Anyone Believe Zimmerman’s Innocent Yet?

March 29, 2012

By Cole

More than a month after shooting Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman’s best strategy might be to ask his lawyers, family, and “friends” to shut up already.

Early on, Zimmerman played the victim card, alleging Trayvon jumped HIM. It just doesn’t make sense. Trayvon’s girlfriend was listening on Trayvon’s cell and heard him ask, “Why are you following me?” and then she said the phone sounded like it dropped and went dead. I believe her story because talking to his girlfriend is exactly how a kid walking down the street would occupy himself.

If Trayvon was stalking Zimmerman to jump him, don’t you think he’d first stop yakking and put his phone away so he’d have both hands free?

Zimmerman’s father Robert (a retired judge) claims Trayvon said something like, “You’re gonna die tonight.”

Every new version from Zimmerman’s side makes Trayvon sound thuggier.

Now there’s video of Zimmerman with the police that night. He claimed Trayvon beat his head against the sidewalk and broke his nose, yet refused to go to the hospital. At the station, his clothes look tidy, he doesn’t seem in pain, nor are blood or wounds evident. Hmmm…

Somebody has tried to smear Trayvon by leaking he was on suspension from school over marijuana crumbs found in a baggie in his backpack. Nobody knows if he smoked it.

If Trayvon was a user, it only works in his favor. Potheads are known for outbursts of violent aggression — NOT.

Also leaked was that Trayvon had been suspended 3 times this past year, and may have been involved in a robbery or burglary, as if perhaps he deserved killing. But that didn’t give Zimmerman the right to be his executioner.

Zimmerman’s past includes trouble for assaulting a policeman and once had a restraining order taken out against him by an ex-fiancée.

Zimmerman’s lawyer, Craig Sonner, crazily fled before an interview with Lawrence O’Donnell (to ensuing hilarity), but Trayvon’s family’s lawyer stuck around and raised 2 excellent points:

1) Did the Stand Your Ground law cover Trayvon while he was being pursued by a gun-wielding stranger, making it OK to strike back in self-defense?

2) Can the instigator of a fight claim “self-defense” once he loses the fight, to justify whatever harm he inflicted on his opponent?

And then there’s Joe Oliver, a black guy who’s been making the rounds defending Zimmerman, when it turns out they’re barely acquainted. O’Donnell ripped Oliver a new one, revealing him to be another publicity hound who might say anything.

Lead investigator Chris Serino has said he didn’t believe Zimmerman’s story and wanted to arrest him, but was told to back off.

Trayvon may be dead and unable to defend himself, but nobody’s helping Zimmerman, either.

It’s just a shame that this has morphed into a big racial thing. Strangely enough, the 2 white people who best seem to “get it” are Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann. And the point is…

No kid of ANY race or color should have to worry about getting shot. Crazy guys who shoot kids without provocation need to go to jail. Period.

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