How the Media Could Rid Us of Trump

July 23, 2021

By Karen

When I watch TV pundits, I’m infuriated when they say things like, “If Trump runs in 2024,” or, “If Trump wins re-election,” or, “Trump’s making noises like he wants to run.”

WTF is wrong with them? Have they seen or heard that fat orange asshole lately? He’s a mess.

Every time CNN, MSNBC or any of Trump’s other “enemies of the people” give Trump a wisp of validation that his current grift is working, it’s fuel to him. It’s like feeding a Gremlin after midnight.

To destroy Trump and his delusion of regaining the White House after losing it by over 7 million votes, let’s follow Michael Cohen’s lead.

Remember Cohen? He was Trump’s lawyer/fixer who once said he’d “take a bullet” for the boss. Then he got three years in prison for a crime Trump made him commit and regained his senses.

Cohen’s under home confinement now and hosts a great podcast called Mea Culpa. It’s the only podcast I make time for because Trump always gets bashed.

(I also appreciate Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word because he heaps scorn and insults on Trump nearly every night. It feels like the next best thing to dancing on Trump’s grave.)

Cohen is sure Trump won’t run in 2024 because he’ll never risk the humiliation of losing again, and he never wanted the job in the first place. These days, he’s only stringing the MAGA cult along to keep wringing out campaign donations.

For some reason, Cohen never talks about Trump’s mental deterioration, so I’ll add that Trump continues his disintegration. Listen to some of this audio captured by reporters Carol Leonnig and Phillip Rucker when they interviewed Trump for their new book, I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year.

Trump babbles the same old lies, delusions, exaggerations and boasts in disjointed fragments and nonsensical tangents. Afterward, Anderson Cooper says it sounded like “Nixon, drunk, rambling,” and it’s “stunning” to think Trump was ever president.

Perfectly put, Anderson.

The media MUST stop normalizing Trump and heed its own eyes and ears. Don’t clean up his quotes to be coherent for print. Reproduce the babbling as-is.

Listen to him for five minutes and realize it’s ridiculous to think he’ll be a factor in 2024.

And that’s without considering all the investigations into myriad felonies that — if there’s any justice left — will send him to prison.

Talking heads need to embrace that any next move for Trump other than bankruptcy, incarceration, or incapacitation is patently absurd. Because it is.

Any commentator who says, “If Trump runs in 2024,” should get a hearty laugh. Incredulity and ridicule must be our blanket response to Trump as anything but a political has-been who’s finished.

It would CRUSH him.

Inspired by Joseph Goebbels, Trump likes to say, “If you say it enough and keep saying it, they’ll start to believe you.”

How about we start speaking the whole truth about Trump enough, and keep saying it, until even his cult can’t ignore it?

When he turns on the TV, Trump needs to see himself belittled, mocked and dismissed on every network. His media outlets will shrink to Fox and OAN until they can’t stand listening to his delusional kvetching another minute and cut him off.

Then we can stick a fork in Trump. He’s done.

As for those clowns in Congress who still prop Trump up, like Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, they get the same treatment — derisive laughter until they STFU.

Just a thought.

It’s Depressing to Be a Democrat

June 11, 2021

By Karen

After four years of Trump lying, gaslighting, and trying to kill us, survivors who retained a shred of sanity turned out in November — by a 7 MILLION-vote majority — to put a Democrat back in the White House. We expected Biden to deliver a swift return to honesty, decency, respect for the rule of law — and consequences for the crimes Trump and his cronies committed to our faces.

Unfortunately, we failed down-ballot to give Joe Biden large enough Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress to clean up the mess Trump left.

In a perfect world, Democrats would be flushing out the treason by expelling and indicting every member of Congress who enabled Trump’s presidential crime spree, which would include Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Rubio, Cruz and many others.

Instead, riffing on Star Trek lingo, Democrats are letting Republicans put the needs of the few (themselves) above the needs of the many (us).

And if that weren’t enough, Senate Democrats saddled with with the most abjectly stupid member, Joe Manchin, are letting him put the imbecilic needs of the ONE (himself) above the needs of ALL.

For instance, just 35 Senate Republicans were able to squash a January 6 commission, back-stabbing the Democratic majority who foolishly gave them every concession they demanded. By doing nothing in the aftermath, it looks like Democrats may let their treasonous colleagues’ complicity in Trump’s insurrection remain hidden forever.

You know the old saying, “Fool us once, shame on you…”?

Congressional Democrats would finish it: “Fool us EVERY TIME, grind the government to a halt, no problem.”

Manchin insists on keeping the filibuster because he still believes in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the existence of 10 “good” Republicans. All by his lonesome — thanks to a fucked-up 50/50 Senate — Manchin can destroy all hope of getting the country back on track. Even though he heard, same as we did, that Moscow Mitch and his Murderous Minority will stop at nothing to make Biden fail.

Speaking of Trump, why is he still loose? The moment he left Washington, he should have been arrested and sentenced as “Individual 1” in the Stormy Daniels payoff crime that still has Michael Cohen under house arrest. Trump, confirmed in court as the mastermind, is MORE guilty than Cohen, yet, he’s free to spew demented lies and tear apart sanity itself to keep his MAGA cult sending him money and plotting a coup.

And how about that new attorney general, Merrick Garland? Who knew he’d be Bill Barr’s Mini-Me, covering for and defending Trump at every turn?

As I was writing this post, I read in The Washington Post that the DOJ is also fighting to keep hidden records from the Trump Hotel near the White House. The hotel where Trump raked in bribes from countries who booked rooms and events to curry favor.

I’ve had it. Chuck Schumer should be kicking McConnell and Manchin ass until they cooperate, and Nancy Pelosi should be hosting egg rolls of Republican heads down the Capitol steps to clean out the treason and corruption in the House.

Instead, they just talk, talk, talk and do NOTHING while McConnell responds with that creepy toothless, lipless grin of his.

Trump gave a speech in North Carolina last week, showing up in such a baggy, tatty blue suit that everyone thought he had his pants on backwards. Take a look at the babbling idiot Republicans are staking their futures on…

Depressed, disappointed, despairing, disillusioned, distraught, desperate. That’s how I feel. We voted for Democrats to hold Trump accountable and punish him for his crimes. We were counting on them to preserve the democracy Republicans are bent on destroying. But if Democrats refuse to do it, even though it means their own destruction, we’re doomed.

BONUS: The Boston Globe is publishing a six-part editorial series called “Future-Proofing the Presidency.” It calls outright for Trump to be held criminally accountable for obstructing justice. (The link works even if you don’t subscribe.)

Disloyal, by Michael Cohen: Book Review

September 14, 2020

By Karen

Coming one week after Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s Melania & Me, what most impresses me about Michael Cohen’s tell-all, Disloyal: A Memoir, is how prison stripped his varnish. He admits being seduced by his own worst instincts and accepts his share of blame for Trump’s myriad misdeeds.

Cohen’s family, especially daughter Stephanie, (who gave Vanity Fair a damning interview) watched him be abused and exploited for years and begged him to quit, but Cohen’s ambition overrode self-esteem…

“The real truth about why I wanted Trump to be president was because I wanted the power that he would bring to me. I wanted to be able to crush my enemies and rule the world. I know it sounds crazy, but look at what Trump is doing now: running the world into the ground, but still, he literally rules.”

On Trump’s obsession with Obama, Cohen says Trump once hired a “Faux-Bama” he could scream at and pretend to fire. This was so bat-shit crazy, Cohen says…

“I figured that Obama was the only person on the planet whom Trump actually envied — truly, madly, deeply.”

I’ve always considered Cohen a dimwitted stooge, but he has insight. For example, he arranged a meeting to snooker evangelicals into believing Trump is the messiah. As a child, Trump was influenced by attending Norman Vincent Peale’s church…

“The Protestant preacher was the author of The Power of Positive Thinking and an early radio and television star, sermonizing about the materialistic advantages of American conservative religion, making him a hero to the folks meeting with Trump as a pioneer in blending or conflating wealth and Jesus in a way that somehow found the Son of God was all about the bling.”

Cohen thinks Trump actually believing his own BS about himself is how he gets people to buy into it…

“The reason cults exist is because the cult leader has manifested his own crazy way of seeing the world.”

He likens Trump to Jim “Jonestown” Jones. Remember him? That nut who lammed off to Guyana, and when the feds were closing in, made his cult commit mass suicide by drinking poisoned Kool-Aid.

When he loses the election, Trump can just usher his cult into airplane hangars, lock the doors behind him and let COVID do its thing.

As with all of Trump’s relationships, theirs was one-sided. Trump’s abuse never let up, but Cohen considered the title “personal attorney” to a so-called billionaire tycoon, and then president of the United States, a fair exchange — until it wasn’t.

Cohen let me down in only two spots. Even after going to prison the first time — and during COVID getting thrown BACK in prison — in shackles — for refusing to cave when Trump tried to keep him from publishing a book, he writes…

“I care for Donald Trump, even to this day, and I had and still have a lot of affection for him.”


The other spot was pure dimwit Michael, on Melania…

“To me, Melania was the epitome of class. Her life was dedicated to being a mother to Barron, and she was never shy about letting everyone know that, including DJT.”

Cohen gets into Trump’s relationships with all his kids except Eric and Barron, and provides behind-the-scenes dirt on his role in many of the scandals you know about.

Cohen has an ironic sense of humor and I laughed out loud when he called Trump “a stand-up comic with a grotesque sense of humor,” and as having “rat-like cunning.”

I’m glad I read this one, and hope it’s more kindling to ignite Trump’s hair, which must spontaneously combust when Bob Woodward’s book, Rage, comes out tomorrow.

(Speaking of Trump’s hair, Cohen explains the why and how of the ‘do, and what Trump looks like straight out of the shower)

DOUBLE BONUS: Inspired by Peter Pan with a song that now feels destined for this remake, Randy Rainbow gives us the 2020 election season anthem…

Mary Martin must be smiling somewhere. In fact, many of her original lyrics fit the orange man-baby who won’t grow up…

Chapter 124: COVID Chronicles

September 10, 2020

By Karen

Day 183

Trump’s On the Ropes & Some Candid Tony

Today marks my half-year in isolation. I gave up all of spring and summer, and now they’re saying fall may be the worst yet. So much sacrifice because our government is so fucked up, we can’t eject a cold-blooded killer from the White House.

I’m reading Michael Cohen’s book, Disloyal, now and will review it next week. This is the second damning Trump book to come out in two weeks, after Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s Melania & Me. If you only have time to read one, make it Cohen’s. That’s all I’ll say for now.

So Watergate superstar Bob Woodward is following up his first Trump book, Fear, with a sequel on September 15, Rage.

Trump was pissed Woodward didn’t consult him on Fear, so he gave Woodward 18 interviews for Rage. Former senator Claire McCaskill holds back nothing about the wisdom of that…

Woodward’s website says he also got his hands on 25 letters Trump and Kim Jong Un have exchanged. Wonder if naked selfies were attached?

So, right after we learn that Trump has repeatedly called anyone who serves in the military a loser and a sucker, Woodward leaks audio of Trump saying he understands how dangerous coronavirus is and how it’s transmitted, yet deliberately downplays it. He even schemes to sabotage the response while approximately 6.6 million get sick and 196,000 die.

I hope we see Trump’s poll numbers fall into the 20s, an indication he’s finally pissing off his most ignorant racist supporters. They’re most likely to be veterans or have kids in the service. In poor red states with lousy educational systems, the military is the only decent career path they may have.

Or perhaps now that COVID is infiltrating Trump country and they’re getting sick or losing family members, maybe it’s dawning on them that Trump thinks they’re suckers and doesn’t give a shit if they die.

What I find surprising is everybody’s agitation over these two latest “revelations.” Trump is the most evil, depraved, corrupt narcissist since Hitler. The vilest insults and lies come out of his mouth and Twitter account every day. This is all totally in character for him.

As damning as this first audio leak is, Bob Woodward’s got a book to sell and may be holding the other shoe to drop.

We’ve heard Trump insult Blacks, Muslims, women, soldiers, other politicians and celebrities. What we HAVEN’T heard is what he says about his base. That seems to be missing from Michael Cohen’s book or someone would have reported on it. Cohen does verify Trump’s utter disdain for evangelicals.

Maybe Woodward has that missing piece. When the toothless, knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers who cheer at Trump’s rallies hear Trump in his own voice call them exactly that, then what? Can Fox convince them to ignore their lying ears?

To wrap the week on a cheerier note, here’s Tony this morning…

“Does this pose make me look fat?”

He clearly didn’t appreciate me keeping that first shot, because he went all diva on my iPhone…

Then he adjourned in a huff to “Tony’s Dream House,” his Chewy box with brown paper. The paper’s tatty, so he’ll be thrilled when our next Chewy shipment shows up any minute now…

I always seem to get the best candid shots of him on the blue perch…

Tony’s photo shoot for the RAL Calendar is scheduled here for September 18. I don’t expect a lot of cooperation from Tony on his home turf with a masked stranger chasing him around with a camera, but maybe he’ll surprise us.

And here’s one more. As I’m writing this, Roc’s watching me from the printer…

For Trump, How Many Crimes Does it Take?

March 7, 2019

By Karen

Now that House Democrats chair committees and have subpoena power, it feels like we’re back to square one, trying to uncover EVERY crime Trump has committed in his life. Why can’t we just wrap up by nailing Trump on some crimes we already know about that would have destroyed any other president?


Why is there still debate over whether Trump can be indicted? My hair stood up when I read Trump’s peeps say he wants to run for re-election because he thinks it will keep him from being indicted. That means Trump’s got the system fucked up so badly, the country’s highest office is where criminals can find asylum.

Delaying a president’s indictment and arrest puts Trump above the law, giving him free rein to continue committing crimes — as president.

Last week Cohen provided a check Trump wrote — as president — to reimburse Cohen for buying Stormy Daniels’ silence. Cohen pled guilty to a campaign finance felony and is going to prison. Trump’s named as Cohen’s unindicted co-conspirator. Let’s nail Trump on that.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s eerie silence may be the prelude to his investigation’s cataclysmic finish, with indictments flying against Don Jr., Jared, Bannon and anyone else around Trump who has conspired with Russia. But I’m no longer counting on it. Mueller may turn up too little, too late.

Here’s my short list of crimes Trump commits daily, right to our faces…

Kidnapping. Anyone who steals a child from its parents, stashes the kid in an unknown location and has no intention of ever returning it is a kidnapper. Trump has ordered this crime thousands of times at the southern border.

Theft. Every time Trump visits a Trump property, taxpayers pay the tab for the Secret Service who must stay there with him, with profits going directly into Trump’s pocket because he never fully divested himself from his businesses.

Accepting bribes (aka, emoluments). Every time foreign officials or corporate executives stay at Trump properties, most notably Trump’s hotel in D.C. so they can tell him how much they love it when they meet with him, those profits also go directly into Trump’s pocket.

Treason. Trump has sided with Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea when they have attacked this country’s elections and killed people Trump swore an oath to protect. Trump aids and praises brutal dictators while discrediting American intelligence agencies. Trump has had meetings with Putin whose purpose he refuses to reveal.

So far, nothing known or proven about Trump’s crimes has been anything other than what it appeared to be. We’ve seen no mastermind’s grand plan; no long-term secret strategy; no sophisticated network of covert operators covering his tracks; no plausible, noncriminal explanations.

Trump’s a simple-minded crook who has always lived as if laws don’t apply to him — lying, cheating, stealing, swindling, defrauding — and he continues to do it in the White House. Why are we still letting it happen? Haven’t two years of being his victims been enough?

I believe the Southern District of New York will end Trump’s life of crime years before Washington ever holds him accountable, and his whole crime family will go down like common gangsters.

The real tragedy is that Trump’s reckoning comes much, much too late. When details of the financial felonies go public, we’ll realize Trump should have been in prison years ago. We could have avoided the past two years of watching him rage and rampage like a senile Tasmanian Devil.

The only positive aspect may be that the longer Republicans willingly gaslight themselves while clinging to delusions of power, they won’t be looking for someone competent to run in 2020. At the very least, charges from SDNY and Mueller could make Trump’s life so impossible that running again becomes out of the question.

Then a Democrat can move back into the White House, get out the mop and start cleaning up after the elephant that left shit all over the place.

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