Why Bourdain Won’t Be Invited to Tea

May 31, 2010

By Karen

On May 21, Anthony Bourdain appeared on Anderson Cooper’s 360° and described Tea Partiers as “very angry white people” who are as “dumb as a sack full of hammers.” In case you missed it, here’s video.

The TP contingent struck back all over the Internet with trademark maturity and restraint. Many disparage Tony’s level of education without knowing what it is. They also dismiss that he’s been to roughly 100 countries and has friends in myriad cultures on every continent, so he probably recognizes stupidity when he sees it.

A few of the names they’ve called him are “uneducated dolt” and “f**king druged [sic] out moron.”

Breitbart TV’s literate readers venomously deemed Bourdain a “meron [sic]” and “an crabby white guy [sic]” and called for a No Reservations boycott.

But I have to give the prize for wit to the U.S. Constitutional Free Press, who called Tony a “gastronomical moonbat“ with “rectal-cranial inversion.”

I suspect they’re upset partly because Bourdain prefaced his assessment by mentioning he’s been reading Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin by Hampton Sides.

No, Tea Partiers aren’t racists. And you’ll never get them to admit there’s an unread copy of Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue, propping a door open somewhere in their house.

As a counterpoint to all this bashing, Jeff the Zombie wrote an inspiring account of how he developed a true low-sodium diet for his congestive heart failure after seeing so many of the options during a 3-day No Reservations marathon.

But back to that fateful night in DC… Earlier, Bourdain and Eric Ripert made an appearance together. My Eclectic Favorites covered it with lots of photos — and even met them. Famous DC got some decent video.

Newsweek talked to Bourdain about his recent trip to Beirut. He says it has a Miami vibe.

On May 22, Bourdain and Eric Ripert did another joint appearance in Baltimore, and Baltimore Dining Examiner reported. I didn’t know Ripert is a Buddhist with past anger management issues.

The Baltimore Sun described how Tony deftly got himself off the hook for dissing Baltimore in the Rust Belt episode of No Reservations.

And in case you missed it, Sandra Lee’s boyfriend, Andrew Cuomo, is running for governor of New York. Can you imagine the dinner parties they’ll have? Times Union inspired quite a bit of speculation.

USAToday reports that Tony wants to write for the HBO series Treme, after doing some consulting on Season 1.


Came across this 2007 article Tony wrote for Spin, “Eat to the Beat,” that I don’t recall ever reading before.


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