Obama and the ISIS Double Standard

September 11, 2014

By Cole

After two grisly beheadings, President Obama has finally stopped dithering and plans to swat at ISIS with air strikes and squander more money and men to train local troops and rebels who, at any moment, might toss their American-made weapons to ISIS and run like little girls.

It wouldn’t matter if Obama decided to send 300,000 ground troops to rampage through Syria and Iraq (again). Ten years from now, a fresh generation of twisted Muslims will still be committing mayhem.

The only real fix here is for Muslims in the region to decide enough’s enough, unify against their own lunatic fringe, and stamp it out themselves.

But when do Muslims ever do that? Never. Instead, they just follow our lead.

The U.S. has no grounds for complaint about ISIS when we tolerate — legally sanction and even glorify— terrorism just as brutal right here at home.

Reading excerpts from Obama’s speech today, I got a hearty laugh at these priceless gems:

“We will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are.”

“This is a core principle of my presidency: If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven.”

Buddy Boy, where have you been? Look out the White House windows. Our streets run red, too. Our terrorists are “Defenders of the 2nd Amendment.” Newspapers across America chronicle their atrocities every day. They’re a band of thugs, sane and insane, armed to the teeth, who may randomly mow down adults, children, and pets in their homes and in public places.

NOBODY is safe from being senselessly killed anywhere, any time.

How is this any different from what ISIS does? Are you saying one man cutting off another man’s head is worse than a 9-year-old girl blowing off her shooting instructor’s head with an Uzi?

And here it’s all perfectly legal. Our terrorists only face penalties if they get caught and their attorneys can’t lie well enough to convince a judge and jury they DIDN’T do it.

Why are we in a lather about ISIS when, if they were here, they could get their hands on assault weapons and continue killing, with the added assurance that a good chunk of the population would just shrug it off and defend their right to be armed?

The world is in a sorry state when civilized nations with good reason to fear ISIS look to the United States for leadership in confronting irrational evil.

Bourdain Chooses the Right Side of History

July 24, 2014

By Karen

Here I go again with a Bourdain post, but he just gave a great interview to Blogs of War and I have to say it: If there’s one thing about Anthony Bourdain I admire, it’s his willingness to stick his neck out for the underdog.

It’s never PC to even hint that anything Israel says or does is ever wrong, but Bourdain continues to make a strong case for changing the tragic reality of everyday Palestinians trapped in Gaza and the West Bank.

As I write this, Israel continues its bombing of Palestinian civilians in their homes, with virtually no hope of escape. Israel’s rationale is that every Palestinian boy playing on the beach, every patient lying helpless on a hospital operating table or in the ICU, could be a Hamas enabler and is, therefore, fair game.

Meanwhile, the world stands by, impotent in the face of such crazed blood-thirst.

By yesterday’s numbers, 695 Palestianians are dead (166 of them children, and probably more than 70% of them civilians, according to the UN).

Israel has 32 casualties. Of those, 3 were civilians, and 3 of the 29 soldiers killed were by friendly fire.

Sorry, Israel, but by NO definition on earth does such wholesale, one-sided slaughter qualify as self-defense.

We get it. Both sides’ leaders would love to wipe out each other’s people. Hamas can clearly never achieve it. But, Israel is proving that it can — and it will if someone doesn’t make it stop.

More of us need to follow Bourdain’s lead and speak up for the Palestinians who are allowed no voice. They’re dying for no good reason.

Israel, enough is enough.

With “Friends” Like Pakistan…

May 3, 2011

By Yul

We did the happy dance at the news Osama bin Laden “sleeps with the fishes,” as Cole put it on Twitter. But after hearing details of the raid, every American right up to President Obama should be asking the Pakistani government…


Osama’s compound was purpose-built in 2005 a mere mile from the Pakistani equivalent of West Point. Many residents in the surrounding neighborhood are supposedly retired military.

Do the Pakistani armed forces recruit only the blind?

For 6 years, NOBODY saw anything suspicious about this residence, which the media keeps describing as the “poshest” in the area, surrounded by 18-foot walls topped with barbed wire?

If this place is "posh," I'm a German Shepherd.

Osama had barely hit the ocean floor before our politicians started pussyfooting around, trying not to hurt Pakistan’s feelings. But this much is obvious to any idiot…

If the Pakistani government knew bin Laden was there all these years and didn’t tell us while we wasted a fortune hunting him in Afghanistan, they are the biggest two-faced backstabbers ever and should be thankful we don’t follow up by bombing them off the map.

If the Pakistani government didn’t know bin Laden was there, they are too stupid to run a country and FAR too incompetent to be entrusted with $7.5 billion in aid we’ve promised them over the next five years. Money, I might add, we don’t even have to give.

Either way, the good old American purse needs to be snapped shut on Pakistan until their government does some serious ‘splainin’ about their relationship with bin Laden and al-Qaida.

Our government has believed that we could buy Pakistan and Afghanistan’s loyalty and cooperation. But now the leaders of both countries have shown us they are frenemies who can’t be trusted.

It’s time to stop throwing money and lives down that rat hole.

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