Palin’s Pawns Get a Reality Check

November 24, 2010

By Adele

When Bristol Palin seemed deeply disappointed she didn’t win Dancing with the Stars, she revealed an appalling sense of entitlement. Just because she managed overcome utter ineptness after 3 months of intense dance training, she seemed to think the other far superior dancers deserved to get the shaft.

Palin fans undoubtedly cheered when Bristol said that winning would “feel like a big middle finger to all the people out there who hate my mom and hate me.”

In other words, her dancing was irrelevant. She was out to prove that most people love Palins.

Mom wasn’t there for the finals to share Bristol’s chagrin and comfort her. Sarah left that duty to whomever she’d paid to be there because she had a book to launch. From early reports, America by Heart sounds like a rambling, pointless, snipe-fest, a big “middle finger” to anyone she holds a grudge against.

Spite is now the name of the game.

“Sorry, honey. Wish I could see you dance one last time, but I’ve got scores to settle.”

I’d also bet my treats that Sarah’s absence was calculated. She couldn’t afford to be there if Bristol didn’t win. Who would vote for the mother of a loser for president?

Fortunately for DWTS, the results, such as they were, turned out exactly as they should have. Jennifer Grey’s superior technique and string of perfect routines deserved to win, and Kyle Massey’s showmanship deserved runner-up.

I’ve gone on record saying Bristol is the smart Palin, but she has set me straight. All I want now is to see her return to her brainless receptionist job, raise her son, and stop being her mother’s tool.

Everyone who voted for anybody but Bristol showed Sarah, her Mama Grizzlies, the Tea Party, and other neocon nut jobs that fair and reasonable people can still say “Hell, NO!” to rewarding blind ambition and stupidity.

Now, let’s try to channel that momentum from reality stars to elected officials.


DWTS is a Tea Party Tool

November 17, 2010

By Adele

Sarah Palin sits there gloating in the audience, tacitly reminding her Mama Grizzlies to prove she’s got clout by calling in and shredding what’s left of Dancing with the Stars’ credibility.

There’s NO WAY IN HELL Bristol Palin should be one of the top 3 dancers in the finals next week. For 7 WEEKS OUT OF 9, she has been at or near the bottom of judges’ scores, including this week. Yet Brandy, who has danced better than Bristol since Week 1, got the boot, narrowing it down to Bristol, Jennifer Grey, and Kyle Massey.

Granted, dancing has made Bristol more outgoing, but her routines are still beginner stuff, and she has remained chubby. Either rumors she’s pregnant again are true, or she’s not working at it very hard. Many past contenders have lost weight and gotten into shape, and it shows. Not so with Bristol.

Bristol rationalizes that her popularity is due to ordinary people identifying with her. Sorry, kid. Mom and her Grizzlies are trying to buy you a trophy you simply don’t deserve, and they’re shafting much better dancers to do it. You guys are fooling nobody.

DWTS has always been a toss-up dance/popularity contest. But after this flaming fiasco, future contestants might as well skip the aches and blisters. Dancing well has nothing to do with the outcome.

Bristol’s partner, Mark Ballas, undoubtedly knows they don’t belong in the finals. In Bristol’s paso doble “solo” bit, he just had her stalk the floor like a giant bat. Even on a good night, Bristol’s footwork is sloppy, if she remembers it.

The judges have probably been ordered to ignore all her shortcomings, because instead they gush about how much Bristol has “blossomed.”

The Tea Party has an undeniable death grip on this season. They’d vote for Bristol if she fell on her face and crawled. Palin proudly told People magazine she’s been paying for people from Alaska to fill the audience and cheer for Bristol.

ABC can bask in their high ratings now, but selling out to Palin this season may spell the beginning of the end of DWTS.

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