Romney Reveals His Financial Bigotry

September 18, 2012

By Cole

Thanks to a surreptitious taping while Romney thought he was among friends (i.e., fellow millionaires), Romney clearly states why he shouldn’t be president. Elitism and racism are bad enough, but his utter disdain for nearly half the country is truly mind-boggling.

Romney thinks a full 47% of Americans are lazy, non-tax-paying mooches who blindly support Obama because they think he’ll let government continue supporting them.

Romney also thinks nobody has a right, in the most prosperous nation in history, to expect food, housing, and healthcare.

Mitt says he has no interest in winning these people’s votes, nor in governing them. He says it’s not his job to worry about them.

That’s 47% of THE WHOLE UNITED STATES he’s writing off.

Romney has since said it was an “inelegant” way to put it. But he defends the thought. Maybe because he’s been similarly dismissive of people in need before.

Remember, months ago he told CNN, “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it.”

Turns out, he was lying. He won’t fix the safety net because he doesn’t think poor people deserves one.

It’s all so rich (pardon the pun), coming from the guy who pays the bare minimum in taxes he can legally, and refuses to verify he even does THAT.

Mitt, you ignorant twit, there isn’t ONE ADULT in this country who pays no taxes. The lowliest bum who buys a cup of coffee with change from handouts pays taxes on it.

The bad news for Obama supporters is that Romney thinks you’re the 47% and he intends to do NOTHING for you. It doesn’t matter if the only job you can find pays minimum wage. And if you’re retired and on Social Security after working and paying taxes your whole life, Romney thinks you’re now a greedy drain on the economy.

Speaking of work, Romney’s only occupation for several years has been running for office and shoveling dividends he still earns on money he made from pillaging other people’s struggling businesses into his foreign bank accounts.

It’s hard to believe there’s anyone who still thinks this man belongs in the White House.


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