Bourdain Flirts with Obsession

March 8, 2010

By Karen

Tonight’s new special episode of No Reservations is called “Obsessed.” Anthony Bourdain stays close to home again, flitting around New York pursuing the best beef, bread, fish, cheese, and tequila. He talks to several food bloggers and gets splattered with blood hacking up a pig. I’m guessing the gratuitous gross-out scene is intended for fans who think he’s gone soft.

Last week’s guinea pig scene in Ecuador was more “tasteful” than I expected, without any wholesale slaughter of trusting little fuzzy things. I would only suggest that Bourdain run a hand through his own coiffure du jour before calling anybody a “gel head.” Tony, you’ve been known to hit the product pretty hard yourself.

Tony talked at length about NR in a phone interview with

At the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, Bourdain was seated with Guy Fieri at a dinner honoring Daniel Boulud. From all reports, they were friendly, even though Fieri was a judge at Tony’s fish-cooking duel and proclaimed Eric Ripert’s dish the winner.

Here’s a video clip and some photos. Bourdain said he’s headed to Liberia next for NR.

You’ve got just 2 more weeks to hear Tony and Eric on their Sirius radio show, Turn & Burn, which airs on Thursdays from 7-8 p.m., then replays Monday at 4 and 7 p.m.

You can also catch Tony doing his doctor schtick on Yo Gabba Gabba on Wednesday, March 10. I’ll be watching to see if he dances with any of those creatures.

Food on Drunk thinks No Res has “run its course” and explains why.

The Traveling Fish has a much kinder, gentler perspective.

Cats Working reader MorganLF found on Food Network Humor that Bourdain was named among the “Top 10 Famous Foodies That Look Like Old Lesbians.”

Here’s more on the 25th anniversary party for D’Artagnan, and Tony comments on his good friend, Ariane Daguin.

If you’re interested, Celebrity Tattoos shows Bourdain’s body art up close and personal.

And after last week’s post on the skull tattoo, I found out from my unimpeachable source what daughter Ariane really thinks of it. She loves it! She’s into pirates these days. From ballet lessons to peg legs without missing a beat. You go, girl!

Did Bourdain Lose His Skull?

March 1, 2010

By Karen

It’s safe to turn on the TV again. The Olympics are finally over. All the athletes are heading home to fondle their medals and pose for cereal boxes. If countries poured as much time and money into medical research as they do into sports, we’d have a cure for cancer.

OK, I feel better now. Rant over.

Anthony Bourdain’s in Ecuador tonight in a new episode of No Reservations. I’ll have to leave the room when he chows down on guinea pigs. They were my starter pets before my parents let me have a cat.

Travel Channel has posted 3 new episodes of Alternate Universe, “The Slippery Slope,” “The Travel Bug,” and “Sidekick Needed.” Their webmaster shows his/her usual meticulous attention to detail by misnumbering them.

I’m snarky because I stumbled over them while searching in vain for the NR schedule. The link clearly saysNo Reservations TV Schedule,” but that’s not what it delivers. I never did find it.

The Bourdains enjoyed a long weekend in South Beach for the Food Network’s Food & Wine Festival. Tony and Eric Ripert recorded their Sirius radio show, Turn & Burn, there on February 25.

Cats Working reader Cindy provided this link to Miami New Times and a good interview with Ottavia. But check out the picture — closely. Notice anything different about Tony? Give up?

Tony and Ottavia in South Beach. (Photo - Miami New Times)

The infamous Miami Ink skull tattoo on his right shoulder seems to be missing! I wondered if Tony had it removed to spare Ariane the scare of having it grinning back at her when she seeks out Daddy’s shoulder to cry on, but I was just informed by an unimpeachable source that this photo is OLD. Tony’s skull tattoo is definitely intact, and I apologize for jumping to conclusions to anyone who read the earlier version of this post.

Village Voice has a good take on Bourdain’s Yo Gabba Gabba appearance. Since the characters are just colorful blobs to me, I completely missed that Toodee, Tony’s leading lady (at least, I think she’s female), is a giant cat.

Food Network Humor also weighed in on YGG, and the comments were pretty brutal. They’re calling Tony “Bore-dain” over there. Ouch!

And here’s a strangely lavish item from the New York Times food blog, Bitten, about a week-long, multi-restaurant event Bourdain attended in New York City recently, thrown by daughter Ariane’s namesake, Ariane Daguin, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her company, D’Artagnon. You have to read this to believe what she did.

The Latest Bourdainia

November 23, 2009

By Karen

Actually being with Anthony and Ottavia Bourdain temporarily interrupted my usual cyber-hunting, but my Bourdain calendar is blank the rest of 2009, so I think Tony may be wrapping up his appearances this year. Here’s some catch-up…

Hill’s Kitchen caught a pic of Tony when he was in Des Moines on November 5.

Des Moines will be included in a Midwest episode of No Reservations during Season 6. Tony killed 2 birds with one stone by filming a scene at Bistro Montage while he was there. snagged an interview before Tony’s appearance there on November 7.

Go Ahead and Snicker saw him in Ann Arbor and offers favorite Tony quotes.

While in Ann Arbor, Tony ate in some restaurant where he met chef and cookbook writer Max Sussman and posed for a picture. Sussman wrote Freshman in the Kitchen: From Clueless Cook to Creative Chef with Eli Sussman.

ClubFood shot a really creepy video about why Anthony Bourdain is her hero. Not sure about her dates, since I wasn’t aware he appeared anywhere on November 9. But between her drugged/hung-over(?) demeanor and her peeling orange nail polish, I’d say he has much more to fear from fans like this than the middle-aged ladies who read Cats Working. ClubFood even caught a snippet of illicit footage from his appearance. which you’ll find at about 5:30. And then her first commenter, the charming Deathrape2001, gets Bourdain totally wrong in every way. had the most interesting recap of the Capital Food Fight on November 11 I’ve seen, and they critiqued Tony’s garb for the evening.

Next, Bourdain and family headed to Miami for a celebrity chef event with Eric Ripert and Jacques Pepin on November 13, and allpurposedark snagged a little Q&A. (Note to Morgan: Tony uses the word douchebag.)

Miami New Times reveals that Bourdain is on the short list of chefs (with Ripert and Ramsey) whom Ingrid Hoffman of the Food Network’s Simply Delicioso would like to cook naked with, in the answer to what has to be one of the most stupid interview questions ever. interviewed Tony by phone before his appearance in Schenectady on November 15, after which he was flying to Ecuador to film No Res.

Speaking of Ecuador, We Travel World did a little fixing and got to meet Tony and crew while they stayed at the Mandala for 2 nights. Bourdain apparently wasn’t much-recognized outside of Quito.

Here’s what the TimesUnion reporter had to say after Bourdain’s Schenectady appearance.

Denver Post got an advance phone interview before his sold-out November 18 appearance there, and learned that Bourdain is now actively seeks to undermine the “bad boy” tag he can’t seem to shake.

Just to rub it in that Bourdain once vowed never to return to Denver after saying he couldn’t find any good food, Mayor John Hickenlooper presented him with the “Fork to the City.”

Café Society ran a contest to recommend 3 good restaurants for Bourdain in exchange for a pair of tickets, and this was the winning entry. After his appearance, they also posted one of the worst pictures I’ve ever seen of him.

A.V. Club reports on what Tony said in Denver and offers a bit of illicit video from the Q&A portion.

ROCNow scored an advance phone interview with Bourdain before his appearance in Rochester, NY, on November 20. Bourdain says he realizes that writing will be his fall-back after TV, and hints that maybe he’s getting weary of No Reservations.

James Leach with Rochester City Newspaper got another advance interview where Tony talks about becoming famous and offers a tiny preview of Season 6 of No Res. reports that Rochester gave Tony a standing ovation just for showing up. did its annual ranking of the most influential men and places Bourdain at No. 73, although readers rank him 94th (the lower the number, the more influential). In 2007, he was No. 19. I’m guessing the husband-father thing may explain the slippage.

Karl Klockars, a food blogger in Illinois, wants to know what Bourdain has written lately to deserve the laurels he’s resting on, and criticizes his diligence in following Web buzz about himself.

Alice at Uncommon Sense writes an eerily lyrical love/hate letter to Bourdain that makes her regret her humdrum existence as a college student in Texas.

Finland has launched a campaign to get Bourdain to pay a visit.

In honor of the upcoming holiday…

Here’s a video clip of Bourdain preparing a turkey and stuffing from his only holiday special. It’s the closest Tony may ever come to doing a cooking show. Pass me some of that stuffing, Tony!

If you’re in New York City, Tony will be at the Union Square Barnes & Noble TONIGHT with David Chang at 7 p.m. and it’s free.

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