Sandusky Still Abusing His Victims

October 10, 2012

By Cole

After getting the relatively light sentence of 30-60 years (out of a possible 400) after being convicted on 45 counts of child molestation, instead of showing the slightest remorse, Jerry Sandusky remains defiantly in denial that he ever did anything wrong.

In a mind-boggling audio statement right before his sentencing, Sandusky basically called the kids, their families, everyone at Penn State, and every person in the legal system remotely involved with the case liars, all conspiring to bring him down.

Despite many young men’s testimony to the contrary, Sandusky doesn’t — and never has — viewed his behavior toward them as sexual or unwanted.

Makes you wonder what exactly Sandusky does think sex is.

If the kids were as duplicitous and rotten as he now accuses them of being, why did he spend years devoting every free moment to lavishing gifts and attention on them?

Sandusky vows he will appeal and continue the fight because he wasn’t given enough time to prepare.

It hasn’t been enough for him to wreck a still-undetermined number of childhoods. Now that he can’t touch boys, he’ll seek gratification by continuing to inflict psychological and emotional pain from a distance, for as long as he lives.

His future prison home hasn’t been finalized yet, but in any prison, the inmates tend to think child predators give criminals a bad name. If given a chance, they’ll probably be glad to teach Jerry what it feels like to be the prey.

Never Drop the Soap at Penn State

November 17, 2011

By Cole

It’s not often we agree with Sarah Palin (OK, never), but if the allegations about Jerry Sandusky are true, we’re sorry she said, “Hang him from the highest tree. I’ll bring the rope,” before we did.

We’re spitting mad because the man has brought disgrace to a school whose mascot is a big cat!

How could any man, especially a strapping football player like Mike McQueary, see a 10-year-old boy being ass-raped by Jerry Sandusky and not yell, “Hey, Jerry! Stop that right NOW!” or even better, throw a punch and deck the perv?

Unless maybe Mike has been there, done that himself. It would certainly explain his passivity now.

You must have heard about Sandusky’s lethal confession/interview on Rock Center, where he insisted everyone is lying about him. He claimed the kid McQueary saw him with had turned on all the showers to slide across the floor, and the “slap, slap, slaps” McQueary heard were Jerry and the boy snapping wet towels.

But what responsible adult lets a buck-naked kid slide across a slimy, germ-infested locker room shower floor? That kid probably still has athlete’s ass.

The Catholic Church must be sighing with relief at this breathtaking display of laissez-faire by every man who knew something wasn’t right about Sandusky.

“See, we aren’t the only ones who think man-on-boy action is A-OK!”

Some have speculated that Joe Paterno and that janitor who saw Sandusky giving a boy a blow job didn’t want to “intrude.” It makes you wonder how they’d have reacted if Sandusky had been buggering their own kids, or perhaps they consider sodomy a rite of passage.

Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, was on stage with Bob Costas on Rock Center while Costas sank Sandusky so deep into the doo-doo of guilt, nothing short of a miracle will save him.

But Amendola still says he believes Sandusky’s innocent. For that to be true, these are the only possible scenarios I see:

1. The authorities can’t identify and track down the 8 boys (now men), and they don’t voluntarily come forward (although one allegedly plans to).

2. Sandusky has already gotten to the boys and bought their silence, possibly years ago.

3. Some of the boys do come forward and THANK Sandusky for “mentoring” them through the difficult phase when they first became aware of their homosexual tendencies, and because of him they are now proud gay men in fulfilling relationships and don’t want to press charges.

By denying these acts on national TV in the creepiest, most evasive possible way, instead of just admitting he’s a predator (if he is), Sandusky has declared open season on himself and I think it’s only going to get uglier.

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