitty favorite perch…

My street is full of trucks today because a crew next door is doing more bad things to trees. And now I just noticed a huge dead limb on one of my trees hanging over my Saturn. Yikes!

Next door is a rental house. Several years ago a huge tree uprooted in their backyard during a storm, smashing their fence and a neighbor’s fence, and the landlord ignored it. The neighbors immediately removed their portion of the tree and repaired their fence, but the rest rots on the ground next door like a termite paradise and this tree crew isn’t touching it.

Whatever these tree guys are doing, they’ve been at it since early this morning. They could have learned something from the guys who took down that major tree across the street last week in about an hour.

Richmond had more protests last night. After Trump gave his little speech to make things worse, Richmond police shot tear gas at one peaceful gathering before the 8 p.m. curfew. The mayor of Richmond is apologizing today in front of City Hall before a crowd of several thousand, by the looks of it.

Last night Trump, obviously emboldened by his success at passive-aggressively killing 105,000 Americans with COVID, launched his most direct physical assault on us yet by using mounted police, flash bangs and tear gas to disperse protesters near the White House.

Then he strutted out to the Rose Garden and issued threats, vowing to turn the U.S. military on Americans across the country and “dominate” anyone who dares to protest his regime.

Here’s a complete transcript of a phone call Trump had earlier with the country’s governors, preaching his new catchphrase, “Total Domination,” since his “Transition to Greatness” was a dud. It’s long, but read some of Trump’s part to see how bat-shit incapable of coherent thought he is. Here’s just one bite…

“I saw what happened in Dallas where they kicked a guy to death. I don’t know if he died or not but if he didn’t, it’s a miracle, what they did to him, they were kicking him like I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

As if all this weren’t bad enough, after his Rose Garden babble, he walked across the street where protesters had just been run off by horses to stand in front an historic church like an idiot, holding up some random (by Trump’s own admission) bible…

It was a pointless spectacle, but gave him a rationale for attacking citizens who were lawfully in his path.

To end on a positive note, I just learned that my favorite nearby takeout, China Taste, has reopened. They seemed to be doing great business, but shut down in mid-March when Trump started ranting about “China virus.” I’m so glad they’re back. Maybe Chinese for dinner tonight?

Oh, god, the house keeping shaking with loud booms from next door. I’m afraid to look.


Chapter 63: COVID Chronicles

May 30, 2020

By Karen

Day 80

Richmond’s Imploding While Trump Stokes Racism & Wildlife Pays Us a Visit

Downtown Richmond saw some demolition this morning…

That was the 40-year-old, 340-foot Dominion Energy building. Dominion is the electric company. As the cloud enveloped other buildings, it was like watching the Running of the Dust, with dumb gawkers in the nearby streets fleeing on foot to escape suffocation. Good times!

Last night, downtown got violence over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Protesters torched at least one bus and a car, and they did some looting.

I live out in the ‘burbs, so I was far from all this action, thankfully. I think people are just fed up with what a shit show life has become on every level and seize any excuse to rage.

Trump had to pour more gasoline on the fire today by proclaiming, “MAGA loves the black people”…

…in essence, he admits MAGA is a whites-only cult. His racism bubbled through all his macho nonsense about how Minneapolis should handle its riots.

He talks tough now, but last night he cowered in the White House like a little girl while 2,000 people protested George Floyd’s murder out front and then marched to the nearby Trump Hotel. He’s lucky that’s still standing, but possibly only because it’s built of stone.

Back in my neighborhood, the tree my neighbors had cut down yesterday left a massive stump, and I’m not seeing any signs of disease on it…

Aha! As I was discreetly taking this photo from my office window, the neighbors came out and studied the stump. Maybe they’re wondering if they got ripped off because the tree only needed a dead limb removed. The day before it — literally — all went down, I did notice one of them talking to a guy who stopped by in an unmarked pickup truck, pointing up at the tree.

That’s how tree scammers operate. “We’re doing some work in your neighborhood and noticed this big fella’s about to crush your house and cars any minute. We can save your life and give you a great price since our equipment is already right here. When can we get started?”

Yesterday, Tony and Roc spied a visitor out on the deck…

I couldn’t get too close because it saw me and scampered off, but I did zoom in…

It’s their old friend Squirrely! Well, probably not THE Squirrely who used to nap on the railing of the old deck, but one of his descendants or cousins.

That’s about as exciting as it’s been around here these days.

When you were a kid, did you ever make gum wrapper chains? This video uses Starburst® wrappers, but it’s the same concept…

I once made a Guinness Book-worthy chain. I was never a gum chewer, but would find wrappers on the ground everywhere. I wonder whatever happened to that chain? Hmm…

I brought it up because last night I got the bright idea of making a chain out of the snack bags I’ve been tying in bows for Tony to play with. I found a few under the furniture and got it started…

It’s meant to be a cat toy. We’ll see if the kitties agree.

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