Jack the JFK Cat Didn’t Make It After All

November 7, 2011

By Max

I am typing with tears raining on my paws after finding out via Twitter that 5-year-old Jack the cat, who was lost for 2 months at JFK Airport thanks to the carelessness of American Airlines, has died.

None of the reports after he was found mentioned that he had sustained terrible wounds on his back. In fact, his NY vet said he was in pretty good shape, considering.

Well, that wasn’t the case at all. Because of Jack’s severe dehydration and malnutrition, the wounds wouldn’t heal. Now the vet’s comparing them to Jack “having severe burns over 50-60% of his body,” and even if Jack had undergone surgery to close them, it would have meant more suffering and no guarantee of recovery.

So Jack’s owner, Karen Pascoe, made the horrible decision to end Jack’s suffering yesterday. No account of what happened is clear, but I think Pascoe was with Jack, and that he never made it home to California and died in New York.

American Airlines supposedly paid Jack’s vet bills.

I also just learned that Jack was found at the airport in October only after he FELL THROUGH A CEILING.

Here’s a sad picture of Jack in his final days.

The moral of this tragic story for humans is this: If you are ever faced with transporting your pet as cargo on ANY airline — DON’T. Find another way. None of them can be trusted.

American Airlines Finds Jack the Cat

October 27, 2011

By Max

After the brainless massacre of those 38 big cats in Zanesville, Ohio, last week, we needed a cat-on-the-loose story with a happy ending.

On August 25, Jack, a handsome 18-lb. ginger long-hair, and his adoptive brother Barry, were in separate carriers, traveling with their owner, Karen Pascoe, from New York’s JFK airport to their new home in San Francisco. Pascoe was off somewhere having dinner when an airline employee stacked the carriers with Jack’s on top. It fell, and the door popped open. Jack, undoubtedly shaken and terrified, took off and hid in the vast incoming baggage area. Probably overwhelmed by all the strange noises and smells, he wouldn’t come out even when Pascoe returned and called him.

American Airlines sent Pascoe and Barry on to San Fran and said they’d keep searching for Jack.

It takes a really stupid airline to lose a furball this big.

Meanwhile, Pascoe set up a Facebook page for Jack, and there was talk of people boycotting American Airlines until Jack was found.

The London Daily Mail posted a tribute to Jack.

Jack’s supporters put up posters and passed out fliers around JFK, surprised by how many workers didn’t know a cat was on the loose. It makes you wonder how diligent American was about the search.

On October 25, someone found Jack in the customs room, dehydrated and thinner, but alive. Right now, he’s being treated by a vet in Queens. He developed fatty liver disease from lack of food. It will be days before he’s healthy enough to go to his new home.

What worries me is that Jack will be flying American Airlines. They’d better place his carrier in a first-class seat, with his own personal flight attendant right beside him.

Sad PS: During the search, other cats were found living at JFK and were taken to a kill shelter. ILet’s keep our paws crossed that Jack’s fans in the area help them all find homes.

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