Smithsonian Zoo Has a New Lion Cub

May 20, 2010

By Cole

And, at 2 days old,  it’s really cute.

On May 18, 6-year-old lioness Nababiep gave birth to the first cub born at the National Zoo in Washington in 20 years. They’ve put a camcorder on her and her cub, whose gender doesn’t seem to be determined. Check it out.

Naba’s mate is Luke, a 4-year-old lion she shares with her sister, Shera. So the little cub has an aunt.

The humans are in the process of getting the lions to live peacefully together in a pride. Video of the big cats meeting reminds me eerily of the first day I ventured into the living room and encountered Yul and Adele. That clip starts after the 2 women stop talking.


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