Will Justice Turn the Tables on Zimmerman?

April 13, 2012

By Cole

Going rogue this week didn’t work out so well for George Zimmerman. He’s finally where he’s belonged since killing Trayvon Martin on February 26 — in jail.

Zimmerman has a new lawyer, Mark O’Mara, and they’ve actually met. Wisely, upon Zimmerman’s first appearance in court yesterday, O’Mara refrained from trying to get Zimmerman sprung on bail. Apparently, O’Mara realized how a quick bounce in and out of the slammer for George would go over with everyone who’s been watching this outrageous case unfold. But Zimmerman does have a bail hearing tentatively scheduled for April 20.

The option of lamming it to Peru is probably looking better to Zimmerman by the minute.

Trayvon’s mother said on the Today Show that she thinks the killing was an “accident.” That upset some people, so she clarified that the accident was really Zimmerman and Trayvon crossing paths at all.

I don’t think Zimmerman planned to shoot Trayvon when he ignored the dispatcher, left his SUV, and pursued the kid. I think Zimmerman just wanted to give his undersized cojones a self-esteem boost. He intended to bully and scare the bejesus out of a black kid to make him an example for the others he believed had “gotten away.”

What Zimmerman mis-estimated was Trayvon’s reaction, which apparently was to instinctively “stand his ground” and fight back. And that’s when Zimmerman lost control of the situation and things turned deadly.

Since Zimmerman was indisputably the instigator (proven during his 911 call) of a confrontation with an unarmed boy who was committing no crime, I hope the tables turn in court and Zimmerman finds that pre-arming himself and engaging in unwarranted pursuit of a minor made Trayvon the one protected by the Stand Your Ground law, fully justifying any injuries Zimmerman claims Trayvon inflicted on him.

Maybe a nice long prison sentence for Zimmerman will make the next gun-toting Barney Fife wannabe think twice.

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