Sarah Palin, Rogue Pit Bull

October 31, 2008

By Adele

Sarah Palin’s got one last weekend to savor the fantasy she has a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming vice president. Stubborn John McCain had to learn the hard way what every cat knows: pal around with pit bulls, you get bit. Did he really expect Palin to go all mavericky on everybody but him?

Showing just how loyal she is – not – to the ticket, Palin’s been flitting around mouthing off about McCain’s mistakes (robocalls, giving up on Michigan) and undercutting him on abortion and gay marriage.

McCain’s staffers are calling Palin the “rogue diva.”

DUH! Since when has Palin been anything else? And she’s a dumb diva. A dishonestly destitute diva, devoted to scavenging handouts for her constituents and her whole family wherever she can find them.

Since McCain took her off the tundra, dressed her up, and showed her the high life in the lower 48, she can’t get enough of it, even after Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric laid her ignorance bare and Tina Fey has made her a cartoon – by accurately quoting her. And she probably thinks she “won” that so-called “debate,” where Joe Biden politely stood there watching her wink and smirk and recite memorized fluff.

Now she goes around claiming the New York Times provides her with all the misinformation she insists on repeating about Obama.

Palin undoubtedly thinks she’s ready for prime time, maybe even president in 2012.

“Gee, so many people love me when I don’t know diddly-squat and I’m joined at the hip to Uncle Fester. I’ll really be able to wow ‘em with some time to rehearse my act!”

McCain shouldn’t be surprised to find himself under the tires of the Straight Talk Express after throwing himself there.

Palin’s only loyalty is to her unjustified ambition. If McCain has made one fatal mistake, it was to give this conniving ditz a national stage. She’s walking proof that the Republicans have learned nothing from the past 8 years.

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