Romney’s Worst Enemy: Innate Secrecy

July 16, 2012

By Cole

Virginia is considered a swing state, so Obama and Romney have been slinging serious mud in TV ads.

Obama accuses Romney of 1) outsourcing jobs, 2) lying about his tenure as CEO of Bain Capital, 3) hiding money in the Caymans, Bermuda, and Switzerland.

Romney says Obama is lying, but Romney has yet to present a single reassuring fact. Romney was raised to be secretive, and it’s worked for him so far.

Mormonism (like Scientology) is a religion steeped in mystery. Catholics, Baptists, Jews, even Buddhists will let you walk into their places of worship and observe.

Not so with Mormons. Ann Romney’s own parents were kept out of her “sealing” (wedding) to Mitt because they weren’t Mormon.

Romney refuses to confirm if he wears Mormon temple garments (underwear). But to be considered a worthy Mormon, he must.

I don’t care about Mitt’s undies, but I think they reveal this pattern:

When Romney won’t own up to something, he’s probably doing or has done it.

SEC papers state Romney ran Bain until 2002. Romney says it was 1999, although he was paid and signing official documents for Bain after that. But if Romney wasn’t CEO, who was? Nobody seems to know.

Bain apparently had idiots submit SEC filings full of personnel errors, and the company operated as a beast without a head for 3 years until Romney decided to run for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and make a formal break with the firm.

Seriously, would Romney just walk away from the company he built and leave it to founder without leadership?

It sounds like Sarah Palin and Alaska.

When Romney ran Bain, his focus was on profit, not public office. It’s reasonable to assume he didn’t even notice those pesky worker ants he shook out of the failing companies he gobbled up. Those guys never do.

And what did Romney do with his profits? Since we know he paid less than 15% in taxes and refuses to release tax returns before 2010, it’s evident he milked every loophole and dodge to avoid paying his fair share.

I’m not saying Romney’s a criminal. All his actions may be perfectly legal, but they’re morally bankrupt. The last thing the middle class needs is a president lacking the empathy gene.

The biggest secret Romney can’t tell is that he has never given a damn about paying taxes, the deficit, or jobs. He used to care about healthcare, but changed his mind.

Romney’s running for president on ego. He’s probably already made a list of ways to cash in on the title for the rest of his life.

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