Obama, the Heartless Predator

June 19, 2009

By Yul

The way the media has been carrying on about Obama killing a fly on camera, you’d think he also ate it. I’ve seen the moment replayed at least a dozen times, and yesterday it was one of the lead stories on the Today Show — a new low, even for them.

PETA got upset, telling Obama he should have used a more humane way to dispatch the pest. Would they be foaming at the mouth if it had been a maggot crawling on his arm?

How about a mosquito, a tick, or a black-widow spider?

The fly had it coming. He breached White House security, flitting right past the metal detectors and the Secret Service. He could have been a tiny terrorist carrying a microscopic bomb that would have leveled Pennsylvania Avenue if not for Obama’s pre-emptive strike.

That’s the spin Dick Cheney would have put on it, after shooting the fly’s face off with a rifle.

But I believe what’s more important than Obama’s action here is what Obama was thinking. Was his coordination heightened because he imagined the fly to be Rush Limbaugh? We’ll probably never know.

Speaking of Limbaugh, that gasbag yesterday was bemoaning the fact that he crushed a fly with his shoe on his TV show in 1995 and nobody made a big fuss about it.

I guess that’s because flies swarming around the putrid stench of Limbaugh’s rhetoric is nothing extraordinary.

But in their over-zealous coverage of this non-event, if our news media is trying to warn other world leaders that Obama would kill a fly in spite of the way he talks sometimes, we’re in worse shape than I thought.

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