Trump’s Strange Lack of Curiosity About Russia Explained

July 6, 2017

By Karen

Melania may have a hard time tucking Donald into bed tonight in Hamburg on the eve of what’s believed to be his first face-to-face with his idol, Vladmir Putin, at the G20 summit. It’s hard to know for sure if they’ve ever met before because Trump’s been lying for several years about their acquaintance.

By all reports, Putin’s done his homework and is well-armed with facts and intelligence. Trump goes in with the mostly blank slate he calls his “good brain.”

Trump has never asked about how Putin interferes in U.S. elections. I think it’s because Trump already knows. During the campaign, his flying monkeys verbally kept him informed on how they coordinated Russia’s efforts on Trump’s behalf.

The White House couldn’t get Trump up to speed on Putin because Trump’s puny attention span allowed only a series of tweet-length bullet points. He’s incapable of absorbing any more.

Putin also has an agenda, which likely includes getting back those two spying bases in the U.S. that Obama seized on his way out the door, and probably the lifting of financial sanctions.

Trump’s attitude seems to be, “Ask not what Russia can do for you, but what you can do for Russia,” because Trump requested a list of “deliverables” for Putin. Hey, why not? The man helped put Trump in the White House.

No one expects Trump to bring up Russia’s meddling as a bad thing. Rather, Trump may drop to his knees before Putin in gratitude and ask him how he likes his blow jobs.

Nah, I go too far. It wouldn’t be presidential, and it would take a crane to get Trump back on his feet. Maybe that’s why he brought Melania.

As for the rest of the summit, it remains to be seen how gauche and boorish Trump will be this time. At least the other leaders know to expect some scolding and shoving.

Angela Merkel has made it clear she has no use for the arrogant man-baby, and Emmanuel Macron has already played Trump’s childish alpha-male games.

When Trump’s BFF, Chinese President Xi Jinping, strolls in, wanna bet Trump goes all sweet and gooey like chocolate cake, instead of ordering China to bring North Korea to heel, like he’s been demanding in speeches to everyone else?

I don’t see how Trump can possibly survive this summit with his ass intact. After Putin chews him up and spits him out, the other 18 leaders can steer around his bloated orange carcass like roadkill. On too many fronts, Trump has not only abdicated leadership, but his right to express an opinion. CNN did a succinct run-down on the major conflicts Trump has created with the other 19 18 countries. (Correction: One of the G20 members is a representative of the EU.)

It’s sad that I actually want to see a president of the United States disrespected and demeaned in an international forum. But maybe being publicly bitch-slapped by other leaders will get his attention. Nothing will make him humble, but if the world stops listening to or believing him, it may minimize the damage Trump can inflict


Michelle Obama’s G20 Fashion Unsense

April 2, 2009

By Adele

First Lady Michelle Obama is inspiring in many ways, but almost every time she dresses for a special occasion, she brings out my cattiness.

This week she’s in London at the G20 summit. The press is raving about her wardrobe, comparing her to Diana and Jacqueline Kennedy. They both must be flipping in their graves.

Givenchy, Chanel, and Oleg Cassini vs. J.Crew® and Jason Wu? Puhleez!

So far, the only lovely outfit Michelle has worn was that bright yellow number upon her arrival in England.


She lucked out when the First Lady of France, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, decided to stay home this week. Carla embodies French chic and has the svelte figure to pull it off. She can’t help making Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah and Michelle look frumpier than Laura and Barbara Bush.

I hope the button on that sweater get combat pay.

I hope the buttons on that sweater got combat pay.

Michelle wore this pale green skirt with a beaded and rhinestone cardigan in the morning to visit cancer patients. Could you ever picture Jackie or Diana in that situation in that getup?

Later that day, Michelle donned a black cardigan sweater to meet the Queen of England, and didn’t even attempt a curtsy.

(Photo - John Stillwell/AP)

What's with the Marge-Simpson-inspired necklace with everything? (Photo - John Stillwell/AP)

But you know the royals must be chuckling at our new First Lady’s artless fashion gaucherie. She almost makes Camilla look stylish.

At least I haven’t seen Michelle in any more full skirts with petticoats so far, which only look good on someone young enough to pair them with Mary Janes and white, lace-trimmed anklets. (Got that, Sarah Jessica Parker?)

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. Michelle went out with the other G20 wives last night wearing a Carrie Bradshaw denim-colored full skirt with — you guessed it — an Argyle cardigan and those Marge Simpson beads.

Let’s face it, Michelle’s warm, friendly, super-smart, and has the arms of a boxer, but she’s got issues. Pencil skirts and pastels aren’t her friends. She should wear vivid colors and body-skimming styles — and lose those lousy cardigans — to play up her assets.

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