It Took 10 Years, But Finally…

January 10, 2012

By Karen

…My “day job” has a website. If you’ve ever wondered what I really do for a living (or you just can’t get enough of my brilliant writing — I can dream, right?), now there’s karenwormald dot com (or click here).

Contrary to popular notions about the infinite power of the ‘Net, I’ve managed to make a good living as a freelance writer since 2002 — and help businesses improve their websites — without having a Web presence myself. But I’ll concede that it would have been a bit easier with one.

My new site is really a WordPress blog because I wanted to stick with the platform I sorta know and not have to funnel updates through a busy Web designer. And I can post rants about writing there whenever the spirit moves me.

I’m letting you know about this to explain the scarcity of posts here lately and because I hope some of you out there may be able to help me drum up some new clients.

If you enjoy reading Cats Working and you know someone in corporate America who has any responsibility for bad newsletters, ads, or brochures, an error-riddled website, or cringe-worthy attempts at internal communications, please refer them to my site. I can help them clean up their act and get some respect.

Distance doesn’t matter. I’ve worked years with many clients I’ve never met face-to-face. That’s what email, phone, and the occasional fax are for.

My new site has a “Contact” form. Feel free to use it if you want to pass me a lead or ever want to get directly in touch with me for any reason. (I can’t find that feature in the Cats Working template or I’d have it here, too.)


Testing the Power of Cats Working

October 9, 2009

By Yul, Adele, and Cole

Today is Karen’s birthday, but we won’t say which one. We cats are planning a BIG surprise and we need your help.

Back in 2006, we inspired Karen to write a little book called How to Work Like a CAT: Walking with Confidence Through a Dog-Eat-Dog World. As of June 2009, sales stood at 7,249 copies. The publisher never did much to promote the book, but Karen worked her tail off to get it noticed.

In honor of her birthday, we’d like to boost sales to a respectable 10,000 copies, but since we’re indoor-only cats, this blog is our only way to spread the word.

The book is hardcover, full-color, and overflowing with feline wisdom. It makes an excellent, inexpensive gift for anyone who likes cats or works too hard — which covers just about everybody.

Cats Working readers, please help us between now and Christmas. Tell your family and friends about the book. Ask for it in your local bookstore. Take a minute to send a link to the book’s official Web site to everyone you know. It’s

The book is discounted almost 1/3 off on It’s also available on Canadian Amazon and in many other countries, although only in English.

(You can get used copies dirt-cheap, too, but they won’t count toward our goal — they’ve already been sold once.)

There’s also a really nice spin-off 2010 wall calendar at Amazon. Karen wrote all new tips for it. We’d love for you to buy that, too, but we won’t be greedy.

We’ve written 421 posts for your amusement and have never wanted anything in return. But now we’re shamelessly asking you — just once — to show us the power of Cats Working.

PS: Karen won’t know about this until January when the next royalty statement comes, but we’ll let you know how you did.

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