For Trump, Follow Up Blame with Consequences

January 6, 2022

By Karen

I’ve been holding my fire on this Trump-getting-away-with-everything infamy for weeks because it makes me crazy to think about it. But on the anniversary of 1/6/21, we must face the fact that nothing has been done to strengthen democracy so monsters like Trump can never occupy the White House again.

Congress is crawling with traitors (on both sides) actively sabotaging Biden’s agenda and nothing is happening to them. Oh, right, Marjorie Taylor-Greene got kicked off Twitter.

I trace the origin of this mess to when the media and elected representatives willfully refused to communicate honestly about Trump.

Remember when no one on the airwaves would say Trump was lying? Except Lawrence O’Donnell, a true pioneer (this from March 14, 2017; Trump had been in office about two months)…

With hindsight on the torrent of vile, fact-free propaganda that ensued, all the other talking heads’ Victorian reluctance to speak inelegantly of Trump seems quaint.

We then had to suffer four years of gaslighting, with no one daring to call Trump a bat-shit mentally ill career criminal who broke laws willy-nilly right to our faces and dared us to do anything about it.

Oh, right, Trump was impeached TWICE, totally without consequences, except maybe some nasty write-ups in future history books that he’ll be too dead to read.

Today, even after the carnage of 1/6/21, they still use limp blame words when claiming to make big pronouncements — even adding toothless qualifiers — like, may be accountable, possibly responsible and could have culpability.

Blame words have no intent or effect but to invoke shame.

But Trump and his fellow traitors are incapable of shame. They say, “So what? We’re doing it. How are you going to stop us?”

Blame is a dead end. Nothing happens after blame. What every decent person in this country wants to see for Trump and his enablers are CONSEQUENCES.

From the two impeachments, what the 1/6 committee has gathered, and what we all witnessed firsthand during Trump’s regime, the guilt of Trump and everyone around him is irrefutable. The case against him has already been made…and made…and made.

Until somebody pronounces these criminals and traitors guilty, sentences them, and metes out dire consequences (life in prison without parole, at a minimum) to stop and punish behavior they now continue to engage in, we’ve got nothing.

Today, Joe Biden made a powerful speech where, without naming the orange bastard once, Biden laid 1/6/21 squarely in Trump’s lap.

But that’s all it was, blame. Now what?

Which brings me to Attorney General Merrick Garland. His big speech yesterday hinted that DOJ could go after Trump and his cronies, but gave not the slightest indication that he’s even attempting to maybe, possibly, even begin considering blaming Trump or his enablers for anything — let alone charging them.

But he’s all over prosecuting the small-potatoes brainwashed MAGA scum Trump sent rampaging through the Capitol.

I think Garland counts on himself and all the high-level perps dying off before he can get to them. Garland has proven himself so “above politics” and stuffed to the gills with integrity that he’ll let Trump and Republicans coup their way to fascist dictatorship while he slowly, meticulously, dots his I’s and crosses his T’s and keeps his skirts clean.

Garland is treating a nuclear war like it’s a pillow fight.

We need elected officials to end investigation stall tactics, to go with the multitude of hard, damning evidence they already have, and to mete out justice and political annihilation to Trump and Republicans — because they’re on a solid track to destroy democracy and must be stopped NOW.

Until treason and criminality have consequences, we’re all screwed.

White House Should Listen to Major Biden

April 8, 2021

By Max

You’ll find no dog-lovers here at Cats Working, but since we all share Major Biden’s backstory as shelter animals who made good, we’re unanimous in our opinion that he’s getting a raw deal over two alleged “biting” incidents.

We were shocked after the second one when that two-faced, closeted Trump-lover Joe Scarborough on MSNBC called Major “Cujo” and a “werewolf,” and had the NERVE to suggest that Major be put to sleep and “meet Dog Jesus”!

(At least Mika and Willie Geist took Major’s side.)

Even César Millán, the famous “Dog Whisperer,” called in to defend Major when Fox “News” was trashing him.

Let the record state that neither time did Major break skin or draw blood. Joe Biden himself confirmed that when Major first “nipped” a Secret Service agent. The second time, Major’s nippee was a National Park Service employee who got medically checked out at the White House and immediately returned to work “without injury.”

So, Mr. Scarborough, if you step on toes twice in a crowded elevator but don’t break any, should we take you out back and shoot you so you can meet “Douchebag Jesus”?

Let’s step back and consider this rationally. Major, who’s 3 years old now, went from anonymous shelter mutt to living with a former vice president — who then became president and promoted Major to Second Dog (his bro Champ, who’s 12, is First Dog) in the White House.

That’s a LOT of change for a doggy brain to process…

After the first nip, Major was sent home to Delaware for training, but he was only back at the White House for about a week when he got nippy again.

Major may be trying to tell Joe Biden something about the White House; he may smell lingering Trump cooties on people. German Shepherds tend to be very protective, and Major looks like he knows his job is keeping Biden safe…

Perhaps the best way to resolve this is to line up all the White House staff and the Secret Service like luggage at the airport and let Major do an inspection. Anyone he doesn’t pee on or nip gets Top Canine Clearance. The ones not so lucky need to be put on leave for more thorough background checks because something’s clearly not right with them. Dogs (and cats) know these things.

Or maybe Major senses Trump’s demented hatred of dogs and the White House needs an exorcism.

PS: Tomorrow is my 10th birthday and I’m celebrating with presents for EVERYONE! Roc and Tony are in for surprises. Stay tuned…

BONUS: Speaking of douchebags, Randy Rainbow has struck again with a classic parody from Oklahoma

Gee, Has Trump Finally Gone Too Far?

January 7, 2021

By Karen

To anybody with an iota of decency, the answer is definitely YES, but a fat lot of good it does because Trump’s toast in two weeks anyway. I have no doubt Congress will use his short-timer status as an excuse to do nothing, even though Trump personally endangered every one of them yesterday by whipping his crazed MAGA mob into storming the U.S. Capitol.

Even doing that, Trump couldn’t not lie. When he stood before the rioters basking in his Mussolini moment, he said, “We’re going to walk down, and I’ll be there with you,” according to the Washington Post.

Actually, he abandoned them to sit on his fat diapered ass in the comfy White House to gloat and watch his rabble of rubes swarm the Capitol like so many plague-carrying rats…

Photo Fort Worth Star-Telegraph

In addition to killing 371,000 (and counting) with COVID, yesterday Trump added four more to his body count: one supporter shot and killed inside the building, and three others who died elsewhere in the excitement. Fourteen police officers were injured, two seriously, according to the Wall Street Journal.

I want to set the record straight about one thing, because I’ve seen the media screwing this up big-time. Even Biden wussed out and got it wrong, saying about the riot, “It’s disorder. It’s chaos. It borders on sedition and it must end now.”

Trump was the one who committed sedition beyond a doubt by instigating the riot. The people who obeyed his orders didn’t “border” on anything. They committed insurrection. On camera. For the world to see.

While I’m ranting on weasel words, Trump didn’t create a “demonstration” or a “protest.” He fomented insurrection by a mob hell-bent on destroying the government to install Trump as a dictator. It’s also known as a “coup.”

The perpetrators weren’t “dissatisfied voters,” “protesters” or “demonstrators.” They were trespassers, vandals, assailants who intended to criminally assault (or kill) members of Congress, and let me not omit — traitors.

On the tame end of the spectrum, many disfigured the American flag by plastering Trump’s clown face across our Stars and Stripes, a crime in itself…

18 USC 700: Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties:

(a)(1) Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.

More seriously, once inside the building, they broke windows, ransacked offices, stole property, and defaced walls with rebellious graffiti.

While Trump knew his vice president was cowering in the bowels of the Capitol trying not to get attacked, Trump made a short video to squirt even more gasoline on the raging blaze…

After the Capitol was finally secured at about 8 p.m., Congress reconvened to continue their election certification vote. I watched six Republican senators affirm their objections (seven chickened out) and essentially pledge their allegiance to the rioters. That’s when I went to bed in disgust. Today I’m unable to find how many House members followed suit, but some did and were out-voted.

After all that, Biden is definitely our next president.

Any Congress member who objected violated the oath they swore to the Constitution. Period. Expelling them from Congress should be a no-brainer, but we know how that goes. Chickenshit leadership will denounce it, then say voters should “clean up” that mess come reelection time.

As I’m writing this, if Pence and the Cabinet had a ball among them, they’d have invoked the 25th Amendment and removed Trump today. He’s unable to perform his duties because he’s buried them under his own shit.

But, of course, no one’s done a damn thing.

The toughest punishment Trump has faced is that Twitter suspended him for 12 hours for “inciting violence” and deleted several of his incendiary tweets.

Let me put that in perspective. I once got myself suspended for 12 hours for an insulting tweet about Sarah Huckabee Sanders that I can’t even remember.

BUT: Twitter may have banned Cats Working permanently* from Twitter on Christmas Eve because I wished Trump the gift of tar and feathers. Twitter’s reason: I also was “inciting violence.”

My tweet was viewed 138 times and resulted in nothing.

Trump’s tweets successfully motivated thousands of violent zealots to storm the U.S. Capitol and got one of them shot to death.

Yeah, it’s exactly the same thing.

If you voted for Donald Trump in November, and you still don’t believe he LOST the election by 7 million votes, whether you were in D.C. yesterday or not, consider yourself one of that mob.

*I don’t know my Twitter status because Twitter used the word “suspended,” which implies a temporary situation, rather than “banned,” “terminated,” or “expelled.” My account still exists, although frozen as of December 24, stripped of followings and followers, and rendered useless. I can’t even delete the guilty tweet. Only time will tell.

Watching Republicans Dig Their Own Graves

September 28, 2020

By Karen

By dismissing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish to wait until after the election to replace her, Trump, Moscow Mitch, and Losing Lindsey pissed on her casket as it sat on the Supreme Court steps.

And their pick, Amy Coney Barrett, had no problem stepping over Justice Ginsburg’s body before was even in the ground.

I only caught a bit of Barrett’s acceptance speech. So young, so cute, all those children, such family values.

But she clerked for Antonin Scalia, has only three years of judicial experience, and Trump likes her. That’s enough for me to conclude she’s an unqualified, reactionary dip-shit (female Kavanaugh, if you will) who would set the country back 150 years.

Her confirmation seems sure, and Trump will gloat over “owning” one-third of SCOTUS. I hope every dickless Republican who enables this rots in hell for eternity.

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s turn to James Comey. Last night he got another 15 minutes of fame being played by Jeff Daniels in the Showtime two-part series, The Comey Rule. Part 2 is tonight…

Last night was Comey agonizing over whether to go public about the investigations into Hillary’s emails — there were two, and neither produced a shred of evidence that her private server ever had negative repercussions on national security — to this day.

Meanwhile, Comey learned Trump’s cronies had gazillion contacts with Russians and opened an investigation into that before the election — but kept it secret.

Jeff Daniels has been making the interview rounds and saying Comey was “between a rock and a hard place” with Hillary. True. But he could have leveled the playing field A LOT by alerting voters to Trump’s Russian ties.

Comey, by treating Trump the mobster like he was a fellow Boy Scout and they both lived by an ironclad code of honor (as did Robert Mueller), Comey fucked the country, but good.

In turn, Comey got himself fucked by being fired on TV. Handing Trump the White House wasn’t enough to fill Trump’s bottomless pit of need.

And NOW The New York Times finally got its mitts on Trump’s tax returns. It’s just as you’d expect.

  • Trump claims many, many, many bogus expenses.
  • Trump’s businesses are mostly in the red.
  • Trump has paid few taxes or none at all for decades.
  • While in the White House, he’s made millions from foreign governments and others patronizing his businesses to get favors from the U.S. government.
  • He earns millions by forcing taxpayers to pay (at inflated rates) for his hundreds of visits to his own properties.
  • He’s only rich on paper; he lives like a leech.
  • He’s got huge debts coming due, and he can only hold off creditors by continuing to grift from the White House; otherwise, he’s toast.

Tomorrow, Trump debates Joe Biden. On Twitter, Trump’s been demanding Biden take a drug test, which can only mean Trump is pumped to the gills. We just don’t know whether he’ll snort Adderall and bounce off the walls, or if his doctors will sedate him into a semi-coma. We’ve been seeing more of that lately.

Either way, the bar is quite low for Biden. All he has to do is let Trump babble nonsense, respond in complete sentences, and laugh off Trump’s infantile taunts and he’ll look more presidential.

With each passing day that Republicans cling to a sinking Trump, stealing every advantage they can, while they can, they’re creating for themselves an even greater backlash at the polls as public disgust reaches a crescendo.

BONUS: The Washington Post named this monologue by comedian John Mulaney, “There’s a Horse in the Hospital,” one of the 10 best Trump take-downs…

Chapter 118: COVID Chronicles

August 13, 2020

By Karen

Day 155

Tony’s Fundraising Update & Biden Picks a Mate

As of this minute, Tony is ON the 2021 RAL Calendar but in 12th place, and $20 short of 11th place. This contest has become as nerve-wracking as the Kentucky Derby in the stretch. A lot can happen in the final nine days.

Yesterday, one Cats Working reader’s donation qualified for the match, and that helped loads, so THANK YOU to her and everyone who has supported our Tony. Donations are accepted until August 22.

I hate to be a noodge, but Tony’s got a real shot at this. I know I’m biased, but of the top 12, I think Tony’s a standout in name and looks, and his calendar page (should he get one) will be stunning…

I tried to get a nice headshot of Roc this morning, and this is how he cooperated…

Now, on to politics. I hope every treacherous fat cat who got a job from Trump enjoys his last five months at the taxpayers’ trough, because once Biden and Harris take over in January, the heads start rolling in Washington.

I initially wanted Kamala Harris for attorney general so she’d have the satisfaction of prosecuting the entire Trump administration. But then Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin reminded me of Sally Yates, and she’d be just as ruthless as AG because of all the shit Trump and his GOP clown squad in Congress have put her through, so there’s that.

Now I’m thrilled Kamala has the opportunity to redirect her aggression toward Biden’s foes as viciously as she attacked Biden himself in the primary debates.

Comedian Lauren Mayer’s singing may not be Broadway (or even off-off-Broadway) caliber, but you’ve got to give her credit for lightning speed in composing lyrics to extol our future vice president…

Trump did himself no favors yesterday by holding a press conference where he delivered the same litany of lies and boasts and called COVID deaths “fatilities” — TWICE. Someone has figured out that his team isn’t even bothering to write him new material every day, because he always reads it as if he’s never seen it before…

I wonder if Kamala will goad Trump into dumping Pence for former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. There’s nothing Tump would like better than to watch two women mud-wrestle over him in the VP debate on October 7.

If Trump does shed Pence, I hope he saves the news as his nomination acceptance speech’s big reveal on August 27 so cameras can catch Pence’s adoring gaze melt into excruciating pain as Nikki Haley plants a stiletto on his instep clamoring for Pence’s place beside Trump.

It’s a relief to know who our weapons are, so now Democrats across the country can fully focus on crushing what’s left of Trump.

BONUS: Since Trump is toying with delivering his acceptance speech at Gettysburg because he’s developed this delusion of being greater than Abraham Lincoln, comedian JL Cauvin delivers the Gettysburg Address, Trump-style…

Chapter 107: COVID Chronicles

July 13, 2020

By Karen

Day 124

Max, My Guinea Pig & Trump v. John Adams

He keeps topping himself, but in Trump’s most ridiculous assertion to date, he predicts that all media (social, print and TV) will wither and die under Joe Biden because Biden would get “low ratings.”

After three+ years of whining and screaming about wanting “the enemy of the people,” The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN, out of business, Trump in his dementia has the nerve to claim credit for their markets. Like we all want All-Trump-24/7. The narcissism and madness have reached another galaxy.

Trump played golf this past weekend and had a big white van parked near the course to block photographers’ view. But someone managed to capture this priceless little clip of Lard-Ass’s steadily advancing meltdown. Watch his left leg as he walks away (hope this works, I just figured out how to embed tweets)…

There’s NO WAY to rationalize that leg splay as anything but involuntary lack of muscle control (or a twisted diaper). Now, if only COVID would catch up with him. Even #MoscowMitch McConnell is getting cold feet about breathing COVID fumes in Jacksonville during the GOP convention, with Florida smashing through all records for new daily COVID cases, surpassing 15,000 on July 12.

NOW, TO THE CAT BEAT: Yesterday I washed the purple blankie that has been Max and Roc’s battleground at the end of the couch. To figure out what Max is really fixated on — the couch or the blankie — I switched it with the pink blankie from the rocker. Max has never had a problem with it. In fact, it was his favorite spot last Christmas…

My hypothesis: Max would either prove that what covers the couch is irrelevant and it’s a turf war, or he’d go to the rocker because his real love is the purple blankie.

So, I invited Max to sit beside me on the couch. When he noticed that his end looked different, he not only refused to touch the pink blanket, but seemed a bit agitated. After I swapped things back, Max went right over to his spot and plopped down.

Bottom line: It’s the couch AND the purple blankie.

ANOTHER SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH: I’ve discovered how not to have Trump be my last thought at night (leading to nightmares), or my first shriek of despair in the morning.

While I was watching the musical 1776 last week, I had an urge to learn everything about John Adams. We were born roughly 42 miles apart in Massachusetts, so he’s my people. I ordered a used but pristine copy of David McCullough’s mammoth Pulitzer Prize-winning biography, John Adams, for $7, including shipping.

Last night I started reading it before bed, and I’m already hooked. Adams was only about 5’7” or 8” and many found him mouthy and obnoxious. He was considered a conservative, but had many liberal positions like anti-slavery. As a person, he was virtually Trump’s opposite. For example, only one wife, Abigail, and their voluminous correspondence is hard evidence that they had a strong, loving 54-year marriage.

Anyway, I went to sleep trying to picture the Adams farm in Braintree, and woke up still thinking about Adams.

Just as in 2001, after I heard George W. Bush refer to the 9/11 terrorists “the folks who did this” and immediately drove to Charlottesville to visit Monticello and be near  Thomas Jefferson, I think Adams will take the edge off Trump through the election.

Well, after I hit “Pause” tomorrow to read Mary Trump’s damning book about Uncle Donald, Too Much and Never Enough.


Chapter 92: COVID Chronicles

June 28, 2020

By Karen

Day 109

Let’s Compare Notes: How Are We Doing?

As time drags on, trapped between COVID and Trump’s incessant assault on our sanity, we must wonder how or when it will end. Will life ever be “normal” again?

For 109 days I’ve only ventured out every few weeks for food and liquor, and twice to visit my parents at a distance.

I could run other errands, but always ask myself, “Is what I need to do at X worth getting sick and dying for?” The answer is always no, so I don’t do it.

My work has dropped off to part-time. Some will probably come back, some not. The lull has made time to write 92 blog posts in as many days, a feat I’ve never come close to before.

When my posts get no reaction whatsoever, I see by the statistics that somebody did look. I count those as human contact that day. But comments are the best affirmations I receive.

I stay up later, sleep later, and spend virtually every waking moment staring at a computer, phone, tablet or TV screen unless I’m cooking or in the bathroom. Too many of my meals have no green on the plate.

Even with the lighter workload, I look forward too much to flopping on the couch evenings to tune out the world with nonpolitical TV shows and martinis or a bottle of wine.

I feel guilty about all the productive things I could do but don’t. I have watercolors, but haven’t painted. I did some coloring in Chapter 5. My house is full of good books I could read every day for the rest of my life and never get through.

Instead of blogging for free, I could write a book. I’m a writer.

But not to beat myself up too much, I grew chives from nubs. I still study Norwegian (update another time). I continue this daily, mostly one-sided correspondence with somebody out there.

Essentially, two main things keep me going. One is these little guys…

They’re my reason to get up every morning (if I didn’t, Roc and Tony would probably eat me). It’s like I room with three demanding frat brothers in fur coats.

The other reason is my solid determination to survive Trump so I can see his downfall.

Trump is falling apart. I scour Twitter every day for video clips the news media refuses to use. That they continue to conceal most hard evidence of his deterioration is a crime in itself.

Trump has balance issues. His arms and shoulders jerk uncontrollably, which simultaneously causes him to mispronounce words. Watch him closely when he’s clutching the podium as he speaks. He has trouble swallowing. He can no longer form sentences. He’s incapable of conversation. When asked any question, he responds with babble he’s said thousands of times. (Ex: “We’ll see what happens.”) He expresses no original thoughts on any subject.

He is still able to fixate on criticisms he hears about himself, which he parrots as projections onto others. Right now he’s obsessed with making us believe Biden has dementia.

We must all get through this alive. As long as Trump manages to elude COVID, it’s up to us to criticize him, mock him, hold him accountable for his crimes and face down his cult of ignorant, no-class lowlifes. They are NOT a “silent majority,” but a sick, twisted minority of racist, backward-thinking traitors who will not prevail. We must drive those who don’t die of COVID through their own stupidity back into the shadows.

I agree with Joe Biden that the United States, as a whole, is a country of honorable and decent people. We let our guard down, and now we must stay strong to put an end to the rotten Republican Party that made a Trump possible.

Chapter 59: COVID Chronicles

May 26, 2020

By Karen

Day 76

Sliding Door Mystery & Trump Sways Like a Star Spangled Banner

My handyman came today (masked, thankfully) and fixed the sliding glass door. He simply yanked out a rectangle of plastic jammed in the track that kept the door from completely closing. He said he’d never seen such a piece before and could only guess it was under the door by mistake and eventually worked its way out.

But it was sitting in the track higher than the door, because I had to lift the door over it. When it was under the door, you’d think the door would have wobbled or I wouldn’t have been able to slide it at all. Hmm… Whatever.

The door works now and doesn’t seem crooked. If it leaks next time it rains, I’ll have to hire a real door company to figure out what’s up with that. So, fingers crossed.

In today’s mail was a scary envelope from the Department of the Treasury, but it held Mango Mussolini’s bullshit follow-up to the $1,200 rebate, autographed with his Sharpie scribble. He claims he’s “working around the clock to protect hardworking Americans like you from the consequences of the economic shutdown.”

He goes on to lie…

“We are fully committed to ensuring that you and your family have the support you need to get through this time.”

While I’m on a Trump roll, how about Memorial Day? Apparently, Trump was physically unable to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. But to give him the big holiday photo op he’d have had a hissy fit over skipping, they let Trump look at a big wreath and give it a pat.

You could see how he relished playing soldier and feeling very presidential. But first thing that morning, he exposed his utter ignorance of the purpose and solemnity of the day by tweeting…

This brief ceremony at the Tomb provided a rare glimpse of Trump not seated in advance or relying on a podium for balance. Compared to the other men, watch him sway back and forth during “The Star Spangled Banner,” particularly at 1:09, “…at the twilight’s last gleaming.” He’s off balance because he can’t dangle both arms in front of him.

Then pay close attention at 4:20. He’s standing in front of the wreath and crosses his hands over his gut. A quick spasm jerks his hands up, and he tries to cover it with a sweep of his right arm.

Here’s a short clip of Obama showing how presidents traditionally lay that wreath. Apparently, after two straight days of golfing, Trump wasn’t up to all that exertion…

Joe Biden, on the other hand, left his house for the first time since mid-March, in a mask, to lay a wreath at Delaware Memorial Bridge Veteran’s Memorial Park, and he didn’t make it a photo op circus. Because Joe Biden gets it.

Chapter 34: COVID Chronicles

May 1, 2020

By Karen

Day 51

Max Gets Bullied & Biden Gets Blindsided

Tony’s apparently old enough now to appreciate a fine ‘nip, so I let him have some last night and found him sprawled on the kitchen floor looking a bit wacked out…

Speaking of intoxication, I opened my office window today, which I don’t often do. Even though all the other windows were already open, it immediately became the hottest ticket in the house…

Yesterday, I captured a typical encounter between Max and Roc. It all starts out friendly enough, and then Roc has to turn bully…

Roc only left because I nudged him off the table. He knew just where to pick so Max was helpless to defend himself.

And now a word about Joe Biden. Until today, I’ve deliberately kept Tara Reade’s #MeToo allegation off my radar. We already know Joe’s a toucher and a hugger, but a finger rapist? Puleez.

This morning I did catch his first interview about it with Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe. I don’t know how he kept his cool because I was screaming at Mika, who didn’t listen to a word he said. Her obvious mission was to paint him as evasive, uncooperative and guilty.

I think it will boil down to confirming whether or not the sexual harassment complaint Reade claims she filed exists. Reade has apparently produced all her Senate employment records for 1993 — she kept everything — BUT the complaint.

Biden issued a very calm and measured statement flatly denying Reade’s accusation without attacking or trying to discredit her. It’s a complete 180 from how Trump reacts in these situations.

Biden repeatedly explained to Mika that any complaint would be in personnel records maintained by the National Archives, and he’s asked them to find it and make it public if it exists. Mika wasn’t hearing it, and continued to demand that Biden have his personal papers at the University of Delaware searched.

What more could the man do?

Trump and the GOP make a grave mistake if they think this puts Biden on equal footing with Trump when it comes to assaulting women. Trump’s in a vile league of his own.

Biden has said and done everything an innocent man would do in such circumstances. Trump, on the other hand, wears his record as a serial predator who’s obsessed with his own daughter like a badge of honor, while doing everything he can to demean and insult his victims.

I just hope Democrats don’t repeat the Al Franken mistake and destroy Biden’s candidacy with their soul-searching.

Here’s a thorough article by a federal prosecutor analyzing many gaping holes in Reade’s claim and her subsequent questionable behavior.

On a purely logistical level, since women weren’t allowed to wear pants in Congress until 1993, such a formal workplace would have required hosiery — PANTYHOSE — under dresses and skirts. Reade wouldn’t have been running around bare-legged. Biden would have had to poke through her pantyhose to do what she’s claiming.

That’s the type of gaucherie only a depraved pig like Trump would try at the office.

What do you think?

Chapter 11: COVID Chronicles

April 8, 2020

By Karen

Day 28

Broke and Indebted

Best news today: Bernie Sanders dropped out. Now Democrats can go after Trump with both feet. Just hope Bernie can convince his Bernie Bros to lose the butt-hurt and vote for Biden instead of being self-defeating dumbasses like they were in 2016 and staying home or voting for Trump out of spite.

Caught this rare glimpse of Roc not bullying Max. It lasted about two seconds after I snapped the camera…

So far, so good with the grocery delivery yesterday; I have no symptoms of anything. But a follow-up on that: I sent feedback through Aldi’s website about Patrice’s great work and today received a “case number” and instructions to log onto Instacart.

Since it seemed my message got tossed into the “My bologna was slimy” pile, I sent a tweet to Aldi while collecting names and addresses at corporate.

But then Aldi tweeted back and assured me their peeps read all messages and forward them to the proper departments and stores. I’m believing them, but it’s likely my path will cross Patrice’s again one day, so if they’re lying and she gets no kudos, I’ll find out.

As a sitcom connoisseur, last night I realized CBS and NBC are running shows with identical premises head-to-head on Thursdays at 9:30.

NBC’s is called Indebted and its greatest/only asset is Fran Drescher (The Nanny). Here’s their promo blurb…

“Young parents Dave and Rebecca are ready to reclaim their lives after years of diapers and sleepless nights. However, things take an unexpected turn when Dave’s parents show up unannounced and broke, leaving Dave with no choice but to open the door to the two people who gave him everything. But these boomerang parents aren’t great with boundaries, and the question of who’s parenting whom quickly becomes blurred.”

If it somehow gets a second season, it wouldn’t surprise me if Drescher is the only survivor. When it comes to making comedy, she’s chewing through the cast, even though all she’s given to work with is the hackneyed Jewish mother schtick.

On CBS is Broke and I don’t know any of the actors. However, they are, without exception, delightful. I’ve paraphrased the CBS blurb…

“A single suburban mother is shocked when her estranged sister, her sister’s outrageously wealthy, big-hearted Latino husband and his fiercely loyal assistant/driver/friend land on her doorstep needing a place to live after the couple’s money dries up. Though class differences separate the women, and the size of the house will test the limits of family ties, the bond of sisterhood might be the catalyst they need to restore their relationship.”

Broke has the advantage of a brilliant little nerd whose scenes with the gorgeous Latino husband are unbearably charming. And the writing is wonderful.

If you get a chance to check them out, I’d like to hear your take.

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