Why We Can’t Fix Iraq

June 25, 2014

By Cole

ISIS is having a blast rampaging through Iraq, seizing buildings and oil fields, and showing everybody what badass al-Qaeda rejects they are.

But what will they do with Iraq once they’ve got it? When they realize how tedious running a country is, will they decide to stick with their strength and go off to conquer the next weakest link?

The Iraqi government would love for the U.S. to swoop in and kick ISIS’ butt so Iraq’s so-called leaders can keep their own skirts clean and their money in the bank. And why not? We’ve been willing before to pour limitless blood and money down that rat hole.

But this is the same government that wanted us completely OUT in 2011 and forced Bush to agree, leaving that clean-up job for Obama so Dick Cheney can now blame Obama for doing it.

Sadly, it’s the innocent Iraqi people who pay for our stupidity. Saddam Hussein understood Iraq better than that useless turd we left in the punchbowl, Nouri al-Maliki. We have only ourselves to blame for giving ISIS a reason to exist.

We abhor Koran-misquoting nuts who grasp at any flimsy reason to start “holy” wars, yet we tolerate our own Bible-misquoting nuts who can walk down almost any American street armed to the teeth, blow away innocent people on deluded pretenses, and then walk free to do it again.

“Gun rights” is our euphemism for terrorism in the U.S., and it’s legal. We’ll even defend people’s right to commit it on a mass scale. So what right have we to claim moral superiority over ISIS or any other terrorists?

Hell, we give national face time to blood-thirsty lunatics like Cheney, who scream the loudest for war every time people in the Middle East start killing each other over silly stuff, just like we do here, as if THEY’RE the only ones with a problem.

So, as a token, 300 of our soldiers are being sent back into harm’s way to play Dear Abby in combat boots, dispensing priceless “advice” to the American-trained Iraqi army, like…

“Keep your clothes on. No war was ever won by soldiers running away in their skivvies.”

“When ISIS attacks, instead of giving them your gun, aim it at them and pull the trigger.”

I say, Iran is much better situated and equipped to sort out the Iraq mess. We should leave it alone. America needs to gets its own house in order before it can preach peace to the Middle East. Our hypocrisy just makes things worse.

Can You Be Too Evil for a Transplant?

March 27, 2012

By Adele

Apparently not. Sometimes karma must take a nap. Last weekend, former vice president Dick Cheney got a heart transplant, after being kept alive with a pump for 20 months.

I don’t wish anybody dead, but with Cheney, you have to wonder if the U.S. would have started wars and the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan if any of Cheney’s pre-2000 heart attacks had been fatal.

But because Cheney survived to beat the drum for war, tens of thousands of innocent soldiers and civilians have died. And Cheney has never expressed the least bit of remorse about it.

Not to mention all the animals he’s killed for fun on his hunting trips.

And now there’s a family, probably somewhere in the D.C. area, who must be wondering if the loss of their loved one made it possible for Cheney to survive yet again.

And if the organ donor wasn’t a war-loving conservative, his or her family must live with the suspicion that they helped resuscitate a monster. Transplant protocol allows for donors and recipients to remain anonymous.

In this case, it’s probably for the best.

Meanwhile, much younger heart patients who have never killed anybody continue to wait — and may die waiting for a heart donor.

The good news is that Cheney is retired and irrelevant, so it’s highly unlikely he’ll instigate any more wars. He’s free to happily live out the rest of his days on the fortune he raked in at Halliburton.

But karma may never live this down.

John McCain’s ‘Scorn and Disdain’

December 15, 2011

By Cole

And a Merry Christmas to him, too.

Obama’s finally putting a lid on Bush’s wrongheaded fiasco in Iraq, and Republicans are stomping their sour grapes. Apparently, squandering $1 trillion and killing 4,500 Americans and 100,000 Iraqis isn’t enough. The GOP wants more waste and bloodshed under its tree this Christmas.

On the final combat troop withdrawal, John McCain declared to the Senate, “I believe that history will judge this president’s leadership with the scorn and disdain it deserves.”

Yeah, like McCain’s stellar “leadership” when he unleashed that opportunistic nitwit, Sarah Palin, as his running mate. Three years later, she’s still spewing stupidity across the lower 48.

Republicans claim that Iraq is still so unstable, it will probably fall into Iran’s arms and stop being our friend.

Since we decided to shove democracy down its throat, when has Iraq ever been our friend? If Iraqis haven’t learned self-governance after nearly 9 years of hand-holding, what makes McCain think they’ll catch on if we stay 9 more — or 100?

Granted, facing reality is a real strain for Republicans, but the fact is that being a mess is the norm in the Middle East. We’ve watched them riot and depose murderous rulers they’ve tolerated for decades, only to end up going, “Ruh, roh! Now what?”

Even if Arab countries could fulfill their hearts’ desire and wipe out Israel, they’d probably just start picking fights with each other and escalate hostilities toward Christians, just for the fun of it. That region will NEVER be mini-America.

Nor should we want it to. Nearly half the U.S. is living in poverty or close to it, with little hope of escape.

Inadequate, unaffordable healthcare is steadily sucking the economy dry with NO end in sight, but Americans are in poorer health than those in most other industrialized nations.

Republicans have “scorn and disdain” for our black leader and try to keep him from accomplishing ANYTHING whenever they can.

Is that what McCain wants the Middle East to aspire to?

If they really do love this country so much and want to lead it again, McCain and his cronies would do better to stop deifying every wack-job who comes down the pike wanting Obama’s job, forget countries they can’t control, and start getting proactive about what CAN be fixed here at home.

McCain’s Chasing His Own Tail on Iraq

July 25, 2008

By Fred

To listen to John McCain talk about “winning the war” in Iraq, you’d think it’s 1945. Iraq isn’t a “war” and it never was. It was an unprovoked invasion. Now it’s an occupation. And the Iraqis have had enough of it.

Saddam Hussein was a blustering bully, but he was no danger to us when we attacked his country. He had no viable weapons of mass destruction, no ties to al-Qaeda, and nothing to do with 9/11.

In cat parlance, the U.S. subjected Iraq to “misdirected aggression.” Enraged over 9/11, we pounced on the easiest target – an unsuspecting bystander.

Our “enemy” in Iraq didn’t materialize until after we were there. Insurgents arose to kick us out, and outside terrorists joined them just to waste our money and resources – because we made it easy for them to do.

Now McCain is saying, “The fact is, if we had done what Sen. Obama wanted to do, we would have lost.”

Lost WHAT??!! Obama never wanted to go to war. There would have been nothing to lose. We’d even have about an extra trillion dollars to spend fixing our own problems.

McCain doesn’t realize that there’s no “winning” in Iraq because there’s no one to vanquish. Saddam’s dead. Once we leave, the people can go back to squabbling with each other and the terrorists will scatter.

Republicans’ claim that “losing is not an option” is ridiculous, even to a cat. Losing wouldn’t have been an option if they hadn’t attacked Iraq in the first place.

The last thing we need is a president who embraces misdirected aggression as foreign policy and sees “winners” and “losers” in touchy situations where cooperation – not competition – is what’s needed.

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