O’Reilly May Thank Trump for Getting Him Fired

April 20, 2017

By Karen

Fox News bravely cut loose its darling douchebag, Bill O’Reilly, after more than 80 advertisers stampeded for the exits upon hearing O’Reilly’s despicable behavior toward women goes back many years and has cost him and the network $13 million in hush money.

O’Reilly’s ratings actually rose during all this, thanks to the loyalty of staunch family-values fans who love wallowing in depravity they pretend to abhor.

I think O’Reilly could have weathered this scandal if Donald Trump had kept his mouth shut. But you know Trump. If he sees an opportunity to slither onto someone else’s headline, he doesn’t hesitate.

Having the Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief  say he didn’t think O’Reilly’s long history of boorish, threatening behavior constituted “anything wrong” was probably the last straw for many women. They turned out in droves to vent their rage at all such behavior and call for O’Reilly’s head on a platter, because it’s the only head available on the menu at the moment.

Now, when just desserts seem to be in extremely short supply, it was highly satisfying to wake up this morning to the news that O’Reilly got the axe while vacationing in Italy and shaking hands with the Pope. His display of piety proved to be too little, too late.

I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Bill O’Reilly. He’s one of those guys who will feel world events aren’t complete without his particular spin on them, and he’ll turn up somewhere, on talk shows, radio, or online.

What’s impossible to tell is if O’Reilly’s departure will have any lasting impact on the culture of demeaning women that’s apparently ingrained at Fox. Having one less pompous blowhole there can only be an improvement.

BONUS: I’m not alone in feeling the Trump effect. While researching this post, I found this commentary by AOL’s editors.

BONUS 2: Here’s another one from Huffington Post.

Now Trump’s Just Sliming Us

October 13, 2016

By Adele

After the Access Hollywood tape surfaced where Trump talked about grabbing pussies, and then he behaved like an unprepared, sniveling little bitch and lost the second debate, Trump’s campaign has been sinking faster than Titanic, but with no ocean floor yet in sight.

This week he’s all about dredging up decades-old accusations against Bill Clinton. Trump vows to make Bill “look like Bill Cosby” by pushing the aging women Clinton long ago had relations with onto Sean Hannity’s show on Fox tonight.

Trump’s campaign manager, Steve Bannon, has claimed that Hillary “led a program of victim intimidation” and “viciously attacked” these women. If Hillary had truly destroyed them, how on earth could they be dragging their ravaged carcasses before the cameras today?

It’s like Trump can’t rest until he has made himself the most hated man on the planet.

A parade of women Trump groped has begun telling how he put his “locker room talk” into action after seeing him deny it. Naturally, he says it’s all lies. He should thank them for having given him their silence all these years so he could continue being a lecher.

Now even the most obtusely loyal Republicans (Paul Ryan, John McCain) are turning on him. So are voters in droves, although Trump dismisses voters by calling any poll that doesn’t favor him “crooked” or “rigged.”

I hope this pathetic freak show Trump and Hannity stage tonight backfires and boosts Hillary’s support by making her relatable, showing what she had to put up with during Bill’s catting-around days. That staying in the marriage and keeping up a brave face took an act of super-human strength when she probably wanted to smash Bill with a cast iron skillet for being so reckless and stupid.

Now that Trump’s campaign consists of nothing but desperately grasping at rotting, irrelevant straws, at what point does the media say, “Enough’s enough,” and leave it to Fox to let that sleazeball foul their airwaves with venom about ancient events? Fox is what his supporters watch. He’s not winning any new voters through mainstream media with this garbage.

I wish the moratorium would start today and Trump wouldn’t get one second of free air time unless he’s talking about something relevant to being president.

Then we could all sit back and listen to crickets chirp until election day.

Someone, Please, Explain “Debate” to Fox

August 7, 2015

By Adele

UVA’s political wonk Larry Sabato theorized to Rachel Maddow, and I paraphrase, that the Republican National Committee wants fewer than 17 candidates, but doesn’t have the cojones to dissuade anybody, so it’s letting Fox’s asinine debates do the job.

To get the “right” top 10 candidates, a number Fox pulled out of its ass, Fox probably cherry-picked the polls it used to get Chris Christie and John Kasich included.

I watched the 7 rejects in the 5 p.m. session (including Ricks Perry and Santorum), and no way was it a “debate.” The moderators simply lobbed cues to each candidate to regurgitate stump speech chunks. They didn’t face off at all.

Carly Fiorina gave the only noteworthy performance. Or, as mod Megyn Kelly later said, Carly “unleashed a can.”

You can’t not compare Carly to Sarah Palin’s witless garblings, and Carly was a veritable Demosthenes. Had she not run Hewlett Packard so deeply into a ditch that they gave her $40 million to get permanently lost, you might think she had a shot.

Lindsey Graham provided comic relief with his Donald Trump imitation, trying to evoke terror by claiming ISIS is invading the U.S. any minute now.

You had to feel sorry for them all.

The main event began at 8:50, as if Fox has never scheduled TV programming before. The moderators explained, “Since viewers think it starts at 9, we’ll wait,” and then wasted 10 minutes on inane banter.

Speaking of moderators, they were that nonentity Chris Wallace, over-processed Megyn Kelly, and Eddie Munster.

They marched the candidates on stage into a lineup and then ordered them to applaud the audience. In confusion, a few half-heartedly did.

Once behind the podiums, it was “Face the Mods” again. Gratuitous attempts at actual debate consisted of throwing one candidate’s cracks about another candidate back in the wisecracking candidate’s face and asking if he still believed them to be true.

Rand Paul proved feisty, bless his curls, and got into one good little tangle with Chris Christie that almost got ugly.

Donald Trump was dickish as always, but basically well-behaved. I don’t think he called anybody weak or stupid to their face. However, Megyn, as sternly as a vacuous but bitchy blonde can, reminded him that he’s called women “fat pigs” and “dogs” before.

Like Palin, I guess Megyn prefers her men to show their misogyny through legislation, not name-calling.

They tried to get Trump on the ropes for being friends with the Clintons and formerly having some liberal positions. He blew them off, claiming his ideas have “evolved, just like Reagan’s.”

And we saw lots of the usual mean Fox-baiting to elicit hatred of immigrants, gays, and the Fox-generated delusion that U.S. Christians are being persecuted.

But the candidates largely stuck to the high road. Jeb Bush was so reasonable, he came off as the only Bush who probably ever should have run for office.

John Kasich shined as a kind and moderate voice of reason.

Ben Carson got in some zingers and complained about not being given enough time, to which Megyn purred that she fully intended to personally give him more time, so much more time.

And then didn’t.

I learned Ted Cruz is Canadian. So, Republicans are good with Cruz for president even though he was born in another country to a U.S. citizen. But Obama, who was born in a U.S. state (Hawaii) also to a U.S. citizen, is NOT an American.

How do they keep all that crazy straight? Oh, right. They don’t even try.

Will this Fox farce be enough to sink some candidates? Only time will tell.

A Bourdain Catch-Up Marathon

February 16, 2012

By Karen

I’ve got a pile of Bourdainia stacked up, so let’s sift through and see what’s worth sharing…

Travel Channel just announced No Reservations Season 8 (yes, 8 – TC apparently forgot they tried to fob S7 off on us as two distinctly separate events) begins on Ariane’s 5th birthday, April 9.

Destinations include:

  • Austin, TX
  • Baja, Mexico
  • Burgundy region of France
  • Croatian coast
  • Emilia–Romagna region of Northern Italy
  • Finland
  • Rio De Janeiro
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Lisbon
  • Penang, Malaysia
  • Sydney

France, Italy, and Portugal, great, but I’m most looking forward to Finland. Tony told somebody recently he’s trying to overcome his distaste for orderly countries.

The rest, meh.

In the meantime, TC has given Tony’s usual 9 p.m. Monday slot to new episodes of Bizarre Foods, which must have Andrew Zimmern feeling “King of TC” is almost within his grasp.

On April 10, Bourdain will be TCM’s guest programmer, watching and discussing with host Robert Osborne such classics as The Searchers and Eyes Without a Face. This link also has his Oscar picks. I think he was swinging from way out in left field to claim Midnight in Paris is elitist. I saw it twice, don’t recall Djuna Barnes being mentioned, and STILL don’t know who it is.

This goes back to the NR Christmas special, but Broward Palm Beach New Times got a nice little video of Tony griping about the Travel Channel — complete with a foul cat simile.

Speaking of cats, he did it again in the San Francisco Layover episode, in the Hotel Fairmont tiki bar: “If you have no love in your heart for this place, you are a sick, twisted, lonely fuck with too many cats.”

In case you missed that one, Eater.com posted the best one-liners.

Rachael Ray talked about Bourdain with A.V. Club. It’s in the middle of the page, including, “Everybody has a right to their opinion, and quite frankly, there probably isn’t too much Tony has said about me over the years that wasn’t true… if you were Tony.”

Paula Deen should take notes.

Speaking of dear Paula, I wonder if Tony will be appearing on Fox any time soon after they used her announcement of Type 2 diabetes (and $$$ deal to shill for a drug company), along with some misinformation from TMZ, as an excuse to take a few big dumps on Bourdain.

One was titled, “Anthony Bourdain is a Moron,” with video where Fox talking heads refuse to pronounce his name correctly and act as if Tony calling himself “Bore-dane” is some twisted affectation on the spelling.

On the other hand, those phonetically-challenged bozos do think “Boehner” spells BAY-ner.

And in a second attack they called him an “elitist” displaying “Northern snobbery.”

New York magazine elicited many one-liners from Bourdain. Cole and Max were thrilled to learn that Tony also loves his man cave.

Men’s Journal got a meaty sit-down (in a NYC bar) interview with Tony.

Tony did a Q&A with Vanity Fair about vacationing in Ottavia’s neck of the woods in Italy, where he loves to devour Italian gossip magazines and TV game shows.

Apparently, Travel Channel has jerked Andrew Zimmern’s leash up short, keeping him in the U.S. for his next season. This article at South Coast Today provides an interesting analysis of Zimmern and Bourdain’s respective schticks.

Bourdain and Eric Ripert did their Good vs. Evil thing in Austin (where Tony’s filming NR in March — has TC clipped his leash, too?). Who knew Eric harbors a grudge against John McEnroe?

The Cynical Girl saw Bourdain and Ripert in Raleigh, NC, which inspired her to write, “Anthony Bourdain is Such a Piece of Shit.” If what she says about his note-reading delivery is true, he must have really been having an off night.

Here’s a 30-minute video from Reddit that apparently was recently unlocked for general viewing. Tony answers questions directly to the camera, and it’s about as close to conversation with him as it gets.

And Ottavia hasn’t been exactly hiding in a corner all this time…

The Genuine Kitchen got Ottavia to discuss why she loves for Amaretto Di Saronno as she was leaving the Cayman Cookout in January.

She also gave an interview to FightChix about — well, guess. If you’ve ever wanted to see more of her tongue, this is your chance!

Bye, Bye, Palin – Good Riddance

October 6, 2011

By Adele

When the begging wasn’t immediately redirected to her after Chris Christie declined again to run for president, Sarah Palin sidestepped embarrassment by piggy-backing onto Christie with her own “withdrawal” from the race.

In some twisted way, I bet she thinks it sets her and Christie up as the inevitable, unbeatable Palin-Christie GOP ticket in 2016.

Palin’s been milking her 16th minute of fame for too long, and this should finish her off. There’s little she can do to hold the public’s interest over the next 4 years that she hasn’t already tried.

She starred in a reality show that tanked. She pseudo-“wrote” 2 books that revealed there’s nothing but lint between her ears. She doesn’t do interviews, so talk shows are out.

Even her gig as a Fox News talking head is iffy. Fox’s chief, Roger Ailes, just told the Associated Press he hired Palin only because she was “hot,” and now that he’s making a “course correction” to steer his neocon propaganda machine network toward the middle ground, Palin’s incendiary hunter-speak about political foes being “targets” in her “crosshairs” won’t play.

So where does that leave Palin?

She might follow Bristol onto Dancing with the Stars if they can guarantee she’ll win it. She could appear on Celebrity Apprentice if Trump can be sweet-talked into rigging it so she wins. She could pose as Playmate of the Month because everyone’s dying to see how a woman with a litter of 5 looks naked.

Palin’s career trajectory is definitely headed for “Whatever Became of…?” and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

As the 2012 election heats up, we’ll undoubtedly see Palin making her last stand, popping up behind candidates’ shoulders at photo ops like some Alaskan Zelig as she desperately tries to cast herself as a kingmaker.

But she’ll finally have to set the course for her stupid bus back to Wasilla, where she can live out her days on the millions she bilked out of her gullible supporters.

Animal Planet Declares War on Housecats

August 1, 2011

By Cole

Bill O’Reilly’s upset about Norway’s mass murderer being called a “Christian” extremist? How would he like it if a network portrayed certain members of his species as psychos out to destroy people’s quality of life?

Oh, wait. I just described Fox News’ position on Democrats.

Anyway, Animal Planet undoubtedly hates housecats.

First, it was My Cat From Hell.

In this short-lived series, cats reacting predictably to inappropriate conditions forced upon them by people who think cats are furry knickknacks were filmed behaving “badly.” Then this tattooed dude named Jason Galaxy would come in, move litterboxes, recommend perches, toys, beds, and scratching posts, and everyone would live happily ever after.

Voila! The cat was “cured.”

Apparently that didn’t go far enough. Along came Help! I’m Becoming a Cat Lady. Apparently, it’s a one-off because it’s not listed on Animal Planet’s website.

But PopWatch loved it.

In this travesty, a single woman with two cats is painted as a walking dating disaster, and it’s all the cats’ fault. The premise is that it’s wrong to lavish too much affection on your cats.

This “fixer” named Alyson comes in to hide all traces of the cats by moving the litterbox and kitty perch (granted, the litterbox in the dining room was ICK).

The woman is taught to wear butt-hugging jeans and flirt so she can attract someone who will hog her blankets, leave her toilet seat up, commandeer her remote and, if things “work out,” double her laundry and dishwashing.

Furthermore, he’ll always want to know where she’s going, when she’ll be back, and what’s for dinner every night.

And this is supposed to be better than living with cats?

Not to mention that most guys are dog people, so if the “reformed” woman thinks she’s found a keeper, she shouldn’t be surprised when he lays down the ultimatum, “It’s me or the cats.”

The whole point of the show is to marginalize cats so people can find f**k-buddies.

To that I say, f**k YOU, Animal Planet!

Bye-Bye, Beck

April 7, 2011

By Adele

TV just regained an iota of sanity. Glenn Beck is walking away from his daily pulpit show on the Fox network (I can’t bring myself to call it Fox “News”). When he announced his departure to his dwindling viewers, he compared himself to Paul Revere, rationalizing that Revere’s historic ride through the streets of Boston was always intended as a one-off, not a lifelong commitment.

Fox claims the end of Beck’s run has nothing to do with disappearing ratings nor the fact that more than 400 Fox advertisers have specifically requested to not have their ads air during Beck’s brainless rants show.

You have to be special breed of raving lunatic to be too much for Fox to handle. The next generation of dictionaries may define insanity as “going stark-raving Beck.”

And no one will be surprised if, whenever Beck takes his final public bow, he’s wearing a Paul Revere costume with wraparound sleeves, accompanied by nice men in white who have a rubberized luxury suite in some undisclosed location prepared for him.

Fox says Beck will continue to do specials whenever he receives noteworthy warnings of the coming apocalypse through his tin-foil hat. And he’ll still be spewing hateful nonsense on the radio.

Beck’s undoubtedly telling himself that escaping the daily grind will leave him free to become an even richer and more powerful political force — like a certain former Alaska governor.

But Beck’s about to discover that his screaming and crying must be even louder and crazier to hold anybody’s attention. Whoever stopped watching him on TV didn’t do it because they’d rather listen to him on the radio or read his books.

If there’s one thing Beck should know about his followers, it’s that once they make up their mind about something, no one can change it back.

So it shouldn’t take too long for Beck’s already-sinking career as a pundit to implode — like a certain former Alaska governor’s.

And the world will be a better place.

Will Sarah Palin Out-Fox Fox?

January 13, 2010

By Adele

Since quitting her pesky governor’s job, Sarah Palin has used Twitter to stay in touch with her base, publishing lots of incoherent criticism with no solutions.

So Fox Network thinks she’s qualified to be a crackerjack news analyst. Apparently, they’re unaware that her post-election strategy for dealing with the news media has been to bash it or hide from it.

On the other hand, Fox’s target audience hates current events tainted by truth or facts, so hiring Palin may just work — until she gets into a snit or receives a better offer and quits.

Palin made her official Fox debut last night on The O’Reilly Factor. While backhandedly fawning, Bill O’Reilly didn’t press for any facts, called his own questions “foolish,” and fed her insatiable ego by declaring, in his fair and balanced “no-spin” way, that other commentators are “pinheads” for doubting her abilities.

Palin came off more as a candidate than a pundit, refusing to take a good swing at any of the softballs O’Reilly kept lobbing at her.

She’s reputedly signed a multi-year contract, but her role is vague, possibly due to her tendency to go all mavericky when anyone tries to pin her down — like by electing her to govern Alaska.

In addition to spewing her down-home-style fluff wrapped in clichés, she’ll also host an “occasional” series called Real American Stories.

Hmmm… “Real” would imply fact. Sounds like Houston already has a problem.

And since Palin says very little these days that’s not straight from her book, the repository of every thought she’s ever had (she referred O’Reilly to it several times), don’t expect anything original out of her — unless you count lies. Like her never-ending insistence that Obama plans death panels (see 12/22/09 10:29 a.m. tweet). It was selected the biggest political whopper of 2009 by voters on the St. Petersburg Times’ non-partisan fact-checking site, PolitiFact.

I’m guessing Palin cagily negotiated with Fox a hefty non-refundable salary to be paid up-front, so when she bails mid-contract — and you know she will — she can just take the money and run.

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