Could New Sex & the City Theme be More Shallow?

April 28, 2008

By Karen

The new Sex & the City theme song by Fergie, “Labels or Love,” was quickly yanked from YouTube last week, but nothing ever disappears completely from the ‘Net.

The music was OK, incorporating the familiar TV theme, but those silly lyrics… Read them for yourself.

After months of bloggers and the media constantly scooping them, I just noticed that New Line Cinema has finally put some worthwhile content on the movie’s official site.

Fans are drooling for details – even as we hope we don’t get them so the movie will still hold surprises.

Since the show ended, I’ve been watching every episode in an endless loop from my boxed collection in faux hot-pink velvet. I’ve got mixed feelings about the movie, which picks up the story 4 years later.

The only way it could possibly work is to shovel on heartache and disaster (which the previews do imply). But do I really want to see my glamorous girls, who must be growing bunions by now, getting mugged by life?

I’ll be disappointed if Carrie marries Big, although he’s strung her along for a decade now. And what’s with the bad wedding dress? Didn’t Patricia Fields have a box of Kleenex to help Sarah Jessica Parker fill out that bust?

If Charlotte ends up with two children, she’ll have to transfer to Desperate Housewives because happily married mothers with 2 kids are boring – a point the show made several times.

We know someone dies. I’m afraid it’s Samantha, although it would make more sense to whack Big so Carrie would be free for the second sequel, if there is one.

But Kim Catrall probably jumped at the chance to get S&TC behind her by putting Samantha 6 feet under. She obviously wants a fresh start and made sure the movie financed it by demanding enough money to buy a new flat in London.

Fergie’s brainless song doesn’t bode well as we wait for May 30 with anticipation and dread.

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