First Debate: Mitt Gone Wild

October 4, 2012

By Cole

Just about everybody concedes that Mitt Romney “won” last night’s debate on the economy. Republicans are positively giddy.

Mitt’s bravura performance proved beyond any doubt that he’s the quintessential department store mannequin. Change the window-dressing, change the man. He has no genuine core.

Last night his handlers dressed and prepped him to be Elmer Fudd in camo, out to stalk and bag that “wascally wabbit,” Obama.

And Mitt did. So eager to make his points, he flouted the rules by repeatedly refusing to let moderator Jim Lehrer speak and keep things on track, and even talking over Obama.

At one point, Mitt even had the nerve to say, “Mr. President, you’re entitled to your own airplane and your own house, but not your own facts.”

This from the man with 5 houses and several Cadillacs with their own elevator, representing the most fact-free political party in history.

Mitt was so stuffed with numbers (few of which contained his actual PLANS), they exploded from him on every topic.

Obama and Lehrer found themselves playing with a statistical piñata.

Had Obama sunk to responding tit for tat, they’d have been ping-ponging so many incomprehensible figures, the audience would have tuned out.

By trying to keep it simple, Obama came across as “weak.”

What’s indisputable is that Obama got VERY bad advice as far as not calling out Romney on his everlasting bullshit or bringing up anything he’s ever said or done that might embarrass him (like dissing the 47%, or decimating American companies like KB Toys and raising employment in China while at Bain).

And Romney pounced on and gleefully rolled in those concessions like a dog in shit.

It seems Romney thinks he’s running to be anointed king. In his first term…

  • He’ll repeal the Affordable Care Act, yet keep all the good parts — and replace the rest with WHAT?
  • He’ll lower taxes 20%, but eliminate loopholes and deductions (WHICH ones?) — which may result in tax INCREASES for the middle class.
  • He’ll to create 12 million “good-paying” jobs — HOW? Doing WHAT?

And Congress doesn’t exist in RomneyWorld. He’ll just wave his golden scepter and POOF! — instant Utopia where nobody’s unemployed, health insurers aren’t unfair, and the budget always balances.

Unfortunately, Obama handed Romney this one on a silver platter, and I hope today he’s kicking some of his re-election “experts” to the curb before they try to hog-tie and gag Joe Biden when he faces Paul Ryan on October 11.

Romney Demands More Secrecy from Obama

July 25, 2012

By Cole

In a speech at a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention yesterday, Mitt Romney finally admitted, “The time for stonewalling is over.”

Unfortunately, he wasn’t talking about his refusal to let voters see exactly how many millions (or billions) in taxes he’s dodged over the years.

He was referring to the Obama administration’s leaks of national security intelligence, and demanded a full investigation (although one is already in progress).

According to Romney, belatedly revealing our military’s brilliance in taking down Osama bin Laden constitutes “contemptible” behavior.

He also called Obama’s treatment of Israel “shabby,” although Israel isn’t complaining.

He also accuses Obama of “betrayal” by undermining our allies.

It’s like watching a Boy Scout try to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

Coincidentally, right now Romney is flitting through a bizarre little junket to Israel, Poland, and Great Britain to boost his foreign policy cred. As if being photographed shaking hands with guys who happened to have an hour free on their schedules to meet a powerless presidential wannabe gives him any.

Romney seems to overlook his own ceaseless betrayal of the citizens of Massachusetts who elected him governor, and now have to listen to him kvetch about the healthcare system he established for them because Obama is doing something similar on a national scale.

As most Republicans know — nothing the black guy does can ever be good enough or right — even if they thought of it first themselves.

From what we’ve seen so far of Mitt, he’s woefully lacking in specific, constructive plans, but hard to beat when it comes to duplicity, evasiveness, and secrecy.

Romney as president would make Richard Nixon look as forthcoming as a Penthouse centerfold.

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