Obama’s Second-Term Theme: Enough is Enough

January 30, 2013

By Cole

If you were disappointed by President Obama’s first term, you had to love his second inaugural speech, where he focused on fixing what ails THIS country. He made scant mention of foreign policy or matters most dear to Republicans — namely, screwing anyone who isn’t rich and white.

Michelle was kind enough to toss Boehner & Co. a symbolic bone by dressing both the kids in purple.

After the ceremony, John McCain whined, “I would have liked to see some outreach.”

Yeah, for what? So you could spit on Obama’s extended hand and turn your back on him again?

Now that he has no more elections to win, Obama seems fresh out of cheeks to turn with Republicans. They seem to get the message.

Or perhaps a few Republicans heard about the recent Public Policy Polling survey where people ranked the 112th Congress below head lice, cockroaches, and colonoscopies, among other odious things.

Or maybe they got embarrassed watching themselves trying to rip Hillary Clinton a new one over the September attack on the Libyan Embassy. Beating Hillary over the head with the corpses of 4 murdered Americans for political show was exactly what we’ve come to expect of them. It was predictably pointless and disgusting and had Hillary exasperated.

Obama’s new calls for gun control, immigration reform, and gay rights have got the Republicans scurrying for cover, and led their standard-bearers, like vice presidential loser, Paul “Lyin’” Ryan, to tell his cronies they’d better start “picking their fights.”

In so many words, they’re admitting they’ve been hell-bent on sinking Obama just for spite, no matter what a mess they made of the country.

Isn’t that called treason?

This week, they’re allowing progress on immigration, and are letting women go in to combat.

Even the Boy Scouts are pulling their heads out of their asses to consider co-existence with gays (which they’ve probably been doing all along, just refusing to acknowledge).

Mitt Romney’s 3-million vote defeat proved that backward, conservative thinking is not the country’s preference. We hope Obama and Biden continue to drag Republicans into the 21st century.

A Proud Day for Black Cats

January 20, 2009

By Yul

I’m trying not to gloat, but there wasn’t a cooler cat than Barack Obama ad libbing an oath of office so it would hold up in the Supreme Court, even though Chief Justice John Roberts did his best to throw Obama off.

And just like that, the country’s governance went from the ridiculous to the sublime. Unflappable, confident, focused, and without naming names, Obama gracefully tossed George Bush and Dick Cheney on the trash heap of history right before their eyes by vowing to clean up their messes and dismantle their web of denial, lies, and secrecy.

But what was with Elizabeth Alexander and that inaugural poem? Is it a cat thing, or was she losing everybody? Maya Angelou she is not. Bush and a lot of others probably wished they had earbuds and an iPod in their pockets during that recitation.

In the talking head department, Tom Brokaw cleverly got in one last dig by observing that Dick Cheney in a wheelchair had a “Dr. Strangelove” quality to it.

It seems a testament to Obama’s power to uplift that millions of people gathered in DC — with every living president and VP and most of Congress (with no love lost there) — yet no shoes were thrown.

Obama’s only been president a few hours, but you can already feel the change.

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