Bourdain Responds to Cats Working?

July 13, 2009

By Karen

A new episode of No Reservations in Chile airs tonight. Anthony Bourdain’s blogging and full of snark again, and — although I can’t prove it — I swear he’s been reading Cats Working.

The biggest bombshell in his blog post is that his upcoming visit to Sardinia (airing September 14) will have so many “prominent personal/family elements,” they’re calling it the “Meet the Fokkers” episode.

Perhaps a long-anticipated glimpse of Ariane? Ottavia occupying center frame at last? Could the “Fokkers” be Mr. and Mrs. Busia?

But what really spooked me was the link he included to the episode list I’ve been complaining I can’t find. When has he ever done that before?

Just FYI, Ingrid at Room214 is alive and well. She surfaced again last week to supply her advance scoop on Chile, which I noticed took no time to scatter around the Web like fairy dust.

As you’d expect, Tony does his share of “pigging” out, and mentions the completo in his blog, a monstrous hotdog topped with sauerkraut, pickled veggies, tomatoes, avocado, and mayonnaise.

According to Ingrid, he also channels Andrew Zimmern with caldopata (hoof soup) and chunchules (fried intestines), pays his usual visit to the local market, and takes in a rodeo.

The Travel Channel has actually published a list of where he went, ate, and slept in Chile before the episode airs. Can you say “180 degrees” from their attitude in the Philippines?

And the last question Tony answers via blog is that he must be getting R&R now because filming for Season 6 doesn’t begin until August, and the ‘Net continues to be silent on new appearances and chance encounters.

Hope you have a relaxing summer in some great, undisclosed location, Bourdains. You’ve earned it!

PS: To illustrate how closely the fate of Cats Working is tied to Bourdain, we’ve been averaging a lackluster 500 hits a day this summer, but since the Travel Channel began running a NR marathon yesterday, we’ve logged nearly 2,800 hits. Obviously, new episodes spike interest. (Note to Tony: Searches on Wife #1 are the most popular topic by far, running about triple Current Spouse. Go figure.)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bourdain

June 25, 2009

By Karen

It’s a good thing Anthony Bourdain quit smoking because he’s got 53 candles to blow out today. We’ll be getting even more relief from the heat soon with new episodes of No Reservations beginning July 13 in Chile.


On July 27, watch for Bourdain’s much-anticipated journey to the “Rust Belt” of Baltimore, Detroit, and Buffalo with his pal Zamir. I’ve been renting The Wire from Netflix to get up to speed on Tony’s favorite show so I can fully appreciate his reaction to Baltimore.

The Travel Channel is playing coy about the air dates of the other new episodes. Maybe Ingrid from Room241 will check in soon and give us some scoop.

Cats Working reader UrbanJoanna sent a link to another great photo of lovebirds Tony and Ottavia. Her effortless chic is so Sex and the City.

Time magazine just dubbed the culinary tell-all genre Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential inspired as “Chef Lit.”

Culture in Indonesia, who’s trying to learn food writing, compares My Life in France by Julia Child to A Cook’s Tour by Bourdain and reaches an astoundingly off-base conclusion about Tony’s attitude toward food.

Thanks to Bourdain, I just got sucked in to Facebook while innocently trying to get a handle on his upcoming personal appearances. I’m in way deeper than I ever intended, hearing from long-lost cousins I couldn’t pick out of a lineup. I’m even registered like a common loony as one of Bourdain’s fans. Oh, the shame!

But since I’ve yet to figure out how Facebook works, none of it is doing me any good. Somebody out there please give it to me straight: Is Facebook an infuriating maze of poorly designed and hard-to-find features, or am I going senile?

Rachael Ray Goes Fruity on Anthony Bourdain

March 27, 2009

By Karen

When Anthony Bourdain failed to send the fruit basket he’d considered after reading that Rachael Ray had booked the New York Dolls for her show, she allegedly sent a basket to Tony. It included a note asking him not to shoot any puppies, which had been his other impulse upon realizing that he and Ray share some taste in music.

Bourdain’s peeps deny any such basket was delivered, but I don’t know. It sounds like something Ray just might do.


3/29/09 UPDATE: Story confirmed. Ray did send the basket. Tony has posted a thank-you note to her on his blog.

Bourdain also just told Metromix in Los Angeles in this entertaining, witty interview that he could see himself tossing back shots with Ray if she ever stops cooking, but he could never bring himself to be drinking buddies with Sandra Lee under any circumstances.

And never ceasing to amaze, in that same Q&A, Bourdain revealed that when he’s finished roaming the world, he’d possibly “like to teach creative writing to fifth-graders, or English 101.”

Somehow, I can’t picture Tony diagramming sentences and explaining which parts of speech his favorite 4-letter words are to kids who picked them up from watching vintage episodes of No Reservations.

Here’s some good news for Bourdain’s devoted readers: In another interview with Nation’s Restaurant News, he said that his follow-up to Kitchen Confidential, tentatively titled Cooks, is scheduled for 2010 release.

He also mentioned in that interview, published March 23, that he was heading to Chile the next day, but on March 26 he was in Los Angeles speaking at the UCLA Extension Restaurant Industry Conference.

Continent-hopping is all in a week’s work for our Tony. Since he’d already been spotted in Chile previously, I’m assuming he needed more footage for No Res.

Just before these trips, he was being tracked on the blogosphere all over San Francisco. SF Eater offers the most comprehensive account of Bourdain sightings, complete with a map.

Press Democrat analyzes Bourdain’s taste in beer on that adventure.

After trying to ban such reporting when Bourdain shot in the Philippines, I suspect his producers have done a complete 180 and now welcome all the free advance buzz. These authentic, first-hand insider glimpses only seem to heighten fans’ anticipation for new episodes of No Reservations.

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