Rachael Ray Won’t Wrestle Anthony Bourdain

April 22, 2008

By Karen

The current issue of Time magazine has a Q&A with Anthony Bourdain’s nemesis, Rachael Ray, in which she’s asked to honestly admit if she’d like to punch Tony for the nasty things he’s said about her.

She answers, “No, I actually love and appreciate Tony Bourdain’s work, and I think everybody has the right to their own opinion.”

Note that she loves his work, not him. Nice dodge, Rachael. Ever considered running for president on the Nabisco platform? You’ve succeeded where other candidates have failed in getting your face plastered all over the cracker aisle in every grocery store in America.

Later in the Time interview, she amazingly says about her numerous product endorsements, “I don’t put my name on things I don’t believe in.”

I’ll give her a pass on Triscuits, which are marginally healthy as junk food goes. But some other things she has “believed in” are Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s a mystery how she squares pushing those with Yum O!, the not-for-profit organization she launched to encourage children to eat healthier.

But she’s not totally deluded. In Time she admitted, “There is very little [said about me in the tabloids] that isn’t true: I’m not a chef, I don’t bake, I am loud, I am goofy, and after a while, my voice is annoying.”

So I guess she’s smart enough to realize Bourdain had a point when he said her Dunkin’ Donuts endorsement is “evil” and like “endorsing crack for kids.”

I’d love to see an honest face-off between Tony Bourdain, our cranky, self-made celebrity, and Rachael Ray, the perpetually perky culinary Frankenstein created by Oprah Winfrey.

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