Bush Finally Shows Some Class

November 23, 2008

By Fred

Beyond anybody’s expectations, George and Laura Bush have been gracious to the Obamas, even having Barbara and Jenna give Malia and Sasha a private tour of the White House.

Republicans are usually such sore losers – like Sarah Palin blaming McCain’s loss on everybody but herself – is it possible that Bush realizes how deep in the ditch he’s plowed this country and he knows Obama is our only hope?

If McCain had won, we’d have seen a lot of self-satisfied smirking and good ole boy back-slapping on the steps of the White House as Bush and McCain put their heads together to figure out how McCain could keep Americans teetering on the brink of financial collapse and terrified of unemployment and marauding terrorists while he pretended to be improving things.

But with Obama, it’s all different. After he survived the slings and arrows shot at him from all sides with super-human grace, for Bush to diss Obama now would be a new low, even for Bush.

I think Bush secretly hopes Obama will repair the damage Bush has done so in hindsight he can claim, “See? It wasn’t so bad. I wasn’t the terrible president y’all thought I was.”

That’s why 20,000 people in Baghdad just threw a big block party to beat and burn Bush in effigy on the former site of that big statue of Saddam Hussein.

By being nice to Obama, Bush may be rehearsing his return to the role of lovable Uncle Georgie, the Bush family idiot everyone wants to have a beer with.

And Obama optimistically steps into the worst job in the world – cleaning up Bush’s mess.

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