Now Trump’s Just Sliming Us

October 13, 2016

By Adele

After the Access Hollywood tape surfaced where Trump talked about grabbing pussies, and then he behaved like an unprepared, sniveling little bitch and lost the second debate, Trump’s campaign has been sinking faster than Titanic, but with no ocean floor yet in sight.

This week he’s all about dredging up decades-old accusations against Bill Clinton. Trump vows to make Bill “look like Bill Cosby” by pushing the aging women Clinton long ago had relations with onto Sean Hannity’s show on Fox tonight.

Trump’s campaign manager, Steve Bannon, has claimed that Hillary “led a program of victim intimidation” and “viciously attacked” these women. If Hillary had truly destroyed them, how on earth could they be dragging their ravaged carcasses before the cameras today?

It’s like Trump can’t rest until he has made himself the most hated man on the planet.

A parade of women Trump groped has begun telling how he put his “locker room talk” into action after seeing him deny it. Naturally, he says it’s all lies. He should thank them for having given him their silence all these years so he could continue being a lecher.

Now even the most obtusely loyal Republicans (Paul Ryan, John McCain) are turning on him. So are voters in droves, although Trump dismisses voters by calling any poll that doesn’t favor him “crooked” or “rigged.”

I hope this pathetic freak show Trump and Hannity stage tonight backfires and boosts Hillary’s support by making her relatable, showing what she had to put up with during Bill’s catting-around days. That staying in the marriage and keeping up a brave face took an act of super-human strength when she probably wanted to smash Bill with a cast iron skillet for being so reckless and stupid.

Now that Trump’s campaign consists of nothing but desperately grasping at rotting, irrelevant straws, at what point does the media say, “Enough’s enough,” and leave it to Fox to let that sleazeball foul their airwaves with venom about ancient events? Fox is what his supporters watch. He’s not winning any new voters through mainstream media with this garbage.

I wish the moratorium would start today and Trump wouldn’t get one second of free air time unless he’s talking about something relevant to being president.

Then we could all sit back and listen to crickets chirp until election day.

George Zimmerman Goes Rogue

April 11, 2012

By Cole

What would you do if the world thought you shot an unarmed kid in cold blood and the police let you get away with it?

Go on the lam, of course.

And that’s apparently what George Zimmerman has done while authorities try to wrap their heads around the facts that it wasn’t a crime for 17-year-old Trayvon Martin to walk to 7-Eleven — but it WAS a crime for an armed Zimmerman to pursue Trayvon for no reason and ultimately kill him.

As it turns out, Zimmerman’s so-called “lawyers,” who have been staunchly proclaiming “their client’s” innocence all over the media, have never actually laid eyes on him. And now that Zimmerman’s stopped returning their phone calls, texts, and emails, and seems to have left Florida, they’re “withdrawing” from “representing” him.

If this case has brought out anything besides a bad rash of racial tension, it’s media hounds seeking 15 minutes of fame as Zimmerman apologists.

Apparently, Sean Hannity got first crack at a phone interview with Zimmerman, but nobody knows what they talked about. Hannity’s saving it for his show — as entertainment. Gotta love Faux News.

Zimmerman also tried to contact Angela Corey, the special prosecutor who has decided to single-handedly decree the next step (to bring charges or to say “let’s just forget it”) because she thinks grand juries are too fickle. But she required George have representation, which he apparently never did.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman’s on the loose. He presumably has relatives on his mother’s side in Peru, so I bet he gets a second chance to start over — which is WAY more than Trayvon got.

PS: If you’re interested in helping to finance Zimmerman’s new life, visit his website. He’s soliciting donations for living expenses and legal fees for lawyers who were working pro-bono whom he refused to meet.

HILARIOUSLY, Zimmerman included this easy-to-miss quote by Edmund Burke, partially obscured by the American flag background…

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.

Apparently, he thinks Trayvon or all the people now wanting justice in his memory are “evil.”

So let’s set Zimmerman straight on that concept. “Evil” is…

1) When nuts with itchy trigger fingers are allowed to walk among us armed.

2) That the Sanford police apparently believe there’s a legal hunting season for young black males and don’t question their killers.

Black Cats Must Stick Together

July 23, 2010

By Yul

I was surprised when President Obama was so quick to join in and brand Georgia USDA employee (and black cat) Shirley Sherrod a racist and let her be forced into resigning, thanks to white conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart publishing on an out-of-context clip from a speech Serrod delivered in March to the NAACP.

Breitbart is upset that the NAACP thinks Tea Partiers are a bunch of racists. His brilliant way of refuting that assertion was to deliberately distort a black woman’s words and try to destroy her lifelong career of helping people in need.

Nothing hateful or racist about that.

Since the truth came out that Sherrod’s speech was really about seeing the light, Breitbart has been saying he’s not after her, but the NAACP. He keeps insisting the audience approved when Sherrod said felt biased against a white farmer 24 years ago. This was before she worked for the USDA.

Slate has dissected the whole incident beautifully, so there’s no need to repeat it all here.

As it turned out, despite her misgivings, Sherrod did help the farmer keep his land by hooking him up with a white attorney. So what’s Brietbart’s point? The attorney should have been black?

Sherrod and the farmer even became friends and he says he’s grateful to her and thinks she should keep her job.

So now Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Obama himself have personally apologized to Sherrod, and they’ve created an even better job specifically for her in the Dept. of Agriculture.

Sherrod is saying she needs to think about it, but I’m thinking she’ll take it.

On Fox News, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter said Breitbart was deliberately “set up” when someone sent him only that clip of Sherrod’s speech, conveniently omitting that Breitbart took it and ran with it with malicious intent without seeing the rest of the speech.

Once again, the Tea Party comes off looking like a rabble of “angry white people.” Instead of destroying Shirley Sherrod’s career, they’ve handed her a promotion on a silver platter.

It makes this black cat feel good.

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