Instead of Accountability, Committees and Investigations

August 6, 2021

By Karen

So we have yet another example of yet another powerful politician — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — investigated by the state’s attorney general and found to have “violated federal and state” laws against sexual harassment.

Cuomo denies all of it and remains governor while the state legislature conducts ANOTHER investigation before impeaching him.

If you or I “violated federal AND state law,” we could scream our innocence until our lungs burst while we were thrown in jail to await trial, with the certainty of a guilty verdict.

But if you’re an old white guy who wears ties, it’s OK to commit felonies willy-nilly. The only consequences you’ll face are a harsh speech and some hand-wringing while the so-called “authorities” form a new committee to confirm their already-completed investigation into the misdeeds the world already knows you committed because you yourself left a complete, bloody trail of video and audio we’ve all seen, as well as written evidence and a queue of witnesses eager to rat you out.

What I’d like to know is, who kidnapped accountability, and how do we get it back?

Five members of Trump’s Cabinet were referred to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution, yet they all walked away unscathed with their fresh taxpayer-funded fortunes to write their lying memoirs.

Despite being suspended from practicing law, raided and having his electronic devices seized weeks ago, Rudy Giuliani is still blathering threats on TV that anybody who dares to hold him accountable for any of his myriad crimes — for Trump and side gigs purely for profit — is a liar and will pay for it in heaven, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

While the Trump Organization itself and its chief financial officer Alan Weisselberg are under indictment, life goes grifting along for the other culpable executives, Trump’s demon spawn, Junior, Eric and Ivanka.

And Trump himself, the most hardcore, inept crook ever to befoul the Oval Office, has proven every day, on multimedia, beyond all doubt, that he’s a thief, cheat, mass murder, seditionist and traitor. Yet nearly seven months out of office, he’s still being treated like a monarch who answers to no law.

So, Trump merrily plots Phase 3 of his coup. Phase 1 was to overturn the election. Phase 2 was to dispatch his crazed MAGA cult to kill Congress.

This dementia patient is going around proclaiming himself our once and future dictator, and what accountability does he face? State, federal and congressional committees and investigations grinding at a pace to make even snails lose their shit.

Meanwhile, the halls of Congress reek from the stench of Republican vermin who commit daily treason by lying and aiding Trump’s coup attempts when they should be rotting in cells for engaging in sedition.

The only conclusions I can draw from all this stonewalling and inaction are:

1. Prosecutors (I’m looking at you, Merrick “Molasses” Garland) intend to foot-drag until statutes of limitations kick in and render certain crimes moot.

2. Prosecutors are waiting for the perps to die of natural causes before they’re brought to trial so nobody has to be the one to blame them for anything.

In the meantime, while Trump Republicans foment chaos and anarchy, Biden, bless his heart, ignores it and gaslights us with happy talk about bipartisanship and what a great country we are.

You know what would REALLY make this country great? The swift and safe return of accountability.

Chapter 137: COVID Chronicles

December 7, 2020

By Karen

Day 268

All I Want for Christmas — To Skip Christmas

I didn’t think the prediction was right, but we did wake up today to a light dusting of snow…

It stuck in the backyard but not in the front. (That black blob in the chair is Roc in his new favorite spot since the tree went up.)

On the good news beat, did you hear that Rudy Giuliani has the ‘rona? He apparently checked himself into a D.C.-area hospital yesterday. I assume he expects to get whatever drug cocktail they gave Trump that allegedly cured him in a few days.

Rudy’s been sweating and looking sick for weeks. God knows how long he’s had it and been powering through, infecting everyone in his wake. That Trump’s finally admitting it and Rudy’s hospitalized would seem his condition is more than “mild.”

If I made this next statement in a tweet, it would get me suspended from Twitter, but from the comfort of my own blog I can wish Rudy all the misery and pain every COVID victim has suffered, as well as the worst possible outcome. The sooner his machinations to keep Trump in the White House end, the better. If it takes a ventilator down his throat or a refrigerated morgue truck to silence him, fine. The world has had enough of him.

Meanwhile, the best part of my days is when I’m asleep. Even when I’m in bed for 10 hours, I wake up exhausted, and I don’t think it’s from Tony kneading me like bread dough half the night.

I’m procrastinating on going to the grocery store again, but as long as my Oreos and ramen noodles last, I’m good. And there’s always Chinese takeout.

The car needs inspection and the oil was last changed in June 2019 (although I’ve driven less than 3,000 miles since then), and Roc needs a shot, so I scheduled both appointments for Wednesday.

After sacrificing spring, summer and fall, the still-rising COVID cases and deaths make it all seem for nothing. If I could get away with it, what would do me a world of good would be to take a baseball bat to any rando maskless Trump cultist who crosses my path. THEY are the ones dragging this out. When they get sick, every hospital should have a green light to kick their asses to the curb and let them die in the gutter. They’ve earned it.

Yesterday my sister sent the family an email full of Christmas gift ideas and my eyeballs almost exploded. The LAST thing I can bring myself to think about is presents. I don’t even feeling like shopping online. Even writing this blog feels like too much, especially when most posts seem to go into the internet’s vast black hole of silence. I have to assume everyone else feels as listless and unmotivated to engage as I do.

Bottom line: I’m not having a good day. I’ve actually wondered if it could be COVID, not that I have a clue where I could get tested to find out. On the other hand, I haven’t left the freaking house in 12 fucking days!

I’m fine with having the tree and the decorations around here for a little sparkle, but could somebody please, PLEASE take ALL the other meaningless bullshit we’ve buried Christmas under and STUFF IT, just for this year? PLEASE???!!!

Chapter 135: COVID Chronicles

November 19, 2020

By Karen

Day 250

Sitcom Departures I Hated & Yippee-Ta-Ta to Trump!

I’m a sitcom connoisseur, and some of my favorite stars have upset me for reasons that all essentially boil down to, “Thanks for the hit show exposure, but I have better things to do now.”

It began last year when Constance Wu (from Richmond, BTW) of Fresh Off the Boat expressed extreme dismay on social media when the show got renewed for a sixth season. She was still riding high from starring in the movie Crazy Rich Asians.

FOTB was based on a memoir by food personality Eddie Huang, and was originally supposed to be about an Asian kid’s coming of age in Florida. But it was his tiger mom, Wu, who took over as the quirkiest, funniest character and Eddie became almost an afterthought.

Wu recanted and stayed with FOTB, but her subtly sullen presence poisoned it and I watched it only a few times before it got canceled.

Next was America Ferrara, who just dropped out of Superstore, also after five seasons.

Photo: Greg Gayne, NBC

Ferrara was also a producer, so she took the high road by giving adequate notice and returning for a few episodes so they could lovingly send her off to a new job at corporate, leaving the door open for her return. But without her as store manager, the show feels adrift, and only time will tell if the cast generates a new heart, or if Superstore will wither and die like FOTB did.

Most shocking was the totally unexpected departure of Anna Faris from Mom after seven seasons.

This show also maintained the possibility for Faris to return if the “new opportunities” she says she intends to pursue don’t materialize. They have her away at school studying law on a full scholarship. But like FOTB, it seemed to be the curse of a supporting character (Allison Janney as Mom) becoming the show (and winning two Emmys to Faris’ zero).

Sitcoms come and go, but I’ll miss Superstore and Mom if they go the way of FOTB after this season.

As for Trump, knowing the end is near (although not soon enough), I mostly block him out — face, voice, tweets. I know he’s becoming crazy-desperate to make himself dictator after losing the legal, secure election in — by his own description of his 2016 identical Electoral College vote count — A LANDSLIDE.

But even his lawyers are abandoning his baseless, hopeless lawsuits. All except Rudy, who thinks Trump’s going to pay him $20,000 a day to go on TV and dribble hair dye…

They say Trump’s skipping Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago. He’s probably afraid that 1) The White House will change the locks while he’s gone, or 2) If he goes to Florida, Melania will insist on staying there, and once he flies back to Washington, she’ll change the locks on Mar-a-Lago and claim it as part of her divorce settlement.

That leaves him Trump Tower in New York, where in January he could be buried under an avalanche of indictments or even arrested. At the very least, he’ll have New Yorkers spitting in his face every time he steps out of the building.

Of course, Randy Rainbow, with his most intricate lyrics yet, had something to say about Trump’s defeat, inspired by the musical Company

Chapter 131: COVID Chronicles

October 26, 2020

By Karen

Day 226

Trump vs. Football: Which I Loathe More is a Toss-Up

Trying to tune in to Trump’s interview on 60 Minutes on CBS with Lesley Stahl at 7:30, I hit the second-most thing I hate on my TV screen — football.

Adele and Cole wrote about it.

Of COURSE there was a game on CBS. There used to be a game almost EVERY Sunday during the run of Madam Secretary. I’d have to DVR several extra hours to catch it because fucking football running late would throw off the whole night’s schedule.

Last night I couldn’t tape Trump because my Verizon DVR can only handle two shows at once and my Sunday queue is packed. I rescheduled everything that reran later, but not knowing WHEN the freaking football would end, I was screwed.

But the game wrapped at 7:15. Whew! Then CBS switched to ANOTHER goddamn game that still had two whole freaking minutes left.

Two minutes in football means at least 30 minutes of mostly stopped clock, watching guys milling around in tight capris, doing NOTHING. And CBS stayed with it, willfully throwing their whole subsequent lineup under the bus, KNOWING the country was anticipating the interview Trump’s been in a lather over all week.

There is so little action in football for the overall time it takes, while still causing so much brain damage and early-onset dementia, it escapes me how it ever became a national obsession. It’s right up there with golf for hours wasted watching players not play. At least golfers don’t throw themselves into piles to indulge in mass ass-grabbing.

Don’t even ask me what teams were playing these games. I didn’t care.

I kept switching back and forth between programs until I finally did catch Trump staring at Stahl with lifeless eyes, berating and bullying her until he lumbered off the set to throw a hissy fit in the arms of his Hopey…

I had to get that off my chest. We have one more week to go before we tentatively find out if we’ve flushed the tangerine turd, so SDNY can indict him on multiple financial felonies and set him on his march to prison.

BONUS: Speaking of New York, you’ve probably heard how Borat set the scene for Rudy Giuliani to grab his junk in Borat’s new movie. Here’s the scene. The moment begins at about 3:30, but watch how Rudy creepily tries to charm the 24-year-old actress before they adjourn to the bedroom.

DOUBLE BONUS: I found this little gem of a move called The Love Punch (2014) (ignore the reviews) on Amazon Prime. It’s a rom-com for boomers starring Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson, set in Paris and the French Riviera. AND it features Celia Imrie, whom I first saw in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and now she turns up everywhere.

Tide is Finally Turning on Trump

January 27, 2019

By Karen

Before a tsunami hits, the low tide before it recedes an unnatural distance, exposing acres of beach never seen before. People come out to marvel at it, to play on land that just hours earlier was deep under water.

The tide’s been going out since Trump’s inauguration, pushed back with his and his enablers’ incessant barrage of boasts, lies and denials. His emboldened family, cabinet members and other enablers have been playing on the newly exposed beach — running roughshod over the rule of law, naively believing Trump and his almighty tweets will keep the tide back forever and they’ll always own the beach.

They don’t hear the growing roar just beyond the horizon. The tide is turning and gathering strength.

For the first two years of Trump, the roar was little more than the muttering of the disenfranchised majority of voters who got Trump against their wishes.

Discontent grew until the November 2018 mid-terms, when Democrats achieved the unthinkable: their votes swamped Republican gerrymandering, voter suppression and intimidation and outright cheating to reclaim the House.

They even called it the Blue Wave.

Mike Segar | Reuters

That was the moment the tide turned. I’ve considered Nancy Pelosi a ditz, but as Speaker of the House again, she’s Trump’s worst nightmare.

Not only did Nancy refuse to give Trump a penny for his wall, she and Chuck Schumer baited Trump into bragging he’d own the ensuing government shutdown. On TV, so even the dimmest MAGA moron can’t refute it.

The shutdown allowed Nancy to yank what Trump lives for — an opportunity to spout his State of the Union litany of lies in the Capitol before Congress, the Supreme Court and a TV audience of millions.

On another front, Michael Cohen’s been subpoenaed to testify before Congress about Trump’s criminal conduct over the years.

On a third front, Trump’s long-time friend Roger Stone finally got arrested. His indictment quotes Stone’s texts and emails about conspiring with Wikileaks. And don’t overlook that Trump’s hand-picked toady, acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, didn’t stop the FBI from hauling Stone in.

Fourth, Paul Manafort, already rotting in prison watching his hair dye fade, got summoned to court to face another possible 10 years in jail, on top of the 7-10 already in play. Mueller’s lawyers advised the judge NOT to let Manafort’s cooperation influence her sentencing decision.

Fifth, Rudy Giuliani has been on TV digging Trump’s hole even deeper by saying Trump was negotiating with Moscow for his tower right up to Election Day.

Meanwhile, Trump let the government shutdown grind on until it endangered air travel and airport security. After bringing the country to the brink of economic standstill, he agreed to reopen the government for three weeks — and got no concessions or wall financing in return.

Some tough negotiator.

Trump compelled six Republican senators to join Democrats on reopening the government. It’s a cooling stream of defections, now that Trump’s looking isolated and impotent. His approval rating is around 36-37 percent. So, roughly six in 10 people think Trump’s a chump.

Sixth, House committees, now headed by Democrats, are poised to let subpoenas flow, armed with power to get serious about Trump’s crimes.

You can tell Trump’s increasingly unhinged by his repeated babbling about South American women being kidnapped and restrained with duct, electrical or blue tape (he varies) and smuggled en masse across the border by drivers who turn left, no right, no left, to cross into the country illegally.

Nobody knows what he’s talking about. He told the story again during his January 25 speech to reopen the government. Here’s another instance (I cut to it at 8:45)…

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling change in the air. The government has reopened, but Trump’s State of the Union is still unscheduled.

I hope Trump doesn’t think he’ll take the government hostage again just as the employees are shoveling through their work backlogs and piles of overdue personal bills he created. If he tries, I believe Congress will kick Mitch McConnell in the nuts and come together to stop Trump. Enough’s enough.

Pelosi will let Trump use shutdowns as his “I’ll hold my breath until you give me what I want!” when Hell’s covered with icebergs.

And Mueller hasn’t even shown his hand yet.

For the first time since the plague of Trump descended, I feel fresh ocean breezes. When all the waves converge and the tsunami of justice hits Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Robert Mueller will be riding its crest. And finally, the fetid stench of Donald Trump will be washed away, and his bloated orange carcass will be tossed onto the ash heap with history’s other failed dictators.

Coping with the Trump Transition

November 16, 2016

By Karen

My depression hit rock-bottom last Sunday over Donald Trump’s dominance in the Electoral College. You’ll never hear me say Trump “won” this election because he didn’t. Trump lost the actual vote by 797,724 as of Nov. 15, according to Politico.

To restore my sanity, I’ve made some temporary changes in how I receive news because the thought of Trump holding the reins of this country makes me want to vomit.

I skipped the 60 Minutes interview. The few snippets I couldn’t evade indicated that Trump’s already backpedaling on the wall, deportation, and eliminating Obamacare. I hope his worshippers are keeping score.

I’ve temporarily stopped watching MSNBC. I don’t need Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell’s speculations because Trump is telling the media NOTHING. Since Trump and most of his hangers-on have no idea what they’re doing, their course can change from minute to minute. Waiting until things are in place saves some churning.

I’ve stopped watching morning news shows. I only read the newspaper — on paper, not online. Trump’s machinations are easier to handle in print, where I don’t have to hear his voice spewing out of his pink blowhole, nor see his saggy orange face.

Photo - CNBC

Photo – CNBC

I commend Ben Carson for turning down Trump’s offer to become secretary of health and human services or education because he “has no experience running a federal bureaucracy.” I wonder what the hell Carson thought being president entailed, if not presiding over the WHOLE federal bureaucracy?

For now, it’s enough to be outraged that Steve Bannon has become Trump’s Machiavelli. We now know Trump intends to have a grubby, bottom-feeding, hate-mongering racist constantly whispering in his ear. Let’s hope bipartisan outrage makes Trump rethink that decision.

As for the rest of it, I’m waiting to see where the chips fall. Chris Christie seems to be toast. Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich will probably snag positions at their highest levels of incompetence, where they can soon disgrace and embarrass Trump into saying, “You’re fired!”

Trump still clings to Twitter as his best means of communication. By not cooperating with journalists in the least, he’s creating a vacuum they will fill, and it won’t be to Trump’s glory. Meanwhile, the public will grow more fearful and angry with nothing to go on but Trump tweeting lies, empty promises, flip-flops, and attacks on anyone who has ever crossed him.

My most fervent hope at this point is that Inauguration Day is gale-force windy. While Trump is taking the oath of office, may an icy blast blow that orange ferret off his head, letting the whole world see the reality of the vain, arrogant, ignorant buffoon a majority of voters DID NOT choose to be our leader.

Trump, More Mooch than Genius

October 3, 2016

By Karen

Finally, some anonymous soul with a conscience got their mitts on pages of Donald Trump and Marla Maples’ joint personal 1995 tax returns from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and sent them to the New York Times last week. They revealed a $916,000 net loss on three mismanaged Atlantic City casinos, the Plaza Hotel in NYC, and his now-defunct airline.

The documents were authenticated by Trump’s now-retired tax accountant, Jack Mitnick. Trump hasn’t disputed their veracity, only that they were released without his authorization.

The Times reported that the loss could have allowed Trump to legally offset paying $50 million a year in taxes over about 18 years.

The operative word here is “legally,” and it’s definitive proof that the tax code is stacked against Joe Taxpayer — and why would Trump fix it? It’s the gift that keeps on giving to him.

Trump’s mouthpieces, Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, on Sunday talk shows praised Trump as a “genius” with amazing business acumen who created thousands of jobs.

If that’s true, why didn’t Trump whip out his returns on Day One to show he’s been gaming the tax code for the benefit of all? We’ve just seen one year’s returns. Surely, the rest would reveal Trump’s business savvy and generosity is like nothing ever seen in the history of the planet.

Do you think the downtrodden rubes he claims to represent, whom he thinks have no jobs or education, live in squalor, and can’t walk out the door without getting shot, feel like suckers yet?

They pay dearly so the billionaire they worship can slap his name in big gold letters on things, then rake off profits while running them into a ditch so he can claim a loss and pay no taxes.

Hillary nailed him today, aptly saying Trump is “taking from America with both hands and leaving the rest of us with the bill.

For nearly two decades, he hasn’t contributed a penny to maintain the infrastructure he now claims is a mess and he’ll fix — roads, schools, law enforcement.

BONUS: New York’s Attorney General just ordered the so-called charitable Trump Foundation to cease and desist fundraising now that we know Trump has been using it as his personal piggy bank. He bought two painting of himself, paid off lawsuits for unrelated for-profit businesses, and used other people’s donations in other flagrant ways. Not to mention he hasn’t made a donation to it himself in years. That would mean he’d be spending his own money, and he doesn’t do that.

It’s heartening to see the news media doing its job and digging up these facts in response to Trump’s refusal to come clean. It’s payback time!

That loud rattling you hear is Trump’s skeletons tumbling out of the closet.

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