Meryl Streep Was ROBBED

March 10, 2010

By Adele

Sure, Meryl Streep has had 16 Academy Award nominations, but WHAT WERE THEY THINKING not to name her Best Actress for her portrayal of Julia Child in Julie & Julia?

I have nothing against Sandra Bullock. She’s pert and funny, although a bit long in the tooth for some parts she plays. But I’ve watched a few clips from the football movie she beat Street with, The Blind Side. I’m sorry, but dying her hair blonde and playing an upscale Christian redneck wasn’t that far of a stretch.

Streep completely transformed herself. She convinced us she was BIG and TALL. She mastered Child’s bizarre VOICE. She learned to wield a meat cleaver like she meant it. To top it off, she did all this mostly against a European backdrop from decades ago.

Even Sandra Bullock thought Streep would win. She wrote it down and gave it to Meredith Vieira of the Today Show, to be opened after the winners were announced.

We caught a few episodes of The French Chef on PBS this past weekend. To say Julia Child was fearless is a gross understatement. She did unspeakable things to a chicken she spit-roasted, hacked huge fish to bits, and caressed a dead eel while explaining how to skin it for bouillabaisse.

I think Julia Child would rest easier, after unwittingly providing Julie Powell 15 minutes of fame at her expense, if Streep’s painstakingly loving recreation of Julia’s spirit had been recognized.

Powell has gone on to prove with her next book, Cleaving, that she really isn’t someone Julia Child would have ever wanted to know.


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