GOP Gives Trump No Reason to Change

August 15, 2016

By Karen

Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine last week withdrew her support of Donald Trump, based mainly on three incidents: 1) Trump belittled and mocked a disabled reporter, 2) Trump declared American-born federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel unfit to preside over the Trump University trial because he’s of Mexican descent, and 3) Trump verbally pissed all over the Khans, who sacrificed their son in Iraq.

The list of Trump’s attacks and atrocities is growing so long, so fast, nobody can keep up with it. In a series of recent tweets, he called the same media that has given him billions of dollars’ worth of free exposure “disgusting and corrupt.”

I have to agree. I’m disgusted that every news outlet has thoroughly corrupted itself with 24/7 Trump coverage. There’s no escaping him in print, on TV, or online.

Collins wrote…

“I had hoped that we would see a ‘new’ Donald Trump as a general-election candidate — one who would focus on jobs and the economy, tone down his rhetoric, develop more thoughtful policies and, yes, apologize for ill-tempered rants.”

Many other Republicans rue having no sightings of “new” Trump, even though Trump told CNN back in July, “I am what I am.”

What I don’t understand is why anybody ever thought a smart, decent Trump lurked under his offensive bluster. Throughout his public life, Trump has worn his thin-skinned, arrogant narcissism like a Purple Heart.

For him to feign “newness” in any way is to smear lip gloss on his orange head ferret.

Trump’s had 70 years to perfect the waste of human flesh he is. No number of votes will change him. Even if he tried, he’d drop the act under pressure and revert to type, giving us a deluded, paranoid maniac who can’t handle facts, making decisions that affect this country and the world.

Republicans can’t blame Trump for not re-inventing himself. If they had a shred of decency, they’d blame themselves for enabling him to this point. If they ever hope for redemption, they’d kick Trump to the curb today and let Mike Pence take over (not that he’d win, but… any port in a storm).

BONUS: Kathleen Parker is the first columnist I’ve seen to use the “D” word to explain Trump — dementia — which I said back in June. And she does it using some grounded first-hand experience with the effects of brain damage.

It Takes One to Know One

November 20, 2007

By Adele

Around here, I’m called “The Twitch.” Fred and Yul think I don’t know what they really mean.

Joke’s on them because I’m flattered. Twitch describes my mercurial ways to a T. In a flash, I can go from cuddling on a lap to huddling under the bed. One minute I’m blissfully warming my toes on Yul’s tummy – the next I’m chasing him around like a fury. On Monday, chicken with rice is my favorite meal – on Tuesday, I won’t touch the stuff.

In humans I think this is called schizophrenia. But I’m just being the perfect cat.

It’s too bad Hillary Clinton isn’t a cat because she’s being called rude names and John McCain thinks it’s funny.

Some unidentified McCain supporter got her 15 anonymous minutes of fame by asking, “How do we beat the bitch?” She probably doesn’t realize she revealed herself with a capital B to all us females who get pretty sick of being dominated by men.

And now Kathleen Parker, whose columns usually make great litter box liners, is warning men to quit bashing Hillary because it might make women side with her. God forbid women should support each other. We might actually gain the upper hand.

On the other hand, Hillary would instantly end her run for president if she ever got tired of all this personal abuse and called her petty critics bastards.

But if she did it, I wouldn’t blame her a bit.

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