Anthony Bourdain Visits Marlboro Country – Smokeless

August 24, 2009

By Karen

While still blissfully unaware of the brutal flak in store for him after his domestic travels this season (except, notably, from Detroit), Anthony Bourdain headed to Montana for this week’s new installment of No Reservations.

Champagne Living provides the full episode summary from Ingrid at Room214, as well as the video promo.

Tony’s latest blog entry reveals he’s in recovery from a heady, yet harrowing, visit to Panama, which will air next season. It appears that our Tony has bid adieu to summer vacation and is hard at work again.

Cats Working reader Cindy has been telling us about the sale of the Travel Channel, but here’s some scoop from the New York Times. Every article about the deal is illustrated with Bourdain’s photo because the LA Times reports that NR draws 900,000 viewers, where TC’s prime-time audience typically runs about 485,000. Tony’s quite a catch, but we already knew that.

I’ve got a bone to pick with Travel Channel myself. It’s like they know I missed the Street Food episode because their schedule is packed with reruns of Greece and French Polynesia and everything but, just to spite me.

Inspired writing about Bourdain was lacking in the blogosphere last week, but I dug up a few tidbits…

Jeff Houck at The Stew posted an open letter inviting Tony to Tampa, since he’s making an appearance in the neighborhood in January. Winnipeg Bob, take notes.

A View from the Kitchen ran a poll on who would be most welcome back to Cleveland, and Bourdain won in a landslide over Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri — but, in fairness, the electorate consisted of only 26 voters.

Voodoo Kitchen posted a weird, one-question interview with Bourdain about the future of restaurants. Didn’t reveal if he actually talked to Tony or did a copy-and-paste job.

I watched the season premier of Top Chef last week and, without the prospect of Bourdain dropping by to judge this season, I couldn’t bring myself to care about anyone in that personality-free mob of 17 contestants. How about you guys?

The Latest Anthony Bourdain Roundup

April 27, 2009

By Karen

Anthony Bourdain and wife Ottavia paused for a photo at the Food Bank for New York City’s Sixth Annual Can-Do Awards Dinner to honor Jon Bon Jovi on April 21, along with Rachael Ray, Emeril Lagasse, and Mario Batali. Bourdain always looks good in a suit and tie, but what’s with Ottavia’s cat-ate-the-canary smile? The poofy dress? Could a sib for Ariane be on the way? Only time will tell, but if I’m right, remember you read it here first.


The Feedbag reports that Tony was in Flushing, NY, about a month ago eating a lamb face salad for an upcoming No Reservations. If that’s true, maybe it will be in the Rust Belt episode, which included Buffalo.

YumSugar reports that guest judge Toby Young will be back for Season 6 of Top Chef, which starts filming in a secret location today. Here’s hoping Tony returns to show the boring Brit how to cut a chef down to size with style.

Burrito Justice led me to Somali Pirate with the tongue-in-cheek claim (I think) that Bourdain was named “Somalia’s Next Top Pirate” on some weird Somali reality show last year. I do agree that Tony’s got the je ne sais quois to appeal to pirates.

Cats Working reader Bob alerted us to a new installment of Tony & Friends where Eric Ripert uncharacteristically rips into Gordon Ramsay’s take-no-prisoners style and what it bodes for future chefs.

Reader Adele found this account at Food Lovers Like Me on what it was like to actually be there when Bourdain and Ripert talked to Martha Stewart recently on her Sirius Radio show.

I just found this May 2008 interview with the New York Post I think I missed. Tony revealed he and Ariane loved watching Yo! Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr. and that her favorite book then was Good Night, Gorilla.

She should be ready to tackle NR: Around the World on an Empty Stomach before too long. It’s mostly pictures, and it’s dedicated to her.

And if you’re a DVD collector, No Reservations: Collection 4 goes on sale July 14 with 688 non-stop minutes of Bourdain’s travels.

The Pandemonium Of The Sun wrote a not-so-glowing review of Bourdain’s book, Typhoid Mary, which I recently read and admired for his ability to humanize a widely reviled woman. According to this reviewer, that makes me a “Bourdain fanatic.”

Just FYI, we call ourselves “Bourdainiacs” around here.

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